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The uncover non-stop with a video package of Hulk Hogan fasten TNA final week, together with Hulk Hogan's entrance upon Larry King Live with a discerning soundbyte upon TNA. Mike Tenay with a common overacting which it's TNA's biggest proclamation ever. Show title: "A New Beginning."

Impact Zone: The uncover went to a Impact Zone where Mike Tenay talked about "documenting" TNA's partnership in in in in between Hulk Hogan as well as Dixie Carter. He introduced a "behind-the-scenes" video from progressing today.

"Earlier today": They showed Dixie Carter addressing a entire TNA locker room in an dull Impact Zone. She pronounced she's listened from so many people perplexing to discuss it her how to run a wrestling association for a past six years. Carter assured a bent there will be "drastic changes." Carter pronounced she knows some people competence have different opinions upon her decision-making, though people need to stand during a behind of her. She pronounced she done a choice to put her finances as well as repute during a behind of any wrestler. They showed a wrestlers, Knockouts, as well as agents sitting in a Impact Zone out of character. Carter pronounced a wrestlers can await her decisions or find somewhere else to work. They showed A.J. Styles in a arena sitting subsequent to Tara. Carter pronounced she sees wrestlers who have done her proud, though they all need to step it up in any approach possible. "If you do not hold it, you're hurting a chairman sitting subsequent to you." Carter pronounced if they hold it, afterwards uncover people what they're all about.

Impact Zone: Back to a show, A.J. Styles came to a ring as Mike Tenay as well as Taz talked ringside about Carter's speech. In a ring, Styles pronounced there have been a lot of changes here in! TNA. He pronounced he's A.J. Styles as well as he's TNA World Hvt. champion. Styles pronounced he's been part of a lot of changes in TNA. "Who would have suspicion Hulk Hogan would be part of a TNA family?" Styles asked, call a Hogan name chant. Styles pronounced it's a total brand new playing margin upon a total brand new level. He pronounced he's been dreaming of being during this turn a past 7 years he's been here. But, where there's positives, there's also negatives. Styles pronounced when he won a World Title, he done it transparent he's a fighting champion. Styles pronounced someone has been stealing in a shadows jumping him any time he has his behind turned. He told a poser attacker to MAN UP as well as uncover up.

Daniels came out as well as a announcers right away assumed Daniels was a poser assailant. Daniels pronounced Styles is assuming he jumped him since Samoa Joe told him. "Are you unequivocally which gullible? Or, have been you unequivocally which stupid?" Daniels asked. Daniels told Styles he is so arrogant with a pretension tanned hide leather leather leather belt upon his shoulder. Vince Russo assumingly scripted this promo. Daniels pronounced along a way, Styles has been pampered, coddled, as well as a small bit spoiled. Check a video of Dixie Carter rubbing off Styles's arm after his pretension feat dual months ago. Daniels pronounced he's been here usually as long as Styles, though he's never been since a same breaks. He claimed to be any bit a wrestler as Styles is. "You know it!" No woo woo. Daniels pronounced a usually disproportion in in in in between them is which any time Styles was down, a association pushed him up. Daniels pronounced any time he was up, they pushed him down.

Daniels pronounced Dixie Carter vowed to have changes in TNA, though maybe currently is his lucky day to have changes or else it's starting to be an additional 7 years in hell for him. Styles asked Daniels if he unequivocally thinks which since he's never non-stop up to him similar to that! . Sudden ly, Samoa Joe's song hit. And you continue to talk. Joe stood upon a opening ramp as well as told Daniels he's a bald...faced liar. Joe told Styles which Daniels has been lying to him their entire friendship. He indicted Daniels of regularly being sceptical of Styles. Joe pronounced him as well as Styles aren't friends since Styles has something he wants. He pronounced to be a many appropriate in a world, you have to be a TNA World champion. Joe pronounced he can contend which face-to-face to Styles as well as he doesn't need to conflict him from during a behind of similar to a shameful, cowardly punk.

