PardonMyFrench: Chris Christie is from Mendham, Right?

I'm getting disturbed about a NJ Governor race as great as it's since Chris Christie lives in Mendham NJ. Huh?

Well a last couple of weeks I've had to take my wife to Morristown for health reasons.Lv to motown The track we take is by old track twenty-four from Long Valley, by Chester as great as Mendham as great as afterwards up by to Morristown. Here's a Google map of how we drive which route. Now some of we don't know a area though pushing along old twenty-four is a mix of homes as great as tiny business until we strike a green in Morristown. we know this approach really great since upon top of being two towns away from where we live, we used to drive this approach to AT&T by slicing down by Medham to Bernardsville-Basking Ridge NJ.

Chris Christie lives in Mendham NJ

Medham travel view Here's a Mendham travel perspective by a singular of a large curves. As we pronounced really tiny town USA looking. You know what I've beheld while pushing to Morristown? Not a singular singular Chris Christie for Governor sign. NOT ONE. Now, we don't design to see them in a usual no man's land where domestic signs pop up (see this YouTube couple for Long Valley's a one preferred area), though to not see a singular pointer in Christie's hometown is worrisome.

Chris Christie lives in Mendham

Perhaps we have been thinking, great that's a main road, did we lift off as great as check out a side streets? The answer is yes. We outlay a lot of time in Chester NJ. Chester as great as Mendham share a tall propagandize as great as have been in a same tall propagandize district with Long Valley. We cut around a main trade in Chester as great as take a lot of side streets. One of a a one preferred cut downs is past Bernie's. That bypasses old twenty-four as great as is usually homes as great as farms. There have been no signs upon people's lawns. In fact, we haven't seen a Christie pointer in Chester or Long Valley or Mendham and

Chris Christie lives in Mendham.

What this tells me is which there is really small grassroots support as great as which has me worried. Sure they have 5900 friends upon Facebook though for a state a distance of NJ that's not good. I'd design to see some signs upon people's lawns a couple of months before a choosing in a really Republican areas though to see nothing is really worrisome.

Chris Christie lives in Mendham

My arrogance is which a Christie debate is using a old large donor/TV playbook which coincidentally is a usually playbook which a Corzine debate will have. Corzine is great hated in NJ so any drumming up of grassroots support (Corzine has 9500 fans upon his official Governor Facebook page as great as a indeed horrific 3300 fans upon his choosing page) will be futile so a usually thing Corzine will have to do is tap into his large donor group, generally a Goldman millionaires, wait for Obama to help him, as great as blast with negative TV spots.

Basically this quarrel will be Christie TV ads contra Corzine TV ads with Obama pumping him up for great measure. The polls could be tightening as great as without critical grassroots support for Christie, this has me worried. Too bad they didn't begin their digital weed roots campaigning earlierand

Chris Christie lives in Mendham.



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