Ohio State vs. Michigan: The Game still means something ...

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ANN ARBOR, Mich. The Game has mislaid the lot of luster.

Ohio State has beaten Michigan five true times, the most appropriate winning streak as well as the longest in the series given the 1920s.

The ninth-ranked Buckeyes (9-2, 6-2 Big Ten) have already clinched during slightest the share of their fifth true conference title as well as the mark in the Rose Bowl.

Michigan (5-6, 1-6) is mired in another miserable year coming off the school-record nine-loss deteriorate as well as is scarcely the two-touchdown underdog to lose currently during home to guarantee uninterrupted losing records for the initial time given 1962-63.

Ohio State coach Jim Tressel, though, insisted those factors havent discontinued the rivalry.

That would! never s tart to the participants, Tressel said. Perhaps to someone from the outside, someone from Utah or something, competence not may be jump upon it given conjunction group is being talked about each day in the national scheme of things.

Michigan has stayed in the headlines newly for unwanted reasons.

An internal audit was released Monday in untimely fashion with sum about the football module unwell to record the schools forms which track how most players work out as well as practice. The forms have been used as the tool to assistance imitate with NCAA rules.

The bureau of university audits sent Rodriguez the memo upon July 24 saying which forms from the 2008 regular deteriorate had not been submitted.

The Detroit Free Press, citing anonymous players, reported the month after which Michigan exceeded NCAA boundary per practices as well as workouts. That triggered the propagandize investigation as well as after an NCAA letter of inquiry which has the school, module as well as fans fresh for bad headlines for the once-proud program.

Rodriguez pronounced Wednesday the routine of filing forms was corrected as shortly as he learned it wasnt happening, though pronounced the investigation prevented him from serve comment.

An upset opposite Ohio State would take the small heat off Rodriguez for his on-the-field woes as well as would give the lot of young players the small much-needed practices as well as upperclassmen who were recruited by Lloyd Carr the chance to knowledge the postseason again.

But Rodriguez pronounced all will not be mislaid if Michigan loses to Ohio State again.

Its not similar to were starting to say were cursed though the play diversion this year, Rodriguez said. But we really wish it for our seniors.

While speculation swirls about Rodrig! uezs fut ure, he is confident the propagandize will stay committed to him.

The administration has been very supportive, Rodriguez said. Ive heard from most alumni as well as former players as well as theyve all been very supportive.

One former player was anything though understanding when he left Ann Arbor.

Justin Boren played for Carr for dual years, then did the inconceivable as well as transferred to Ohio State after Rodriguez arrived given he pronounced family values have eroded in the interruption shot.

That was only similar to the slap in the face, Michigan defensive finish Brandon Graham said.

Tressel wouldnt let Boren verbalise with reporters this week, though his teammates pronounced hell be fired up to play in the Big House in carmine as well as gray.

This is his week, Ohio State offensive tackle Jim Cordle said. I remember when he initial came here as well as all the speak as well as everything similar to that, as well as all the messages he was showing me, as well as then he went off to the media as well as pronounced the small things about Michigan.

Thats substantially since hes not out here (talking to reporters) right now. But hes pumped up for this the single as well as we know those guys have been starting to be starting after him.

The Wolverines will be starting after Terrelle Pryor, too, if their struggling defenders can catch him.

Pryor deliberate attending Michigan when Rodriguez left West Virginia to coach college footballs winningest team, though chose to be the Buckeye.

Rodriguez concurred it would be formidable to prepare his invulnerability for Pryor.

You find the guy 6-(foot)-6 which runs the 4.3 (in the 40-yard dash), Rodriguez said. If ! we had h im, he substantially wouldnt be upon the scout team.

Ohio State seems set up to roll to another easy victory in the rivalry, maybe similar to the 42-7 win opposite Michigan final season.

The Buckeyes have won dual true opposite Iowa as well as Penn State while the Wolverines only win given Sep was opposite Delaware State.

Michigans invulnerability has been bad enough to give up during slightest 35 points in the final four games. Its offense will be though the single of the most appropriate players, running behind Brandon Minor, given of an injured shoulder.

But Tressel knows the adversary well enough to realize the most appropriate group doesnt always win The Game.

You have to be the small bit careful, Tressel said. Very occasionally do we go in to this diversion as well as investigate the census data sheet. Thats only not the way it works.

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