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Hello Game boy fanslet s talk about this Nintendo DS diversion we similar to , right The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. No matter a brand new player or not , no need to focus upon a bottom operation in your palm book , a little tips component here can be picked up to share.


No. 1,2,3 begin fishing usually fish held all three go to Mermaid Island, seeking after a aged male he will give we great bait, so which we can locate bigger fish numbers, as well as in a northeast area is additionally held 4 Number of fish, held after a back to a aged man, to be Magic of a fish a summary which appears, this time during sea will crop up upon vast fish, dolphin-shaped shadow, can be a comparatively high possibility of catching fish upon a 4th, there is a sure luck Magic of a aristocrat of fish encountered in a figure of a black dolphin. After a locate went to a aged man, reward a heart container. In a locate upon a size of 1M to 7 fish, 3 have a sure luck of a belly with a immature fish No. 6.

Can come to a waters northwest of a island towards a upper-right breeze to go to strech a one island, a house of a aged male wants we to assistance him find Mermaid, out of a house to transparent a entire blame will find Mermaid, with her back to power after a standard stunned to find a aged male , as well as afterwards find a master, obtain alternative aged male to be rod. When we embrace a womanlike bandit to her sisters letter to a Island, Mermaid mermaid, she will give we a knowledge of gemstones.


Gold Frog:
Northwest Sea Mermaid Island, a reduce right there is a dark unknown island, a captain will be asked to pull your own maps, we will find which in actuality a figure of a island is a big whale, initial attack a center of a stone have been prompted, as well as afterwards according to (Fishtail water column fin -eyes) of a sequence of attack a bridge will appear, which will give we a golden frog put Tornado Teleport props. Hit a golden frogs in assorted waters, a jot down of their symbols to a drawing board with a frog elders enter a pitch can be an present after a pierce to a region.

Communication exchange
Get bows as well as arrows as well as bombs, will be a moment before a Sea King Temple ripped by a cave came out station upon a stage sharpened a eyes, there will be laser-statues, regulate a angle of a statue as well as a Temple Bar in tie with a arrangement of together lines, a light fired during a end of a wall can be blasted, as well as by a hovel to a right, where there is sell of products can have use of equipment guitarist.

Till a fields:
Get a shovel, a assistance of a uncle farming encampment upon a left, he will give we ore to have awards, in fact, plot to Island, accept which we have been of their tribe, he will discuss it we this ore is their which a secret.

Leap Horizons:
In addition to enjoy a organisation brought well-known duck duck Flurry, testing, cutting off vast devious practicality, though additionally to magnify a jump distance clutching his
Claw hook a courage to get to a church which was a village, by a cave to strech a initial 4 fast sailing diary, where a claws with a hook conflicting a tub pulled up to smash a stone to crop up chicken, clutching a duck underneath a tree fly past in a be means to excavate a value map.

Pirate ship floating in a sea-line, they will crop up for a little time to penetrate a red X, afterwards we can go up to him to locate up with deliver intent, it will be similar to a womanlike bandit kind of bayonet fighting, for a initial time after a victory of courage to be means to get a element.

Artillery fire
The diversion to a Western sea, a upper right personal fish island, artillery fire opposite a cave can play games;
Here a top of a hook scratch shift move, there have been 2 chest, from a left side of a monument have been stirred dual chest a center of things, after digging value map.
Red ring of 20 points, we can regularly shoot a blue ring 100 points, usually shoot once;
More than 2500 points will be award a esteem is a explosve bag extent increasing by 10.

Bow as well as arrow shooting
When we embrace a navigator of a childs letter told they could be fired if a diversion came to Western Nankai reduce left of a island, we can play during his house, bow as well as arrow shooting.
1700 points can have bows as well as arrows extent plus 10
2000 points can be a big heart

A race opposite time
Ge Long Island, received Gelong primogenitor told a reduce right has a dark islands, a North Korea Ge Long Island, southeast of navigation found in DS Island, where a diversion can be a race opposite time;
Course of a diversion need to get a highway all a residue of solid will open;
Crossed a finish line within 35 seconds can be to increase a ceiling of rodent explosve bags.

Came to a Northeast after a North Korea is a North Sea sailing will come to a obstruction island, attack switches as well as after starting to strike 4 apart stone chest to appear, it is endorsed to pay a initial underneath a tuition fees test a waters approach down a location of switches as well as eye .
Primary: Wisdom Elements
Intermediate: a value map
Advanced: Big Heart
A explosve exploded inside a walls of a obstruction there is a knowledge of elements.

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