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By Phil Hecken as well as James Huening

The prolonged awaited Worst. Uni. Ever. nominees were submitted (both in last weeks comments as well as dozens of e-mails) as well as now, James is ready to pierce we your selections in a knock-down, drag-out check format. After reception literally hundreds of nominees (many of them a usual suspects yet a small we never expected), James has devised a following poll, a couple to that appears below. Weve broken them down into 9 categories, a winners of that will face-off before long thereafter in a enclosure death compare to find a comprehensive misfortune of a worst, as voted by you. Sounds complicated? Not really.

Simply review James descriptions as well as a cinema of your misfortune unvaried nominees below, as broken down by category. Well take a tip vote-getters in any difficulty as well as have them all go up against a singular another. So with that, lets take a demeanour during any of a 9 categories, followed by a poll. James takes it from here:


In a Major League Baseball (MLB) category:

1. First up we have a Cleveland Indians as well as their solid red uniforms that were ragged from 1974 to 1977.

2. Next have been a Houston Astros dear Tequila Sunrise uniforms.

3. This ones sure to be a crowd-pleaser: a New York Yankees venerable pinstripes.

4. The Tampa Bay Devil Rays strange unis.

5. The 1997-2000 Anaheim Angels.

6. Finally, a 1978 San Diego Padres.


Our subsequent difficulty is a National Football League (NFL):

1. Our first competitor is a Buffalo Bills.

2. Joining them have been a Cincinnati Bengals.

3. We go behind to a emergence of a AFL for our subsequent nominees, a strange Denver Broncos uniforms, that have been upon display this deteriorate as throwbacks.

4. And of course, we have a Seattle Seahawks as well as their brand new alternates.


The National Basketball Association (NBA) is well represented:

1. Starting with a Atlanta Hawks 1995-99 uniforms.

2. Staying in a mid-to-late-90s, we have a Cleveland Cavaliers

3. The Detroit Pistons

4. The Houston Rockets

5. The early 90s as well as a Philadelphia 76ers have been not to be forgotten.

6. Well conduct behind to a mid/late 90s for a NBAs dual Canadian Representatives: a Toronto Raptors

7. And Vancouver Grizzlies

8. This decade is not completely off a hook, as we can see from a Washington Wizards recently-retired alternates.


Plenty of National Hockey League (NHL) unis got nominated.

1. We begin with a Anaheim Mighty Ducks as well as their dainty Wild Wing alternate.

2. Staying in California, yet going behind farther in time, a California Golden Seals had a demeanour that seemed as yet it was desirous by UCLA football.

3. Moving to a benefaction day, we have a Atlanta Thrashers alternate.

4. Back to California for a Los Angeles Kings as well as their Burger King jersey.

5. The Nashville Predators as well as their mustard-colored swap that was ragged from 2001 to 2007 have been up next.

6. Next, lets see a New York Islanders as well as a Gortons Fisherman jersey.

7. Back down south for a Tampa Bay Lightning as well as their 1996-99 alternate.

8. Our usually Canadian hopeful in this difficulty is a Flying V of a Vancouver Canucks.

9. And rounding out this category, a Phoenix Coyotes swap a small refer to as a Picasso sweater.


Our subsequent difficulty is for Short-lived Uniforms, either they were intended to be permanent as well as scrapped after a handful of wearings or they were intended usually to be ragged once.

1. Well lead things off with a Baltimore Orioles as well as a orange jerseys as well as pants they wore for dual games in 1971.

2. Joining them have been a Chicago White Sox short pajamas that were ragged in 1976. Nobody unequivocally seems to be means to establish upon how many times they were worn. Most accounts have them being mothballed after a singular wearing, yet a small say they were ragged as many as four times.

3. Next up, a New York Mets as well as their Mercury Mets outfit that was ragged as partial of a Turn Ahead The Clock graduation in 1999.

4. The Philadelphia Phillies gave us a Saturday Night Specials for a singular diversion in 1979.

5. The usually non-baseball hopeful in this difficulty is a Dallas Mavericks trash bag swap unvaried ragged for a singular diversion in 2004.


Well turn to a Minor Leagues now:

1. Starting with a American Defenders of New Hampshire whose regular uniforms feature a deception motif.

2. The El Paso Diablos wore yellow, pinstriped uniforms with red pillbox caps in a early 1980s.

3. Our last hopeful here is a 1980 Tuscon Toros According to an account we read, a behind of a jersey was turquoise.


There have been approach as well many college teams out there to unequivocally pinpoint a misfortune one, so we limited things to a big dual NCAA Divison we football as well as mens basketball:

1. First, well have a demeanour BYU footballs 1999 redesign

2. Next up, we have Florida A&M football

3. Turning to basketball, NC States leotard examination makes an appearance.

4. It wouldnt be a misfortune uni check though Oregon footballs diamondplate mix & compare set.

5. Well close out this difficulty with a span of football teams ready to go from conduct to toe (or conduct to knee, during least) in orange: Syracuse

6. And UTEP.


Now we conduct to a universe of Soccer.