Daniels answered Joe emphatically which he's not a assailant. He pronounced he can kick Styles right here in a ring face-to-face, man-to-man, as well as no disbelief about it. Styles incited Daniels around as well as asked him if he unequivocally thinks he's a best. "How bad do you wish to find out?" Styles asked. He pronounced all Daniels needed to do was ask. He referred to they solve this right here tonight. Styles pronounced they can put their loyalty aside as well as do things a right way: a leader as well as a loser. Well, that's a unfamiliar judgment in TNA. Daniels shook Styles's hand, afterwards Joe smiled from a opening ramp after pitting his dual PPV opponents opposite any other. Good opening segment, though they missed a PPV hype in dual weeks. Someone tuning in to this for a initial time would have no thought there's a three-way pretension compare upon PPV with intensity for awesomeness in 10 days.


[Commercial Break]

Impact Zone: World Elite's song hit, bringing out Global hold up Eric Young as well as Rob Terry. They're in tab movement with a 10 notation time limit. Do you get a FSN Fox Box? Beer Money came out second to worship alcoholism. They cut to a shot from final week when Beer Money attacked World Elite to set up this match.


Rob sealed up with Storm to begin things off, though Rob shoved him away. Tenay talked up TNA as well as Hulk Hogan being in a headlines - CNN, Jimmy Fallon, Howard Stern. Meanwhile, Terry flexed as well as scarcely popped a pec. Tenay was handed a note: Styles vs. Daniels signed for tonight...and with special guest ref will be Samoa Joe. Back to a movement where Roode launched Storm over a tip rope onto Terry upon a floor. Storm afterwards rolled Terry behind in to a ring as well as Beer Money longed for a DWI, though Terry slipped out as well as forsaken Roode face-first upon a mat. Young afterwards attempted to KO Roode with a pretension belt, though Roode ducked as well as Terry ate a belt. Roode afterwards done a cover for a win.

WINNERS: Beer Money in 5:00. Match was usually there to fill TV time prior to a "intricate TNA booking details" were fleshed out in a post-match. (*)

Post-match: British Invasion stormed a ring in their small white track pants. The misfortune looking, many uncoordinated confidence in a universe in a future strike a ring to separate people. If Hulk Hogan is watching, which has to be a initial thing to go. The lame-looking confidence usually turns this uncover in to a diverting module any time they're upon TV. Beer Money recovered in a ring while British Invasion gave Terry a tongue-lashing for screwing up. Chris Sabin as well as Alex Shelley afterwards jumped BI upon a opening ramp and...yes, an additional fight pennyless out which confidence in a future pennyless up.

Backstage: The Beautiful People were unexpected upon a TV screen upon foot down a corridor with their arms linked together angry about A.J. Styles being since TV time over them. Harumph.

[Commercial Break]


Backstage: The Beautiful People barged in to Knockout hold up ODB's locker room. Had to check to have certain you didn't incidentally switch to Cinemax, as a Beautiful People were shown wearing tighten to nothing. Anyways, ODB wa! s sittin g in an bureau chair feeling pretty confident about herself, though a BPs kick her down as well as gave her a typical BP hazing prior to withdrawal a room.

Backstage: Lauren brought in Jay Lethal for his thoughts upon Hulk Hogan fasten TNA. Lethal, channeling Randy Savage, pronounced a mere discuss of his name brings behind story of them fighting side-by-side as well as being opposite any other. Machismo pronounced he wants to be a initial to acquire Hogan to TNA. He longed for to have an proclamation of his own, though. Lethal pronounced in a New Home of a MegaPowers, subsequent week will be a begin of a Black Machismo Invitational. Anyone who wants to bring it as well as see if they can still got it, afterwards uncover up. Lethal proposed naming names prior to alighting upon Ric Flair.

Mick Foley Office: More articulate with Jeremy Borash starting in to Foley's bureau to know why he's no-selling his personal contacts around electronic communications. Foley said, as an senior manager shareholder, he wasn't done aware of a large changes entrance to TNA. He pronounced when they were interrogating suspects upon a Tweak 'n Tweet design destruction, Borash seemed a bit shaken about confidence footage he competence not wish a universe to know about. Borash pronounced he usually wants to speak about Abyss. Foley pronounced he has a surprise for him too.

[Commercial Break. Mid-break, they cut behind to a shot of Desmond Wolfe (Nigel McGuinness) warming up in a Impact Zone. Mike Tenay talked him up for his module with Kurt Angle prior to they went behind to break.]

