The Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion Show accusations?

Do we hold what Tamra pronounced about Gretchen carrying an additional beloved as great as being paid to take caring of Jeff? we wanted to hold her via a deteriorate yet she seemed to have trouble gripping her story true upon a reunion show.

I dont consider Tamra is a crony to any a singular either. we consider which her as great as Vicki group up upon a alternative women given they know which they wont stick up for them. However, we consider which Gretchen came out seeking similar to a better chairman for a simple actuality of how she handled herself. we didnt consider which she kept her story unequivocally well, yet honestley we dont know how great we would have kept cave if a singular of my "so called friends" only went upon inhabitant radio (where we know Jeffs family is watching) as great as blurted these accusation out yet warning.

I consider which Vicki as great as Tamra have been so insecure about themselves which they have to put others down in order to feel great about themselves. we only dont see how these women call each alternative friends! (wheew we unequivocally got in to which a singular haha)

curious65 | February 25, 2009

I consider Tamara is not a crony to anyone. i wouldnt certitude her. But i wish to hold Gretchen ,but something doesnt appear right.
Doc | February 25, 2009I agree,but we cannot mount Tamara!!! She thinks she is so perfect as great as is always putting everybody else down as great as is in everybody elses business! As for Gretchen,I truly believed she desired Jeff,but right away Im not so sure!
mommy1234 | February 25, 2009Tamra certain did demeanour different to me yesterday Im not certain if it was a different hairstyle or something she had finished to her face yet it certain didnt change her nasty attitude. we consider she was unequivocally perplexing to stir up a culmination by bringing up a ex. But we do consider which something was starting upon there with Gretchen as great as her ex in a little approach given during first she pronounced he was a stalker as great as afterwards he was with her as great as her family for a mini vacation. Thats a bit peculiar to me when we have been intent to someone else youre carrying your ex still upon your vacations. Id be gripping my exs during a distance.

Gretchen did not appear to be too shaken by what happened, yet when they did a close-up of her scratching her face we could see she was unraveling a bit. When someone licks their lips similar to she was, thats a body denunciation sign of annoy as great as anxiety. we consider theres something some-more to a story which she doesnt wish to share.
kincaid1 | February 25, 2009

I dont caring for Tamara either, she only came off as so sceptical as great as insacure. it was so tall propagandize how she acted yet out a show. Gretchen as great as Lynne were dual of my favorites, as great as Vicky only couldnt contend contemptible for being a dog to Lynne.. we consider Gretchen desired Jeff as great as if she did have something with an additional male then, thats her business. we know ive had exboyfriends who still try to get behind together even yet im in a relationship. And also! Why was this male job Tamara?? How did he even have her number?!?
gg | February 25, 2009Tamara is only solid mean, she unequivocally made herself demeanour similar to a dope final night. Her as great as Vicki merit each other, they have been both hateful!
Kathy | Nov 06, 1932Tamra is a really sour as great as sceptical person, same as Vickimy subject is since would she hold someone who calls her house during 1am over a chairman she calls her "friend"? She doesnt even know this male who is job her as great as her hubby Simon is gonna call him behind as great as speak for an hour????? we dont get itI never unequivocally favourite possibly Vicki or Tamra, yet this deteriorate only sealed a dealthey have been only officious nasty bold peoplemoney cant buy we class!! we do consider Gretchen honestly desired Jeff as great as it was returned to her as great as we do consider she is starting by a difficult time right away as great as is leaning upon people from her pastwho else do we go to, strangers? we only dont know since this is such a complaint for Tamra as great as Vicki inparticularwhy a ruin should they care? Tamra is bigoted as great as if any of a women have been smart, they will watch their backs when they have been around her (and her creepy son)! Did any a singular see how Vicki attempted to take Lynne breaking down as great as make it about her? Soooo pathetic!!!
jen36 | February 25, 2009You know Tamra was right. One second Gretchen is saying her ex is a stalker & a subsequent shes receiving her ex out for lunch to meet Jeanna & Lynne & they only happen to coincidently be during drum lake together during a same time vacationing & Jay is a fmily crony yadayadayada.

