Uni Watch How to Dress A Duck


By Phil Hecken, with Kenny Ocker as great as Casey Martin

It isnt often the University of Oregon makes it to the Rose Bowl, nonetheless for those of us who have been intrigued by their mindfulness with never wearing the unvaried multiple some-more than once, tracking the Ducks has become great sport. Whether its the own Michael Princip with his illusory Ducktracker, or the multitudes of students who have been never quite sure what to wear to the diversion in Autzen, waiting to see what they will break out for each diversion can be as most fun as the diversion itself. No the single does it identical to Oregon (thankfully), as great as opinions upon what the Ducks wear range the entire progression from awful as great as godawful to fresh as great as fly. Whatever we competence consider of Oregon as great as its convention er, maybe thats not such the great descriptor the single thing we can never accuse them of is being boring.

I have an additional special provide for we today, as the single of Uni Watchs collegiate members, Kenny Ocker, University of Oregon student as great as aspiring journalist, was able to interview the male who each week selects the uniforms the Ducks will wear, Casey Martin. Kenny was able to get in-depth with Casey, as great as has the little unequivocally amazing nuggets to share with us. So, lay down, kick back, as great as prepare to meet the man who most feel has the biggest pursuit in the world, the man who dresses the Ducks. But first, the couple of words from Kenny:


Im the lifelong University of Oregon fan as great as the sophomore journalism major during the school. Ive been the Uni Watch part of given for some-more than the year right divided (my card is of Eintracht Frankfurt, the soccer group my mom grew up rooting for also, Im the only part of with the number 90), as great ! as we re view the blog great prior to that. Originally, we consider we was led to it by Page 2, nonetheless my seductiveness in uniforms existed great prior to we ever saw Pauls columns. You substantially all commend me as The Hemogoblin (Okay, maybe we shouldnt have admitted that.) In the seductiveness of full disclosure, Im the duplicate editor for the Oregon Daily Emerald, the student-run each day paper upon campus. The Daily Emerald owns my soul.


And now, heres Kennys interview with Casey Martin:

Kenny Ocker: How did we finish up being the chairman who gets to choose what the football group wears each weekend?

Casey Martin: Well, its kind of an engaging story. we go down there as great as glow the zephyr with the guys in the coaches bureau This summer, when they had this black box of all of the drawings of the brand brand brand brand brand new uniforms, as great as we was excited, only going, Ah, these have been awesome, as great as he [head coach Chip Kelly] goes Why dont we collect the uniforms for us? as great as we pronounced What have been we articulate about? He said, Well, Ive got sufficient to do, we dont wish to worry about it; we do it for us. Weve got as well most starting on. we was identical to sure, yeah, great nonetheless we kind of thought he was joking, nonetheless as time went upon we proposed realizing which he was substantially flattering critical as great as so fundamentally thats how it happened, it was only kind of the infrequent deal, it wasnt any unequivocally grave process, so we go down there, as great as the approach it works, its not identical to we collect them. we mean, we theory we collect them, nonetheless not really. Chip is in charge. But he brings me down, we glow the breeze, we lay out stuff, as great as afterwards he selects what we lay out. Hes still the guy. He does what he wants to do, as great as he has the lot of opinions about things from the football perspective. Mentally, for the team, he likes to overcome, identical to in the past weve! mislaid in certain uniforms as great as he wants to have use of them so we can strike them. Or, if in bigger games, identical to in the USC week, he longed for to do something low-key, so it wouldnt be the bigger feel hes definitely involved, he has the role for it. My role is to go in there as great as have fun.

KO: So this proposed this year?

CM: Yeah.

KO: What was your the the single preferred unvaried multiple this year?

CM: You know what? we Thats the great question. we essentially kind of liked the little of the divided uniforms to be honest. we identical to the black-white-black, as great as we identical to the unequivocally standard things identical to green-white-white, as great as the little of the cleaner things we like, we identical to the black-yellow-black. we dont know if we have the the the single preferred to be honest. There were the couple of which were engaging as great as which werent received quite as well. we liked the USC week. we identical to them all, nonetheless there were the little of them we liked more.

