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Felicity Group Yue Xiu Plaza, San Po Kong, Felicity fishing port, restaurants, suspected rats, the span of mom as well as son during the last tea-drinking rats purported fall units, frightened congregation competing to run divided in the vicinity, after the staff part of mice fast removed Huishimieji "When Nuisance happened"; mom as well as son report to the department confident with the practice of restaurants, restaurants side insists which there is no mouse, FEHD officers subsequently went to the grill survey.

Rats is found in snippet of the Felicity fishing village grill in San Po Kong Plaza, 5th Floor, Yue Xiu, who lives in Tsz Wan Shan Chang Tai as well as his son from time to time to condescend the restaurant. http://hk.apple.nextmedia.com//images/apple-photos/apple/20091217/large/17la7p1n.jpgShe pronounced her son study during the university only lay examinations during 2 pm yesterday, she as well as son to the grill to suffer tea decompression, when the grill was full, as well as she as well as her son sitting near the wall of 4 units , upon the same theatre there is the middle-aged lady who set up the stage. ZHANG Tai-son, man to open tea later, he embellished the number of papers in the break snack as well as lay down for about fifteen minutes of the first-come, rice rolls as well as rice dish, "none of uninformed rice rolls as well as rice dish, with Taiwan, the lady cheeky panic, saying which to live If the wall of rats, "he was found with the mom looked toward the wall, as well as an object fell Taiwan scurry, the clever demeanour during was actually the mouse.
Rat's tail about 4 inches prolonged with

Chang Tai to shock women with the same units rebound in the closeness is also the open cheer as well as the congregation rushed out of the scattered, ZHANG Tai-son described as the finger rodent tail Big or Small, with the tail about ! 4 inches long, he was sharp-eyed as well as with the bowl to rats covered, but the rat tail was still exposed, the mom as well as high-called "rats," the staff heard the news he rushed to the floor, mom as well as son with their speculation of representations.
Alleged which the staff if nothing had happened, the rice rolls as well as cup to pierce to living in the units, as well as organised for mom as well as child lay down, Chang pronounced the staff of the treatment his son was as well disgusting, "These are as well inexhaustible if there any thing, Chung told me to eat, meals intestinal pinkish give me the rodent Lan Guo, How do we eat? "Zhang Tai added, had never seen such distressing scenes tea," we am shocked to earthquake sun. "
Staff plans to use prohibited H2O burning death

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