Uni Watch Old School vs. Nu Skool?

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By Phil Hecken

Uni Watch virtuoso in a venerable veteran difficulty Rick Pearson acted a semi-question/semi-statement in a comments section this past Thursday, which begat a integrate of responses, yet which unequivocally raised an glorious indicate or three, as great as may be something we could as great as should explore in greater detail. His ponderance remarked upon a unvaried phenomenon (both in college as great as a pros) whereby it seems we can readily classify most, if not all, uniforms in to dual graphic categories: aged propagandize as great as brand brand brand brand new school. Let me take we back to Rickos expect quote for serve explanation/clarification/exploration:

I was thinking(always a dangerous thing)

Football unis have separate decidedly in to dual camps
1. Traditional
2. Innovative

And thats fine. we dont adore or hate all a unis in possibly category.

Maybe what we need is collect a five many appropriate seeking football unis (college or pro) which DONT have striped pants (dont meant solid similar to Notre Dame, meant those with panels, piping or designs which ARENT solid ol true stripes).

Me, we consider Id opinion for a Broncos home (navy jersey) chronicle as number one. But not a navy pants. No sir, not their many appropriate look. Good colors, great design, didnt go overboard.

A integrate of comments followed, together with a little by yours truly, yet we never unequivocally followed by upon this idea. Nor did we ever try to rank (not which we could or should) say, a five many appropriate (and five worst) of a uniforms from any camp. While we did take a demeanour during a very integrate of colleges, for a purposes of this exercise, lets concentration upon a NFL.

A discerning demeanour during a 32 teams in a NFL tells us which close to half tumble in to a difficulty of Old School (or to have use of Rickos phraseology, traditional). We can safely list a Bears, Browns, Cowboys, Packers, Colts, Chiefs, Dolphins, Saints, Giants, Jets, Raiders, Steelers, 49ers, Eagles as great as Redskins in a Old School category. But thats usually fifteen teams. And thats usually when they (some of them) dont wear monochrome and/or leotards.

In a New School (or, in Rickos parlance, innovative) camp, we find eight teams (for sure): a Cardinals, Falcons, Bills, Bengals, Broncos, Panthers, Jaguars, as great as Vikings. One could disagree which a Bills dont unequivocally go in a brand brand brand brand new propagandize difficulty nonetheless they have been so awful, they substantially merit a difficulty of their own.

Anyway, which leaves us with 9 teams which we personally find somewhat difficult to place in to possibly category. To wit, a Lions, Ravens, Texans, Patriots, Chargers, Seahawks, Rams, Buccaneers, as great as Titans all have a little elements of a normal uniform, yet additionally a little elements of an innovative one.

[I should note which we ran my list by Ricko, who unequivocally felt a uniforms we identified should be put in to dual camps: Ricko would move a Patriots, Seahawks, Rams as great as Titans to a innovative category, since
all have possibly non-linear steel sheet stripes, non-linear pants stripes, side panels or wear dark monochrome as flattering many their standard home unior a combination of those elements. The same could be pronounced for a Bills. Rick would additionally put a Ravens, Chargers, Lions, Texans as great as Bucs in to aged school, given in his eyes, their logos as great as such have been in standard postions, as great as they have normal striping or longstanding character trim (i.e. Chargers) upon all of them.]

But unequivocally thats conjunction here nor there we can feel giveaway to disagree with a classifications we dont hold theres any tough as great as fast order which places a single precisely in to a single difficulty or a other, yet certainly teams who have hold onto (or henceforth returned to) a classic unvaried over a years, who have standard (linear) helmet, sleeve (what is left of them anyway) as great as pants striping would approaching tumble in to a normal category, while teams similar to a Cardinals or Falcons, who have opted to modernize their unvaried with lots of jersey side panels, piping, striping, angles (also known as bumperstickers) as great as such tumble in to a innovative category.

Then we have teams which have elements of both. For example, a Patriots have side panels as great as a some-more modern helmet, yet fairly normal pants stripes, as great as they never opt for a leotard look. Likewise, a Chargers could substantially usually as simply be placed in a normal category, nonetheless during your convenience they wear their dark pants, they have been always paired with dark blue socks, giving them an almost ballet dancer type of look. On a flip side of a coin, we have teams similar to a Saints who will, upon occasion, breakout a monochrome leotards.

A great indicate to additionally contemplate is what, really, does qualify for a normal uniform? And can we extent a definition of innovative to a eight teams we have identified should we include all seventeen which dont tumble precisely in to a normal category? In a end, my categorizations dont unequivocally matter, given even a little of a normal teams have sported a little non-traditional unvaried looks from time to time.

Ive been criticized (sometimes rightly, infrequently wrongly) for hating all non-traditional uniforms while we would contend as a general order of thumb we do prefer normal striping as great as combinations, we can certainly conclude a innovative uniforms in their own way. But there have been additionally uniforms out there which have been simply bad bad pattern is bad pattern yet we will try to keep an open thoughts when discussing a newer uniforms as great as will express my adore for a integrate of of those here, following Rickos lead.