KO: Do we know whose thought it was for the Civil War, who put the brand brand brand brand brand new trademark upon the reversion helmet?

CM: That is the great question. we consider how it shook out was this: We went in to his office, as great as Chip was identical to Look, weve got to go propagandize colors given the Beavers will be in black, which we all agreed. He goes, we adore the immature reversion jersey, so lets do something with that. But the rules are, we cant have use of anything twice. So, it was like, okay, reversion jersey, nonetheless we cant do the full reversion again, so it was identical to OK, what do we do? So, we went in there as great as what we did was we laid out the bunch of things as great as we took cinema of it all, so we can see how it shakes out. we went in there as great as proposed laying out all of these things for him to decide, as great as Hey, these have been all of the things we can do with the reversion jerse! ys, or w hat we competence identical to to do with propagandize colors. He liked the white pants, so we were starting to go with which right there. we consider it came out of, the single time we were starting to speak about the white immature white, which we havent ragged yet, which is my the the single preferred combo nonetheless we havent ragged it nonetheless as great as he was starting Why dont we put the aged UO upon the white-green-white so which was what we were articulate about. And we consider it was my idea, nonetheless it competence have been Chips too, to contend lets only go reversion as great as put the brand brand brand brand brand new O upon it. So we called the man down in the apparatus room, as great as pronounced can we do this, can we put the brand brand brand brand brand new O upon the reversion as great as he goes no, we dont have sufficient time to do the stickers as great as stuff, as great as afterwards Chip found out as great as he goes Forget it, youre we do it, so it was kind of the multiple of both of us, we were only meditative of brand brand brand brand brand new ways of we do the reversion without repeating it, as great as which competence occur for the Rose Bowl too, great see.

KO: Why did we never wear the chrome helmets which we had?

CM: Youll have to ask Chip. we tried, which was the single thing, we attempted for six weeks to do that. One time, he polled the team, as great as they didnt wish to wear them for an divided game, as great as so we were starting to wear them maybe for the home game, nonetheless afterwards it got unequivocally cold, as great as theres the little emanate with feverishness upon them as great as the paint jobs, as great as so, we dont know, youd have to ask Chip. we definitely longed for to, we was failing for it, nonetheless he the the single USC week, he didnt wish to do anything out of the ordinary, given there was so most hype about it, as great as so we didnt move them out which week, as great as afterwards the group didnt wish to wear ! them we dont consider during Arizona upon an divided game, we longed for to debut them during the home game, as great as afterwards for Oregon State, we motionless to go throwback, so thats kind of how they got they were late to come in too, so which was an additional thing, they had issues, so they didnt unequivocally get privileged until the USC diversion as great as afterwards we only never did it.

KO: we was extraordinary given they got so most courtesy when they initial came out, so we was only extraordinary about that

CM: It was some-more Chips welfare as great as the teams welfare which they didnt as great as we consider theyll save them for subsequent year.

KO: So the group has the contend in what they wear too?

CM: Sometimes. Like we said, even nonetheless we got tagged as the coordinator, everyones got the say. we only go in there as great as glow the zephyr with the guys as great as have fun with it. Its unequivocally informal. Its not identical to we go in there as great as contend this is it, this is what were doing, its not identical to which during all.

KO: How long is the we dont repeat combinations? Is which only the year?

CM: [laughter] Lets goal which its only for the year.

KO: We have sufficient combinations, we could substantially go the couple of seasons without repeating anything.

CM: we listen to we The thought was, what Chip said, lets not repeat, lets do something different each week. And afterwards hell give we directions, so we kind of have to come up with the best-looking outfit.