Impact Zone: Desmond Wolfe came to a ring as a moon as well as howling song played. Apparently he's half-man, half-wolf. Get it? He's a wolf, haha. Anyways, Cody Deaner was in a ring as Tenay as well as Taz talked to Kurt Angle upon a phone.


Bell rang, Nigel landed a Lariat, as well as Wolfe scored a pin. Angle pronounced Wolfe shop-worn his larynx as ! well as he basically has a pinched nerve running down his arm. Angle pronounced this man "got his attention," though he doesn't have his respect yet. Angle gave a slight cough to sell a attack. (This became laughable over time.) Angle pronounced he wasn't unequivocally ready for anything similar to what Wolfe gave him. Wolfe took a mic as refs checked upon Deaner. He told everybody to take a great demeanour during which Muppet in a ring. Angle chimed in which he was in Deaner's position final week. He sounded as if he was upon a 1960s NASA phone line communicating from a moon. Wolfe picked up his promo which Angle should be called Mr. Mangled now. "Keep talking, Desmond *cough*," Angle interjected around a phone line. Angle's explanation was interjected over Wolfe's promo. "I'm glad to have it, Desmond, *cough*," Angle said. Wolfe pronounced he's hungry for Angle's blood, similar to a wolf. He took his shades off for great measure, afterwards put them behind on. "Well, he pronounced his square *cough*," Angle said. Tenay voiced Angle vs. Wolfe during a PPV.

WINNER: Wolfe in 0:10. Good squish for Wolfe as well as a great promo. Unfortunately, TNA interjected an unintentionally comedic phone call from Angle. Angle didn't do anything wrong alternative than sounding gradually stupid his cough to go with a hideous production. Sounded similar to a single of my podcasts from 2005 using a $20 mic from Circuit City. (n/a)

Backstage: Lauren brought in Suicide for a promo. Is it time to reveal to a universe who he is? Suicide did a low modulated voice which he wore a mask to conceal himself as well as he's not ready to share with any a single who he is. Suicide addressed Homicide - "We will strike down upon you." ... Plug: Daniels vs. Styles up subsequent with Samoa Joe in zebra stripes.

[Commercial Break]


Backstage: Lauren brought in IWGP tab champions Team 3D. Brother Ray didn't wish to speak about their compare opposite Hernandez as well as Matt Morgan later. R! ay prono unced he never suspicion he would contend a words "Hulk Hogan in TNA." That wasn't complementary or negative. One of those open-ended statements which could go either way. Ray added which Dixie Carter has a set of grapefruits. Rhino afterwards walked in to a promo as well as told 3D to arise up. Ray pronounced he's crazy as well as delusional. Devon pronounced Morgan as well as Hernandez have been phenomenal immature bent as well as they're seeking forward to a match. Why "young?" Why not usually "good talent" instead of articulate down to a wrestlers TNA is perplexing to build up. Ray afterwards closed a promo with a Ric Flair reference, as a not-so-subtle plugs for Flair continue.

Impact Zone: Samoa Joe came to a ring wearing arbitrate stripes for Styles vs. Daniels. Daniels afterwards came to a ring initial to face Styles. They cut backstage where Borash talked to A.J. Styles about facing a single of his many appropriate friends ever, Daniels. Suddenly, a poser man in a black hoodie as well as black pants jumped Styles. The chairman walked off, withdrawal Styles out cold upon a floor. "Hey, somebody get a doc!" a pointless man shouted. They cut behind to a ring where Daniels was about to run to a behind to check upon Styles, though Joe kicked him in a groin as well as nailed a Musclebuster. Joe left Daniels out cold in a ring, afterwards left a ring with a large smirk upon his face. Joe's master devise unfolds as TNA continues to build him up as an intelligent assassin. Good things for Joe.

[Commercial Break. Mid-commercial: they showed Tara upon foot down a corridor with her tarantula. She's in movement next.]

Impact Zone: Tara came to a ring as Tenay pronounced they have been attempting to get an update upon Styles as well as Daniels. Good follow-up instead of usually moving along to a subsequent segment. Hamada afterwards came to a ring to face Tara in a singles match.

3 -- TARA vs. HAMADA

Nice back-and-forth compare to begin with. Hamada unequ! ivocally could be marketed as a singular women's wrestler worth office building a Knockouts Division code around. Tara, as well, with her name-brand value from WWE. At a end of a match, Hamada went for a tip rope moonsault, though Tara moved out of a way. Tara afterwards strike a Widow's Peak upon Hamada for a pin as well as a win.