1. First, we have a Caribous of Colorado from a NASL. Their innovative jerseys featured fringe.

2. The early days of MLS gave us a Kansas City Wiz (who later became a Wizards).

3. Our third as well as last soccer hopeful is Team USA for their 1994 World Cup unis.


Our last difficulty is Miscellaneous Pro Football.

1. From a CFLs south-of-the-border expansion days have been a Memphis Mad Dogs.

2. The Orlando Rage paint Vince McMahons XFL.

3. And well wrap things up with an additional hopeful from Orlando, a 1991-92 Orlando Thunder.


Whew. There we have it. YOUR nominees for a difficulty of Worst. Uni. Ever. Only a singular can win, yet we can assistance slight it down by choosing by casting votes in a check subsequent for your misfortune unvaried in a 9 categories. Once we have those nine, well resubmit them to we so that we can, once as well as for all, establish what is a Worst. Uni. Ever.


Thanks again to James Huening for operative upon this as well as for coming up with a check format. Well keep a assignment check open for a week, as well as have a playoffs for a misfortune ever uni before long after that. Thanks in allege for your participation!!!


scoreboardGuess The Game From The Scoreboard: Hokie dokie. Got a football scoreboard today, that comes from reader Billy Duss. Not sure about a difficulty turn upon this a singular kinda a singular of those we had to be there or have seen a diversion to get it. But we similar to that here. Definitely a singular to make we think about it. As always, greatfully find a LINK to a game, that we can post down subsequent in a comments, as well as not a diversion itself. As always, date, place as well as last score, if possible. Ready? Sure. Guess The Game From The Scoreboard.


5 & 1a Our male in a street, Jim Vilk brings we his Top 5 Best as well as a singular WORST college football uni matchup from yesterday:

5. Texas/Oklahoma State A real orange bowl, eh?

4. Tulane/LSU Green Wave a small as well green, yet that light blue redeems them.

3. Temple/Navy A wise old owl didnt need to discuss it me to supplement this to a list.

2. UCLA/Oregon State My color palette special of a day.

1. Ole Miss/Auburn Nothing scary about this Halloween matchup during all.

And a misfortune matchup of a day: San Jose State/Boise State At slightest a field looked nice


ducks unis UW #1 Seahawks Fan Michael Princip has been tracking a Oregon Ducks as well as all of their 2,456 possible unvaried combinations this season. Hell be updating it after any game. And what a diversion it was yesterday. Your #10 Ducks took a #5 Trojans behind a woodshed (are we intuiting a settlement here?) as well as fundamentally put a close upon a PAC-10 as well as punched their sheet to Pasadenafor a Rose Bowl. Look for them to unequivocally pierce up in a rankings now. Only beating was a Ducks outfits no brand new carbon-steel helmets, nor black as well as orange (what theyd demeanour as well most similar to an additional Oregon school?) for Halloween. Anyway, Heres Your Updated Ducktracker. Thanks Mike!


benchies headerAhyesterday we got to encounter Mikes cousin, Mongo. Well, today, a big guy is behind with more of his unique brand of humor. Mongos humor that is:

More Mongo

Still More Mongo

Remember, Mongo usually pawn in diversion of life.


halloween uniBit of a special provide for you, given yesterday was Halloween. Our male upon a street, Jim Vilk, put together a special assemblage of Halloween-inspired college football games for us that took place. Here ya go:

Happy Halloween matchups.

5. Miami, Fla./Wake Forest

4. Cincinnati/Syracuse

3. Gramblinguh, we mean Georgia/Florida

2. S. Carolina/Tennessee

1. Coastal Carolina/Clemson

Spookythanks, Jim.


And finally, in case we longed for it, a Montreal Canadiens trotted out their barberpoles yesterday. Beauty, eh?

Good things there. Thanks to Jim & Rick & James & Mike as well as everybody else along a way. Dont dont think about to opinion for a WORST UNI EVER nominees. You can even post your guesses as to who we think a 9 finalists will be in a comments, if we want.

And for all we unvaried designers, as well as wanna-be designers, if we longed for yesterdays column, be sure to check it out a chance for we to design a ball uniform, trademark as well as cap!

One bequest diversion today: Titans (Jets) contra Dolphins should be cold to see a fish in something alternative than dropshadow for a change youll be reminded how good they once looked, as well as could demeanour again, if they longed for to make that demeanour permanent. Game IV of a World Series tonight. Dont dont think about to pull your clocks back, if we havent already! That additional hour of sleep is so awesome, no? Of march it is.

Everyone have a good Sunday!


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