KO: Because Coach Kelly didnt wish all of the additional courtesy during the week heading up to the USC game, is which why they didnt wear all black, even nonetheless the students had programmed the blackout? It had gotten so most hype we mean, the Daily Emerald had even blacked out the paper

CM: That was only kind of, Chips welfare which he didnt wish to let the kids get held up in the lot of which stuff. He only pronounced hey, its only an addi! tional d iversion which we unequivocally respect, we consider it was the great idea. Lets not do anything out of the ordinary, its only an additional diversion for us.

KO: It worked

CM: Yeah, exactly. It worked unequivocally well.

KO: So, um yeah This is the money subject What have been we wearing for the Rose Bowl?

CM: We do not know yet.

KO: Have we not decided, or have been we only stealing it?

CM: We have not decided. we was only down there right prior to we came down here. We have the little ideas, were fundamentally down to dual or 3 options, nonetheless we do not know yet.

KO: Are we starting to go with the throwbacks again, identical to reversion whites?

CM: Its possible, we dont know.

KO: we tried.

CM: we cant tell you, even if we did know. Chip likes it to be tip until Saturday.

KO: we dont blame him, its kind of the large understanding for the program. Thats the single of the things that, it helps, it draws so most some-more courtesy to us when they dont know what were starting to be wearing until right then. we do have an additional subject for you. When we went, during the Oregon State game, during which week, all of the cinema upon GoDucks.com (the athletic departments website), had been from the Cal game, so they were all in the throwbacks. Did they know prior to the diversion which we were starting to go throwbacks? Did they only theory as great as get lucky?

CM: Yeah. The welfare for which wasnt done until Tuesday. They dont know unless Chip told them thats what he was doing. That welfare upon what we were wearing, we dont consider it was done until Monday or Tuesday.


Well, there we have it. Everything we longed for to know about Oregons uniforms as great as the male behind them. Fantastic pursuit with which Kenny! Special thanks, also, go out to Casey Martin for allowing Kenny which access. As the days parasite down towards the Rose Bowl, I, for one, am greatly expecting what the Ducks will wear, roughly a! s most a s we am for the kickoff upon New Years Day.


wild fireSome rsther than bad headlines in the uni universe happened yesterday, as the Minnesota Wilds apparatus outpost held glow in Ottawa. Since the Wild have been scheduled to fool around the Senators tonight, of course their apparatus truck preceded the group in to Canada. Details have been still rather sketchy, nonetheless this we do know: around 2:30 pm Eastern Friday the truck, which was in the Scotiabank parking lot, held glow as great as roughly all of the Wilds apparatus was fundamentally incited in to the mess of melted as great as charred unis as great as equipment. While no the single was, fortunately, hurt in pronounced meltdown, this leaves the Wild in quite the quandry. This is certainly the monument in sports, nonetheless frequency unique. UW Prexy Paul Lukas gave us the demeanour during the little identical situations which have occurred in the story of sport.

Hockey players, identical to most athletes, have been creatures of habit, as great as their apparatus as great as uniforms have been critical to their performance. Despite Rbks claims which their uniforms have been 274% lighter, wick sweat divided improved than the Sham Wow as great as can withstand feverishness as great as glow improved than the competition automobile drivers suit, apparently the uniforms, identical to the players who wear them, have been mortal. Thus, the Wild have been sans-unis as great as equipment, during slightest for now. The Minneapolis Star-Trib is stating the players have been still debating either to essentially fool around the diversion given they would be required to fundamentally fool around in brand brand brand brand brand brand new equipment. Im no hockey player, nonetheless we understand which brand brand brand brand brand new apparatus fundamentally requires the plain dual weeks to break in, leavi! ng them during the motionless disadvantage. And, theres additionally the problem of replacing the uniforms.

The teams central statement, as of yesterday evening, was this:

There was the glow in an apparatus outpost in the parking lot during Scotiabank Place this afternoon. No the single was injured, nonetheless the little of the Minnesota Wilds hockey apparatus was damaged. The Wild is in the process of taking inventory to determine the damage to the equipment. Minnesota is scheduled to fool around during Ottawa Saturday during 6:00 p.m.

