Vivi la vita appieno: Movie Review 1:Papadom

Due to the fact which this division was flattering chaotic for me as good as given my report strife the lot with my friendswhen theyre not busy,I am though when we am busy,theyre notthus,I didnt get to watch 2 movies which we longed for to watch this semester.They were 500 Days of Summer & Papadom.I blogged about the official trailer of the former,months ago.

Thanks to my hermit Haziq,who have thick with the LOT of movies in his difficult disk given he bought it this semester,I was able to watch both film in crystal transparent quality.The first one which we watched was Papadom as good as given of the hype of the film from various people,I sort of had this expectancy of it which we shouldnt have given truthfully, when we watched it,I was the diminutive bit disappointed. It was not the good or extraordinary movie. It was only good or okay-lah.

There were the little waggish parts which concerned Farid Kamil as good as Que Haidar which we never suspicion they could do given we theory we dont watch tv which much so we havent seen both of them personification any comedic roles.I saw the little of my friends as extras in the film similar to Akim & Freaky..And we recollect which during partial 4 of degree(Im partial 8 now),my crony Akim offering me to stick on as extras for the film though we decrease given me + being in the film only doesnt seem similar to the good idea.Funnily,both Akim & Freaky was in the same scene.ahaha.

I suspicion Afdlin played his purpose very good as good as he looked very cute similar to the teddy bear.haha.I adore the Miasara song given the verse was kooky.Liyana Jasmay to me,hurm,I dont know why she won the most appropriate actress endowment for which film given it wasnt the particularly severe purpose similar to Charlize Theron in Monster which she won an Oscar for.She played the te! enage la dy in the uni for gods sake who have the happy hold up thus,it wasnt difficult given shes being herself & many other immature girls out there.But this is my opinion.If you disagree,its okay given everybody is entitled to have an opinion.

Khairiah who plays Mun/Ghost did the good pursuit eventhough technically shes only the ghost in Saadoms head.She did the good pursuit as good as Im still waiting for the day where she would get an endowment for her behaving given she has played the little difficult purposes throughout her career though she hasnt been recognized.

This calm has passed through