Classical music news: Well-Tempered Ear is a success, pianist ...

By Jacob Stockinger

Today is Yuletide Day a day of gifts as well as gratitude.

Classical song will, as always, be integral my celebration. we will listen to Handels Messiah as well as J.S. Bachs Yuletide Oratorio between alternative works as well as composers.

But we want to appreciate readers of a The Well-Tempered Ear blog. You have since me a smashing Yuletide gift, a best Yuletide gift of all: You have review a blog as well as used a blog as well as let others know about it.

How do we know?

Originally, we was anticipating to strech 7,500 hits by Jan. 1. Then we upped it to 10,000 , though hit which final week. Now it looks which it may strech 10,500 by a end of today as well as 11,000 hits by Jan.1. Thats not bad for a blog which was launched only on Aug. twenty of this year.

But we additionally get alternative gifts, together with comments.

One recent newsworthy criticism comes from Akiko Ichikura, a clinging reader who is similar to a Tokyo correspondent for The Well-Tempered Ear.

He writes: we saw Yundi Lis interview in a Japanese song monthly as well as in a essay there is a headlines which Yundis brand new CD of Chopin Nocturnes will be expelled by EMI in Mar next year.

That is headlines we was incompetent to find in many, many Web searches, together with Wikipedia as well as his home site:

The China-born 27-year-old Li, who now resides in Hong Kong, is of march something of a Chopin dilettante as well as was a youngest pianist ever to win a International Chopin Competition when he surfaced a margin in in 2000.

I love Lis playing. we loved his entrance Chopin recital, his CD of Chopins impromptus as well as scherzi, ! as well as his opening of Chopins initial concerto. (Apparently, he additionally not long ago performed a Tchaikovsky First Concerto with conductor Valery Gergiev as well as which should be a impressive person reading which we goal will be recorded.)

I consider Deutsche Grammophon done a big mistake dropping Li as well as we still wonder why, though they deny which foe from a decorated as well as bestselling Chinese pianist Lang-Lang had anything to do with it.

Well see.

Id similar to to see EMI bear a redesign.

But which aside, those Chopin Nocturnes should be some smashing Chopin personification to listen to during a Chopin Year in 2010 which marks a 200th anniversary of a composers birth, which, similar to Lis EMI release, additionally falls in March.

Unfortunately, we are still awaiting central confirmations of a headlines from EMI or Li himself. As soon as it comes, we will let we know.

Do we have headlines to send to The Ear?

What do we consider of Yundi Lis move to EMI as well as his Chopin playing?

Merry Christmas, every one, as well as appreciate we for a gift of a successful blog.

Heres looking brazen to a New Year.

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