Michael Lohan Arrested For Violating Restraining Order

By Castina On December 15, 2009 Under Michael Lohan

Michael Lohan, a estranged father of singer Lindsay Lohan, has been arrested for violating a confining sequence as well as allegedly for perplexing to call his ex.

Police in Suffolk County, New York arrested Lohan Monday as well as charged a 49-year-old minister with second-degree disregard of court, a misdemeanor, Newsday confirmed. Law enforcement sources pronounced Lohan was arrested after perplexing to call his ex-girlfriend, Erin Muller in violation of a station court order.


Last June, a Long Island judge set aside a misconduct assign of aggravated harassment assign against Lohan for allegedly threatening to kill Muller as well as himself, though systematic a ex-con to be on his most appropriate behavior.

Lohan has denied a latest reports about his arrest.

I was not arrested, he told RadarOnline. Erin as well as we had an argument. She has an ongoing sequence of insurance against me. She called as well as pronounced we violated it by creation a phone call to her. we went down there currently as well as saw a judge as well as we rubbed it as well as which was it.

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