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Dutch Citizen Overpowers Terrorist upon Flight to Detroit

Elsevier, Dec. 26

Schuringa, an businessman from Amsterdam, saw Abdulmutallab climb from his airplane as well as something lit. He pacifist right upon top of a militant as well as hold in a headlock Abdulmutallab until after landing, he told a CNN.

By his drastic action Schuringa was burnt as well as lost his shoes.

After landing, he was treated with colour similar to a hero, says Lydia Faber, partner during a media association of a Amsterdam redlayed to a Telegraph.

The parents of Schuringa indicated they were "very proud" of him.

A friend of Schuringa, Kasem Challiou, says that a militant had packaged explosives.

"It definitely was not fireworks, but really serious," says a friend of Schuringa, who spoke after a failed attack.

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