Post-match: Awesome Kong came stomping out to a ring, though a laughable Security stood in her way. Tara afterwards landed a plancha upon a office building as well as an additional fight pennyless out ringside, this time in in in in between Tara as well as Kong. Looks similar to you have a PPV compare set for Turning Point. The cameras cut behind as well as forth in in in in between Kong as well as Tara to uncover their anger with any alternative to interpretation a segment.

WINNER: Tara in 4:00. Good Knockouts compare with a clean finish. Tara-Kong could be a show-stealing compare upon a undercard of a Turning Point PPV. (*1/2)


[Commercial Break. They cut to a mangle right during a tip of a hour, which TNA was improved about in recent weeks. Now, channel-flippers seeking for brand new programming during a tip of a hour will see a commercial instead of something which could get them hooked for a second hour of a show.]

Backstage: Lauren hold up with Tara, who pronounced Kong has been running loose similar to an animal as well as she's sleepy of it. Tara pronounced she didn't come to TNA to understanding with this crap. She plugged their enclosure compare during a PPV as well as warned Kong which she will be sealed in there with her, not a alternative approach around.

Impact Zone: Mick Foley came to a ring with a framed design in hand, though it was covered up so you couldn't see what it was. Foley afterwards asked Abyss to come upon out to a ring. Cue up Abyss's song as well as out came a Urban Outfitters spokesman. Flannel, hoodie, tanned hide pants, as well as a sweatshirt. Foley attempted to speak nice to Abyss ! as well as he put down a small "giftaroonie" so it's not used as a arms here. Foley pronounced a usually time he's ever felt guilty about anything he's pronounced to a wrestler was upon a occasion he told Abyss he's a cheap, rip-off since he unequivocally didn't hold what he was saying. So, in alternative words, Foley told a fans he's a con artist for perplexing to get fans to buy in to his promo to get them to outlay money upon a PPV compare in in in in between them during Bound for Glory. Foley told "Chris" which he's even improved as well as tougher than he creatively thought. Foley pronounced all someone has left to uncover from their time in a wrestling business is from their legacy. He pronounced he longed for to be a cranky in in in in between Bruiser Brody as well as Dynamite Kid. Foley pronounced he blended them together to be a great wrestler. Dynamite Kid? Um...he would substantially be a final chairman you would see Foley borrowing from. Foley one after another to speak up Abyss prior to bringing out a giftaroonie. Foley gave Abyss a framed design with a brand new Tweak 'n Tweet Connection featuring Foley as well as Abyss instead of Foley as well as Borash. Foley left a ring as well as Abyss did his Eugene palm clap.

Foley's song strike to interpretation a segment, though afterwards Foley asked them to cut a music. He pronounced he put Abyss by a great exam during BFG, though he wants to give him an additional test. Foley requisitioned Abyss vs. Dr. Stevie. And if Abyss pins Stevie, he is left from TNA. Abyss announced as well as smiled as well as did a big, over-exaggerated facial greeting prior to staring during a photo.

Backstage: Borash was with Scott Steiner to find out his thoughts upon Hulk Hogan fasten TNA. Steiner pronounced they were For Life in a NWO behind in a day. He pronounced if he knows Hogan similar to he thinks he does, afterwards he thinks Hogan will put all those "young punks" in place prior to fasten him in a Main Event Mafia. Steiner incited his attention ! to Bobby Lashley as well as referred to Krystal isn't getting satisfaction. He pronounced he'll yield her with a compensation she desires.

[Commercial Break]


Impact Zone: Homicide was in a ring to face Bobby Lashley, who came to a ring with Krystal. Ref Earl Hebner booted Krystal from ringside, which dissapoint Lashley. Homicide took value by attacking Lashley prior to a bell.


Tenay had something in his ear. "That's starting to be tonight?" he asked a poser man in his ear. Tenay pronounced Styles vs. Daniels is a go for tonight. Lashley accomplished off Homicide with a lift-up chokeslam for a pin as well as a win. Post-match: Homicide jumped Lashley from during a behind of as well as attempted to use a boot as a weapon, though Lashley put him in a air for a press slam. Steiner afterwards appeared upon a video screen perplexing to dilemma Krystal. After intimately badgering Krystal, Steiner chased down Krystal, who was saved by Lashley. A fight pennyless out backstage with Lashley violence down Steiner until a Guns, Lethal (out of character), as well as Simon Diamond attempted to separate Lashley as well as Steiner.

