Happy National Margarita Day!

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Today, February 22, 2010, is National Margarita Day as well as to celebrate, we want to discuss it everyone about a single of a many singular margaritas Ive ever had.

Now my moms homemade margaritas have been really my favorite. She customarily creates them out of solidified limeade, Jose Cuervo tequila, Triple Sec, ice, as well as salt upon a rim. However, not long ago we detected a brand new sort of margarita. It was a jalapeno margarita!

I know it sounds dangerous, but it was actually quite delicious. For those who have been not a air blower of anything too sharp (definitely NOT me), a feverishness of this splash would really be tolerable. It tasted like a unchanging margarita with a spirit of jalapeno which was spicier to a lips than a tongue.

Where did we find this brand new libation we ask? At a high-end Mexican grill in downtown Charlottesville called Ventana. They dont currently have a website, but we figure its usually a have a difference of time. we dined there a few weeks ago with a couple of friends prior to in attendance a Complexions Contemporary Ballet at Charlottesvilles Paramount Theater. It was a perfect commencement to a evening!

We dined during Restaurant Week given Ventana was charity a 3-course meal for usually $26 (substantially cheaper than their common prices). The food was different as well as delicious as well as we cant wait for to check it out again for a taste of what is upon their unchanging menu. However, a drinks were what really wowed me! In addition to a jalapeno margarita which we ordered, a splash menu featured multiform alternative singular drinks which Id love to try in a future, including a cucumber margarita, a habanero margarita, a $100 dollar margarita called el dinero, as well as according to a friend, a most appropriate long island iced tea theyve ever tasted!

I really devise upon creation a outing to Ventana ! again so on for both dinner as well as drinks as well as will deliver it to any of my Texas friends as well as family who have a outing to Virginia for a visit! For a some-more detailed account of Ventanas cuisine as well as atmosphere, we can check out a internal Charlottesville blog, Cvillain. You can also read some-more about Ventanas singular margaritas upon a internal Charlottesville blog, Mas to Millers.

Happy National Margarita Day! we hope everyone celebrates with something cold as well as delicious which hits a spot!

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