Swing State Project: SSP Daily Digest: 12/11

AR-Sen: A labor-funded group, a Citizens for Strength as good as Security, is up with a six-digit ad buy in a Arkansas Senate race, aggressive putative GOP frontrunner state Sen. Gilbert Baker for his pork-hungry ways. There's a little speculation, though, which a real aim of a ad isn't Baker yet rsther than Lt. Gov. Bill Halter, who's publicly mulling a initial plea to Blanche Lincoln; observers wonder if this is a sign which a SEIU as good as allies have been firing a shot opposite Halter's bow, showing which they have Lincoln's behind (at slightest monetarily) in sell for a cloture vote upon health caring remodel for her. With a Arkansas Democratic Party additionally laying out a lot of income upon a pro-Lincoln TV ad, there does seem to be something accordant starting on.

CT-Sen: Linda McMahon has caught a lot of courtesy with her splashy spending upon a Senate race, blowing through $2 million in 3 months. Her initial debate financial report, though, is formulating a total lot of question marks. A poignant amount of which income isn't itemized (as debate financial laws would require), yet rsther than listed as in-kind contributions from McMahon herself; this goes good beyond a common food as good as transport stuff which gets listed as in-kind, to embody legal fee, survey research, as good as technology. On a Dem side, bad Chris Dodd won't be means to attend his own Biden-headlined fundraiser since of a Senate's operative weekend; his mother Jackie will be pinch-hitting for him.

FL-Sen: RNC chair Michael Steele previously warned stimulus-supporting moderates which a GOP would be "coming after them," yet he dialed which behind in a new St. Pete Times interview when a theme came to Charlie Crist, suggesting a more neutral RNC stance upon a Senate primary. He sounded sensitive about Crist's job, saying being governor is "not as elementary as right or left."

IL-Sen, IL-Gov: Planned Parenthood issued endorsements in a Illinois races, as good as usually went with a investi! ture cho ices (Alexi Giannoulias as good as Pat Quinn), notwithstanding Cheryle Jackson creation a big issue out of reproductive rights in health caring remodel in her Senate initial bid. Perhaps to even things out after spurning Jackson, they additionally endorsed in a Cook County Board boss race, giving a nod to Toni Preckwinkle.

NC-Sen: We're already seeing a little ideological differences in a North Carolina Dem initial field, as SoS Elaine Marshall as good as ex-state Sen. Cal Cunningham find to differentiate themselves. Marshall says she'd support a open option, while Cunningham says he'd usually have voted to begin debate upon HCR. (Campaign Diaries additionally has a longer piece upon a competition today.)

NY-Sen-B: Suffolk County Legislator (i.e. county government official in many states) Jon Cooper is a usually inaugurated Dem who has been moving full speed forward upon a initial plea to Kirsten Gillibrand rsther than than tipping in a toe as good as then turning tail. (Activist Jonathan Tasini is already committed to a initial run too.) Cooper says he'll make a open announcement about his intentions next week, as good as considering which he's bringing along a couple of allies (most particularly Assemblyman Charles Levine) it might indicate to a run... not which he's expected to poise most of a plea to Gillibrand.

CO-Gov: The Denver Post has an in-depth look during how a state's teabaggers have been in a churn over a party establishment's efforts to clear a margin for ex-Rep. Scott McInnis in a gubernatorial race. With state Sen. Josh Penry as good as ex-Rep. Tom Tancredo pushed aside, though, they do not have any a single to hang their tri-cornered hats on, other than random businessman Dan Maes, who doesn't seem to have a name rec or income to make most of an impact in a primary.

ID-Gov: Democrats eventually landed a convincing claimant to go up opposite Butch Otter in a Idaho governor's competition (one of a couple of anywhere in either mainstay to rat! e as "Sa fe"). Keith Allred is a former Harvard highbrow who's now a go-between as good as consultant, who's attracted a lot of courtesy around his bipartisan economy-boosting organisation The Common Interest.

MN-Gov: Here's another debate financial screwup, which might hurt gubernatorial claimant Margaret Anderson Kelliher. It turns out which Kelliher maxed-out donors were destined to give to a DFL, which in spin paid for an costly voter database for Kelliher's campaign's use. The income has been returned, yet this might indicate to a little bias upon a DFL's part, since this arrangement wasn't offering to any of a other candidates.

NV-Gov: This might be an exercise in advanced tea root reading, yet a fact which Carolyn Goodman, mother of Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman, has stepped down from her post upon a propagandize board is taken to meant which she might be formulation upon running for Las Vegas mayor in 2011 -- which would in spin indicate which Oscar Goodman will be formulation upon being Governor during which point.

GA-12: Bedecked in a fuschia hat, former state Sen. Regina Thomas officially kicked off her Dem initial rematch opposite Rep. John Barrow with an event in Savannah today. She usually got 24% opposite Barrow last year, yet might benefit from an progressing begin this cycle.

TN-08: The elevation of farmer/gospel singer Stephen Fincher to "Contender" by a NRCC isn't sitting good with a little other Republicans in a district who have been sniffing out a now-competitive competition in a wake of Rep. John Tanner's retirement. A couple of other Republicans, many particularly Shelby County Commissioner George Flinn Jr., have been interested. (Flinn is from a district's small slice of Memphis suburbs, which might be a liability yet in this mostly-rural district.) Also referred to as a potential GOP claimant is Jackson-area physician Ron Kirkland.

Cook Co. Board Pres.: There's already a poll out upon a Cook County Board boss competition (the to! p slot i n a nation's second-largest county, as good as a competition which Rep. Danny Davis not long ago dropped out of). Incumbent Todd Stroger is in bad shape, with usually 14% of a vote; he trails both Dorothy Brown during twenty-nine as good as Toni Preckwinkle during 20, heading usually Terrence O'Brien during 11.

Mayors: The mayoral runoff in Houston, a nation's fourth-largest city, is set for tomorrow. City controller Annise Parker (who usually got Burnt Orange Report's endorsement) led in a Nov election; she faces former city profession Gene Locke. A Parker feat would make Houston by far a largest city to ever elect an plainly LGBT mayor.

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