WINNER: Lashley in 2:00. Fine small encouragement compare for Lashley, who still doesn't secrete any wrestling personality. Steiner has plenty of personality, which is assumingly why they paired them up for Lashley to get a small rub from Steiner's character. Lashley vs. Steiner during a PPV ought to be a doozy.

[Commercial Break]

Impact Zone: Back in a Impact Zone, Homicide shoved down Earl Hebner. Amazing Red afterwards ran in to a ring as well as forsaken Homicide with...a move. And an additional move. Red afterwards went up tip as well as Homicide waited for Red to nail him with a splash. Homicide bailed to a office building as Red simulated to be perplexing to go after him. And they'll see any alternative during a PPV.

Announcers: Tenay as well as Taz pennyless d! own a Tu rning Point PPV line-up: All Knockouts Titles upon a line - KO champ ODB & KO tab champs Sarita & Taylor Wilde vs. Beautiful People, Amazing Red vs. Homicide for a X Division Title, Kong vs. Tara in a steel cage, British Invasion vs. Machineguns for a tab titles, Scott Steiner vs. Bobby Lashley, Kurt Angle vs. Desmond Wolfe, as well as Styles vs. Joe vs. Daniels for a TNA World Title.

Impact Zone: Madison Rayne came out alone as well as simulated she was a poledancer. you contingency have flipped it behind to Cinemax. TNA's passionate objectification of women as well as a women starting along with it is unequivocally utterly sad. TNA's chronicle of Mickie James, Taylor Wilde, afterwards came out to face Rayne.



Rayne, wearing fishnets as well as a divulgence top, mounted Wilde early on, assumingly channeling her middle Jenna Morasca. Taylor afterwards accomplished her off moments after for a unequivocally reduced compare victory. Post-match: a rest of a Beautiful People ran to a ring as well as jumped Taylor. Sarita done a save for Taylor, though a BPs hold them down after a short skirmish. Eventually, ODB ran to a ring as well as done a save for a tab champs. BPs bailed to a outward to yell during a trio they'll face during a PPV to tighten a segment.

WINNER: Taylor Wilde in 2:00. Match was inconsequential as well as was merely a car to set up a post-match to foster a PPV six-Knockout tab match. (n/a)

[Commercial Break. Mid-break: They showed A.J. Styles lacing up his boots real parsimonious to goal for for a compare opposite Daniels with Joe still a special ref.]

TNA Live Events video: Don West let us know what's entrance up upon a TNA house uncover circuit, together with a fundraiser in Nashville with a Houston Oilers subsequent Monday.

Backstage: Matt Morgan as well as Hernandez were with Lauren for a promo. Hernandez pronounced something, afterwards Morgan pronounce! d he's s leepy of these conspiracy theories from Rhino. Morgan quietly pronounced Team 3D is history. He pronounced a dual of them have been a future of TNA. Lauren sole shock as well as simulated to be next to herself hearing this statement. Hernandez accomplished in Spanish as well as Morgan said, "What he said."

Impact Zone: They unexpected cut behind to a ring where Daniels was stomping around wanting a square of Joe. Joe backed out of a ring, though, as well as Styles came to a ring to face Daniels in a singles match. Quick bell as well as they're off.

6 -- TNA World Hvt. hold up A.J. STYLES vs. DANIELS -- Samoa Joe special arbitrate -- non-title match

TNA didn't give a audience enough time to unequivocally goal for for a compare after a fake begin in a initial hour. Too much happened prior to this, so a initial couple of mins were usually there prior to Daniels staid in to a back chinlock. Joe, of note, is wearing purple latext gloves which were assumingly found in a household items aisle during a grocery store prior to a show. you get which Joe is perplexing to be similar to an MMA ref wearing latex gloves, though no alternative ref in TNA wears them, so it seems stupid similar to Slick Johnson wearing soccer arbitrate socks. At 4:00, Daniels proposed arguing with Joe, who told Daniels to concentration upon a match. Styles afterwards done a full comeback as well as longed for a springboard fist smash, though Daniels blocked mid-air as well as both group collapsed to a mat. Of note, girls in a Impact Zone screaming as if Evan Bourne is wrestling. Styles has which John Cena/Evan Bourne cause starting for him. Styles afterwards accomplished off Daniels with a Styles Clash as well as pinned him clean in a ring.