Lets see what we guys consider as well. Pick any football uniform, pro or college (I limited my list to a pros since it kept a list to 32 yet a colleges have literally hundreds to choose from) which would tumble in to a innovative (or brand brand brand brand new propagandize or modern) difficulty as great as uncover it a little love. Ricko picked a Broncos, as great as for a home or road, we can see how this unvaried is kind of cold (though no longer unique) in a own way. we sorta censure Nike as great as a Broncos for leading us down this brand brand brand brand new pattern path, yet may be thats not such a bad thing.

If we had to collect a single of a newer designs, we consider we could grow to similar to a Cardinals sure, we could do without a piping as great as non-linear striping, yet it does kinda work. And a colors have been gorgeous. And Ive always pronounced which this chronicle of a Titans unvaried is a single of my all time favorites. Yeah a fonts have been kinda funky, a steel sheet has uncanny striping, a got an odd yoke as great as which logo substantially leaves something to be desired yet a colors have been illusory as great as it unequivocally does demeanour great. Powder blue as great as navy, (with usually a little spirit of red) work great together, as great as a white cleats as great as helmets usually work.

So what about you? What have been a little of a unequivocally GOOD brand brand brand brand new as great as innovative designs out there, college or pro? Lets set up a list as great as see if we cant demeanour during a nu skool unis (because they certainly arent starting away) as great as see if we cant find a little brand brand brand brand new classics. What designs can we demeanour during currently which will mount a test of time in 10, 20, even 30 years? Im certain there have been some-more than a integrate of out there.


As many of we know, UCLA is starting to be wearing throwbacks today. According to a UCLA Bruins Blog, 1967 Heisman Trophy winner (Gary Beban) was during a Morgan Center currently (Friday) for a luncheon with former teammates as great as donors. He spoke with a Bruin football group after in a day as great as will be a titular captain for Saturdays Homecoming competition vs. Washington.

Beban brought his 1967 jersey with him. Here have been a integrate of pictures of Beban with his jersey as great as a shot of Bebans 1967 jersey with a single of a Throwback jerseys.

Nice! Thanks to Erkki Corpuz (via Paul) for a tip.


FEAR THE SPEAR! Really? How about The U Knows? Are these movie taglines? Catchy phrases with which to insult your friends? How about Good Guys Wear White or Dont Back Down? Maybe theyre song titles? Nope, nope, nope as great as nope.

Those have been all Nike generated slogans (mouse over a models for a great laugh) theyre giving to a 10 schools theyll be outfitting with Pro Combat uniforms as great as rigging [late edit: as of yesterday afternoon, all 10 models had a little form of "slogan" associated with them -- yet as of late final evening, usually dual did]. Paul already showed us a little of a uniforms in yesterdays essay (if we didnt see it, a a great read). Those slogans have been (Im flattering certain) starting to appear upon those super hero special gloves a players will be wearing, as great as it wouldnt warn me if it were sewn in to a arm area as well. Just so, ya know, they dont dont think about who theyre playing for. This whole super hero mentality is usually so ridiculous. As Paul pronounced to me, Nike seems to have no suspicion how to marketplace anything except by branch it in to a comic book. Aside from being silly, a additionally *soooo* generationally exclusive like, how is any air blower older than, say, twenty-eight yrs aged supposed to take slogans similar to Fear a Spear as great as The U Knows seriously?

Im guessing fans over a age of twenty-eight arent in this Nike demographic.


benchies header And we suspicion baseball deteriorate had endednot for a boys from Bubs Pub. Theyre still starting strong or so they think. we theory this is to be approaching when we play tumble softball in a little midwestern state, right? Enjoy your Saturday Benchies. Seems similar to a Twins may have this to demeanour brazen to come spring, eh?


scoreboardGuess The Game From The Scoreboard: Gonna try something a little opposite today. This is approaching a single youll not find by starting to Retrosheet or Baseball Almanac or any of a approaching sources. In fact, youre not approaching to find it anywhere. But we can still compromise it. And we can substantially find a link to it too. Date as great as location have been all were gonna be seeking for upon this one. Have fun. Guess The Game From The Scoreboard. And if we want to keep this starting by a fall, greatfully send me a little brand brand brand brand new scoreboards! Drop me a line as great as assistance a fella out, k? Thanks!


Guess thats gonna do it for today. Still trying to get used to this brand brand brand brand new fangled program Johnny Ek installed here upon UW (hopefully this will self-load during 7:00 am EST), as great as we apologize, yet we was underneath a continue for many of a week. Lots of great college games today, plus a common assortment of alternative sports as well. And have certain we give a man upon a street, Jim Vilk, a hand by choosing those tip college football matchups as great as posting pics down below.

Tomorrow we goal to begin featuring a little of a MANY NFL unvaried tweaks, upgrades as great as concepts we folks have been promulgation my approach for a past several weeks. Plus great have a finalists in a Worst. Uni. Ever. check for your voting pleasure. And a common assortment of goodies.

Enjoy your Saturday!

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