At 6:00 pm upon Friday, the group held the meeting as great as motionless to carry upon as most appropriate they could nonetheless not only do they need to have all brand brand brand brand brand new apparatus shipped to Ottawa (or find the little there), theyll have to have all brand brand brand brand brand new uniforms (or during slightest whatever wasnt consumed in the conflagration) sent to Canada. So, perhaps the Wild will be wearing darks instead of normal highway whites. If we take the demeanour during the little of the damage photos, youll see which the really little is tangible in the charred stays besides rigging bags. As of late Friday night, tho, the uniforms were substantially of less concern than the equipment.

Probably the biggest loss belongs to goalie Niklas Backstrom, whose apparatus was completely incinerated in the fire. Given which goalies have been even some-more fallacious as great as about their apparatus than most skaters, its difficult to suppose him being any where nearby gentle in all brand brand brand brand brand new gear.

Any of we hockey guys wanna discuss this below? Maybe keep us apprised of any developments as the day goes along? Or only wish to insist the significance of carrying the modicum of joy as great as feel for ones gear? Its tough for me to suppose the depths of this loss.


nfl uni tweaksOur subsequent turn of NFL unvaried tweaks/revisions as great as concepts is upon us.


First up is Walter Young, who brings his ideas upon how to fix the J-E-T-SJets Jets Jets:


First off, we rsther than identical to the Jets stream unvaried in general. we am not the large fan their green/green, or white/white combinations. we prefer the resisting jersey/pants look.

I had to steal all of my graphics, as great as afterwards went to work with my high-tech crayons (MS Paint). The unvaried templates as great as designs came fro TAG Team Uniforms unvaried designer. we only suited jerseys & pants we felt most appropriate complimented the other. we scavenged graphics from Chris Creamers sportslogos.net (helmets, name plates, sock templates).

All four unvaried sets we have use of the Jets stream Hunter/Forest Green as great as White colors, along with bringing behind the aged Kelly Green as an accent tone (well, as tighten as we could come to those colors). we done no changes to the Jets stream steel sheet or logo. The set numbering is only my welfare after we was done putting them together.

Sets 1 (here) as great as 3 (here) have been essentially modernized versions of the Jets stream jerseys with resisting sleeves as great as torsos.

Sets 2 (here) as great as 4 (here) have been both takes upon modernized plain torsos with resisting yoke/sleeves. Set 4 came out approach to Tennessee Titians for my liking, nonetheless to most work was put in not to submit it.

Of course, any critiques would be appreciated.

Walt (FormerDirtDart)


Next up is Daniel Patterson, who has the little suggestions for the Seattle Seahawks:

Hi Phil,

It took observant the immature alternates to comprehend the biggest emanate with Seattles uniforms. The 2-tone sleeves. They demeanour fine upon the divided jersey as great as have been easily ignored upon the home, nonetheless they demeanour foolish with the green.

On t he home uniform, we changed the tone of the sleeves as great as put the little stripes upon the hosiery (and of course we chose white pants.). we did the same for the away.

When the Seahawks redesigned their uniforms, they let the fans opinion upon either to have blue or gray helmets. we voted for gray, so we thought Id identical to to see what gray helmets, plus the required gray pants would demeanour like.

Now which we had the gray helmet, we put together the faux-back. we used the stream trademark as great as shade of green. we dont thoughts the green, in fact it is the of course occurring tone in the Pacific Northwest, even in December. Which led me to my last endevour. Can we get the immature jersey to work?

The blue pants only wont work, they need to be lighter than the green. The steel sheet needs to compare the pants, so which left me with 2 options: gray helmet/pants as great as white helmet/pants. we dont consider theyll be regulating those combos anytime soon, nonetheless we consider they demeanour improved than what they trotted out opposite Chicago. Plus, the white upon immature would have propitious right in with the AFL.