Post-match: Joe presented Styles with a pretension tanned hide leather leather leather belt as well as sole respect for Styles. Styles wasn't sole upon Joe perplexing to act trustworthy. Joe afterwards handed over a tanned hide leather leather leather belt as ! well as lifted Styles's arm. He left a ring with all ostensible to be cool, though afterwards Joe snuck behind in to a ring as well as slapped upon a back naked choke to choke a life out of Styles. Joe grabbed a pretension tanned hide leather leather leather belt as well as stood over Styles as well as Daniels to tighten a segment.

WINNER: Styles in 6:00. Fine singles compare in in in in between Styles as well as Daniels, but, again, a compare was a car to lead to a post-match. TNA is in a future presenting Joe's impression accurately as a clever heel murderer with him obviously a clever hazard to Styles's title. Good deck-stacking opposite Styles, although Styles needs to demeanour clever as well as not trusting during some indicate as a champ. (*1/2)


[Commercial Break]

Video package: Hernandez was shown articulate up Hulk Hogan entrance to TNA. Hernandez pronounced he's cold with it, though he's endangered how it will affect a youth movement in TNA.

Backstage: Lauren mocked Dr. Stevie as Daffney stood by. Stevie pronounced he will not be played by Mick Foley similar to a guaranty upon a chessboard. Daffney interjected which Stevie was nuts for trusting Foley. Stevie laughed it off as well as pronounced he's giving "Chris" his final notice which he doesn't wish to know what they have in store for him subsequent week. Stevie laughed it up. Would have been a great tip upon a shred if he referred to he's starting to pull out a aged 1997 blue jean cut-off shorts to dump a great hint for subsequent week.

Impact Zone: Team 3D fast came to a ring for a main event. Hernandez as well as Matt Morgan afterwards came to a ring to face them. For some reason, Morgan is still wearing his sorcerer's robe to a ring.


Bell sounded as Tenay as well as Taz talked up Hulk Hogan entrance to TNA. Tenay pronounced they do not know what it means for a "youth" upon a r! oster, w hich they goal to transparent up once Hogan's purpose is more defined. Tenay plugged subsequent week: a wrestling fable will answer Lethal's challenge, Dr. Stevie vs. Abyss, as well as Super Dave Osborne upon a show. Based upon those Spike previews for Super Dave's return to TV, he appears to be upon life support. Spike perplexing to get a single final run out of a saved stuntman. The 4 large group did some things in a ring as Taz burst himself up with a tide of jokes as well as one-liners. At 3:00, Devon sole a knee damage after attempting a double axehandle upon Hernandez. Hern took value by starting to work upon a knee with pad holds.

Rhino afterwards came to ringside as well as proposed articulate to Ray, who was upon a apron. Morgan slipped in to a ring as well as dropkicked Devon while Ray told Rhino to get lost. Rhino as well as Ray one after another to disagree as Rhino told Ray to take a chair. "Take tha pen! you insist, take tha pen!" Subtle Seinfeld reference there. Ray in a future ran Rhino off, though Devon one after another to take a beating. The chair loomed in a dilemma after Rhino left it ringside, however. Morgan afterwards came in to a ring as well as Ray unexpected snapped when he grabbed a chair as well as smashed Morgan across a behind to cause a DQ. Ray afterwards landed a chair shot to Hernandez's forehead. Of course, a chair shot to a conduct upon Hernandez delivered by Ray. Rhino entered a ring as well as hugged Ray, who sole disgust with Rhino taking value of his conflicted state of mind. Rhino afterwards Gored Hernandez as well as Morgan to finish them off. Rhino afterwards took Ray as well as Devon by a hands as well as lifted their arms in Rhino's chronicle of victory. TNA closed with a shot of Ray disposition upon a tip rope selling confliction. "What have you usually seen here?" Tenay asked.

WINNERS: Morgan & Hernandez around DQ in 6:00

TNA Impact 05.11.09

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