Rex Parker Does the NYT Crossword Puzzle: SATURDAY, Sep. 19 2009 ...

Constructor: Mel Taub

Relative difficulty: Irrelevant

THEME: Puns as well as Anagrams Puzzle it seems which puns as well as anagrams have been concerned in solving this puzzle, yet I'm not a most appropriate a single to ask, as we would never normally willingly compromise a miniature nonplus which went around job itself "Puns as well as Anagrams." Normally we would pass. "No thank you," I'd say.

Word of a Day: Canceled until genuine crosswords come back

Puzzle Note:


All a daily crosswords this week, Monday by Saturday, have been by puzzlemakers who have been contributing to The Times for some-more than 50 years. Mel Taub had his primary Times crossword published upon Oct 24, 1954. His Puns as well as Anagrams puzzles (of which this is an example) have appeared in a Sunday Magazine since 1955.


Apparently these "Puns & Anagrams" puzzles appear in a NYT all a time, as well as a little people quite similar to them. I've never seen a single or solved a single before. Literally, never. we wrote my associate Blogger, Amy Reynaldo, asking her what a hell we was supposed to do with it. Before she could get at a back of to me, I'd solved it. My mother stood here as well as solved it with me (that never, Ever happens with genuine crosswords much as we adore my wife, we don't have a patience to compromise genuine crosswords during her speed ... yet upon this sort of puzzle, we're flattering equally matched, so solving together was fun). My primary thought: "So ... it's! kind of similar to a mysterious crossword, usually suckier." With a night's nap at a back of me, in a cold light of day, we mount by which primary assessment. If we similar to this pun/anagram stuff, do yourself a large preference as well as collect up a book of mysterious crosswords. Or usually collect up a Harper's Magazine their puzzles (wicked hard as well as multi-layered) always have mysterious clues as their base. Does The Nation still publish a cryptic? Emily Cox as well as Henry Rathvon have been probably a greatest names in American cryptics, so ask for them by name. Anyhoo, mysterious clues have been approach approach approach some-more clever, as well as precise, in their wordplay, than have been "puns as well as anagrams" plus, puns as well as anagrams aren't a usually wordplay starting upon in cryptics.

Take STEAL (6A).

Today's clue: At least it's a genuine bargain
Possible mysterious clue: "Crazy" singer gets commemoration shirt for a bargain

Now in today's clue, we usually anagram LEAST to get a clarification of "a genuine bargain" => STEAL. There is zero cuing we to anagram LEAST. You usually ... do. 'Cause a nonplus pretension tells we that's a single of a options. "Do we pun, or do we anagram? we have to decide, as a idea itself won't be bothered to contend or otherwise playfully indicate."

In a mysterious clue, we have to figure out what kind of wordplay is concerned From Indications In The Clue Itself. So SEAL (who sang "Crazy" ... as well as is tied together to indication Heidi Klum ... yet we could surrogate something less cocktail culturey similar to a lovable nautical sign or a imperishable Navy Seal) ... anyway, SEAL "gets" (as in takes, grasps, swallows, encompasses) a commemoration shirt or "T" with a result being a bargain: STEAL. Shove T ! inside S EAL to get STEAL. My mysterious idea is Vastly superior as well as we usually done it up as well as as well as we have never clued a mysterious nonplus in my life. The weak clues aren't a constructor's fault. They're a genre's fault. Puns & anagrams, boo. Here have been all a clues as well as answers today's puzzle. we have zero (more) to contend about them.


  • 1 Impudence of a Br. fool (BRASS) Br + donkey ("fool")
  • 6 see above
  • 11 Author in a stupor (PROUST) anagram of "stupor"
  • 12 Job for a Rhine surgeon (HERNIA) anagram of "a Rhine"
  • 14 Mien of a crapshooter will revoke attrition (ROLLER BEARING) "Crapshooter" = ROLLER, "Mien" = BEARING, ROLLER BEARINGs revoke friction. This is a plain mysterious clue, yet I've never heard of a ROLLER BEARING. BALL BEARING, sure.
  • 16 Oath from a renEGADe
  • 17 What lies in a Seine (ILES) anagram of "lies"
  • 18 _____ celebration (golfers' bash) (TEE) joke upon "tea" with nice pick-up of golf swing "BASH"ing a tee
  • 19 Kind of dry (SUN) 'cause we can SUN dry something?
  • 20 Turned pea in 19-Across (SPUN) 'cause "SPUN" means "turned" as well as "pea" is a joke upon "P", which is combined to SUN (19A) to get SPUN.
  • 21 Group of Irish islands in quARANtine
  • 22 Dead set opposite being keyed up (SEDATED) anagram of "dead set"
  • 24 Divided A.P. pictures (APART) A.P. + "pictures" or ART
  • 25 Tenants of Lords, e.g. (LODGERS) anagram of "Lords, e.g."
  • 27 U.N. rap combined fast (RAN UP) anagram of "U.N. rap"
  • 30 Except carrying Republican th! oroughfa re from a book (EXCERPT) "R" (for "Republican") inside "Except"
  • 34 Retro character (EDOM) "Mode" backwards
  • 35 One who attends school hops (SOPH.) anagram of "hops" ... did anyone else want SOCK?
  • 36 Swiss toURIst center (it's a genuine place in Switzerland)
  • 37 Why isn't a single done? (NOD) which is, "No D"
  • 38 Pedro's palm in Oman (MANO) anagram of "Oman"
  • 39 _____ pressure (cause a boat landing to collapse) (PIER) joke upon "peer pressure"
  • 40 Fall guy's protection when roving (TRIP INSURANCE) usually ... a big pun
  • 43 Where does N.C. arrange between U.S. states in Yuletide tree production? (SECOND) anagram of "does N.D."; no idea what Yuletide tree prolongation is all about. we see an anagram of CONES in there ... do Yuletide trees furnish CONES? ... yet afterwards there's a left over "D" ... 500 CONES?
  • 44 Reined in nymph (NEREID) anagram of "Reined"
  • 45 Shabby followers of a bee (SEEDY) joke upon "C, D" ... they follow "B"
  • 46 Pairs amassed in 500 days (DYADS) anagram of "days" as well as "D" (Roman numeral for "500")

Tired ... will do Downs later.


OK, we can't do this. I'll usually contend which ANITRA was unknown to me, so 9D: She danced in Tirana was toughish to me. we additionally wanted MIND to be MIQD, notwithstanding a nonsensicality thereof (38D: Intellect in 1500). [See which a alloy gets in] which is my mysterious suggestion for this one. Or have been MIND THAT as well as SEE THAT not equivalent enough? [Watch a alloy get in]? [The alloy gets in your head, so to speak]?

In summation, I'd similar to to say:

Summary? Cripes!

Signed, Rex Parker, King of CROSSWorld

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