Dan Patterson


Our subsequent tweaker is Michael Fullmer, who brings us these San Francisco 49ers modifications:

Hey, Phil!

I adore Uni Watch! Im glad there have been people out there identical to we (and me) who caring about great uniforms.

First, let me begin by observant the we desired the 1998-2008 49ers uniform. LOVED IT! we was salty in the impassioned when the brand brand brand brand brand new demeanour was unveiled. we called it the Willie Too Big Hall uniform, paraphrasing the imperishable line from the Blues Brothers movie, At slightest we got the change of clothes. Youre wearing the same shit we had upon four decades ago.

I have given malleable to the brand brand brand brand brand new look, generally the colors; the 08 colors WERE as well dark. But there have been 3 elements of the unvaried ! we still hate passionately: the 1/4 sleeves, the Red-White-Red NFL stripes upon the steel sheet as great as pants, as great as the MFing gray face masks.

To me, zero screams we dont have the initial idea how to pattern the unvaried identical to the gray facemask where gray isnt the tone in the teams unvaried palette. Its fine for the Cowboys, Raiders, as great as Giants to have gray facemasks. Its an abortion of unvaried pattern for the 49ers, Cardinals, as great as Browns to do it. The Colts get the pass given technically they dont have the third tone in their pallette.

I know we adore NFL stripes, nonetheless to me they scream, 1969, all the time!. And those sleeves UGH!

So we took the 49ers unvaried template available here (to have this the loyal tweak). My starting concept was to develop the single ribbon pattern for the whole uniform. The the single pattern which we saw as being the fit for helmet, jersey, pants, as great as hosiery was which used by the Giants upon their highway jersey sleeves.

Then we flattened out the sleeves in to some-more of the 1/3 to 1/2 sleeve, as great as changed the facemask tone behind to red. The finish outcome is this the unvaried which eliminates the cliche gray facemask as great as NFL stripes whilst progressing links to the past.

Michael Fullmer


And rounding out todays set of unvaried tweaks is Jay Braiman, who additionally has the little ideas for the New York Jets:

Ive regularly thought the Jets needed to move their upper sleeve striping down only the bit, perhaps by reversing the colors of the shoulder inserts. Im not really great during this, so we thought Id have an attempt regulating MS Paint. Simply reversing the shoulder inserts didnt have most difference, so we redrew the stripes serve down.

Note the side-on views discharge the Reebok trademark on top of the TV numeral. This should have Paul happy, nonetheless it would substantially have to be upon there somewhere.

- JB

Thanks to ev! erybody who sent in their revisions for this round. Keep em coming. Lots some-more to get to after this.


benchies headerIts hockey deteriorate now, as great as dontcha know, the boys from Bubs Pub fool around pool puck too! Heres Ricko:

Im forgetful of the creatively plowed rink. The temp has dropped, play have left up, waters left down, as great as inlet has taken its course. Its BNIB (Broomball Night in BenchiesLand).

Enjoy your Saturday Benchies.


scoreboardGuess The Game From The Scoreboard: Weve got an additional reader acquiescence today, as great as this the single comes from Peter Greenberg. Its the doozy folks, given its MiLB. Youll substantially be able to get the location, nonetheless the date, teams as great as last score competence prove the bit trickier. Please post the LINK to the answer, as great as not the answer itself, in the comments below. Ready? Guess The Game From The Scoreboard. And, as always, if we enjoy the game, greatfully send me the little brand brand brand brand brand new scoreboards! Drop me the line. Thanks!


Thats starting to do it for currently folks. Special huge interjection to Kenny Ocker as great as Casey Martin for which demeanour in to the Ducks unvaried machinations. And we hockey guys, adore to listen to your take (and any updates) upon the developing incident with the Wild rigging as great as unis. Everyone from the Carolinas north as great as easterly by the New England states be ready for the little genuine winter continue today. Me, Im under the blizzard warning, so this could be interesting.

Have the great Saturday.

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