Tamra came across as a villian yet if anything we consider she during slightest gave gretchen time to get her b*llshit story together by not revelation any a singular about this sooner. Also, WTF was which sh*t which Gretchen was saying Tamra was pimping her son upon her during her ettiquette party. If anything Tamra kept revelation ryan no
heimikkat | February 25, 2009

Last deteriorate we favourite Tamra yet this deteriorate she was so terrible. we only dont assimilate if she knew all this about Gretchen since did she wait to contend something. we only consider she is a HATER! we do consider which incident with they male Jay or whatever his name is happened yet we consider he only pronounced which so Gretchen would come behind as great as get him. And what we dont assimilate is how did which male get Tamras number. we similar to Gretchen as great as we hold her story.
Cami05 | February 25, 2009I didnt similar to Tamra ever given she came upon a show. She is really disdainful as great as offensive. Last deteriorate she was making fun of Quinn for dating younger group as great as right away she is picking upon Gretchen for dating an older man. Tamra as great as Vicki have been both really mean, vindictive as great as insecure women.

As a society we tend to demonize lady for being "gold diggers" as great as let a group off of a hook. Now Jeff was a successful commercial operation man. So obviously he is not a fool. He had to know which Gretchen was with him given he was ancillary her as great as buying her intemperate gifts. It would be hard for a lot of women to spin which down. Most group wish to get abounding given they wish a pretty lady upon their arm. Gretchen claimed she desired him for all of a right reasons. we am not convinced. we consider if he were only a unchanging male making an normal salary she wouldnt give him a time of day.

As far as Tamras accusations about Gretchen carrying a beloved upon a side. It wouldnt shock me if it were true. Tamra was perplexing to make Gretchen demeanour bad yet we consider she made herself demeanour bad. What would she have to gain by spilling those beans? Why go out of your approach to ruin someones reputation? If Gretchen unequivocally is doing this afterwards she will get whats coming to her.
kystik83 | February 25, 2009

I definitely hold Tamra. A close family crony of cave would not call up my rivalry as great as contend these things. A pissed off lover would.
Shan T | February 25, 2009My subject is who cares? Lets only contend Gretchen was being paid by Jeff to take caring of him, isnt which their business? If it worked for them afterwards since should Tamara care? That she called Gretchen out similar to which made her demeanour so bad as great as tall school. And Vicki only couldnt confess any wrongdoing. Her only reply to a alternative girls for spiteful their feelings was "well we did it too". Nice.
Ramblinwreckgirl | February 25, 2009im not during all a fan of tamra, similar to most have already pronounced she seems to be a really sour as great as sceptical person
yet i consider there competence be a little truth to her story final night about this "jay" guy. his name is essentially jay photoglou as great as i did a little seeking around online after a uncover as great as it seems similar to it was possible which they antiquated or were "close" whilst she was with jeff. jay has a myspace as great as has an album full of cinema of him as great as gretchen. sure, they could be only great friends yet a little of a photos did demeanour similar to really couple-sy sort pictures. theres a singular of him essentially grabbing both of her boobs as great as shes shouting as great as smiling. dont know when a lot of a cinema were taken yet she is wearing a rendezvous ring in most all of a pictures.

as great as gretchen did demeanour really uncomfortable when tamra was articulate about it upon a uncover final night. we could discuss it when a horde pronounced "so we have been single?" as great as "so youre not dating any a singular right right away as great as havent been" her answer "no" seemed really wavering as great as really nervous.
jesser | February 25, 2009

I determine w/ a little of a above posters. At first, we thought wow Gretchen is a bullion digger. But we know what? Jeff is a grown male as great as whatever a incident was there, its nobodys business. Tamara acts similar to she is such a saint. And Vicki Icky great dont get me started upon her. Lynne yeah shes not a biggest parent yeah shes ditzy yet geez cut her a little slack ladies. Theyre only solid mean.
MR | February 25, 2009

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