Worm Grunting: The Latest DNC Ploy To Confuse The Issue ...

Another scientific first, reported by ScienceNownotLater - as well as me, of course!

This is allegedly Gary Revell Professional Worm Grunter of Sloppyseconds Oklahoma. He looks disgustingly pleased with himself here as he prepares to squish a worm with that large prosaic bar hes holding. Whar dya consider flatworms as well as fettuccine come from a sky?, he was heard to mumble.

Hes land up a esteem worm. Later, he ate it.

If youre extraordinary about worm grunting what it is, who does it, a germane criminal principle pertaining to it, as well as where they shove all a worms they locate go to this link.

How bout this photo of a sun?

And this one:

If it interests you, a tolerably biased as well as vitriolic essay can be found over during a Boston Globe, with a shitload of unequivocally great photos. Theres even an animation of a comet blowing it out its ass losing its tail after a object farts!

Just click upon a GIF below:

This will no-doubt be porn.

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