Tekeli-li Releases New Avatar: Calypso!

Tekelili Tantalus has released an additional finish Avatar ensemble- Calypso. And shes beautiful!

Calypso Ensemble

Tek is well known for his wonderful anticipation avatars, clothing, jewelry, weapons, as well as accessories, accessible only during a Tekeli-li shops. And Calypso is a marvelous further to a Tekeli-li collection.


Heres an excerpt from a description included with a ensemble:

Calypso is a finish anticipation outfit named for a legendary Grecian sea nymph, a daughter of a titaness Tethys. She figures in a Odyssey, where she keeps Ulysses upon her island for 7 years.


Calypso comes in several color choices and includes a modifiable avatar shape, boots, as well as a stylized krysblade (dagger), scripted to wrap as well as unsheathe. There are multiple wardrobe pieces crafted of both sculpted as well as traditional prims which have been copy/mod for backups as well as resizing.


Calypso iswonderfully compatible with tattoos, as well as a wardrobe pieces come with multiple insert points for easier coordination with other attachments as well as different looks.


You can find Calypso as well as other good Tekeli-li designs during a following store locations:





Tekeli-li! in Second Life Flickr group http://www.flickr.com/groups/tekeli-li/

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