Snow, Sports, It's Saturday!!!SUPER!!! - RootZoo Sports

good saturday morning zoo crew!!!

It's snowing here in Kentucky, just a covering upon a ground!!!

What's a continue in your neck of a woods?

Who's ready for a little Saturday sports?


Saints/Cowboys? Saints for me

College Bowl games:

Fresno State(i see a win, though not by a spread since of 11 over Wyoming)

and I'm pulling for a Rutgers to take this win over UCF

What about you, what have been your predictions?

Will a saints let cowboys slip in and give them their first loss?

Is your college basketball group playing today?

My Kentucky Wildcats fool around today, should be a win, though cant blink any team!!!!




Well 76's stopped a Celtic's winning run they had going on!!

So no NBA movement for me today!

Ok, speak a little sports, I'm lazing around, HOME alone, in pj's with my oJ and laptop, so move it on!!!!

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