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November 1, 2009

NYC Marathoner Runs to Stop Dog Fighting

Brayden Mathews as well as his late dog, Gunther. (ZT Pet News Photo Courtesy of Brayden Mathews)

NYC Marathoner Runs to Stop Dog Fighting: For some, a New York City Marathon is all about finishing a race. For others, together with multiform animal advocates, it's all about a animals. This is a story of a single marathon curtain who hopes to run dog fighting out of town.

NEW YORK -- Some 40,000 group as well as women from all over a world will intersect upon New York City this Sunday, Nov. 1, to run a exhausting 26.2 mile course by a city's 5 boroughs for a ING New York City Marathon. Each curtain has their own reason to run: a share in a $600,000 purse, showing off rights, or simply to infer they can.

And then there have been those which have been you do it for alternative reasons. One such curtain is Brayden Mathews, a financial attention executive who will be lacing up his sneakers for United Action for Animals. In new years, a 42-year-old animal advocacy group has taken an augmenting role in finale a cruel "sport" of animal fighting, generally dog fighting, as well as it is for this which Mathews will run.

In a way its great Michael Vick got caught, pronounced Mathews, referring to a infamous (and former) Atlanta Falcons quarterback who served jail time for his impasse in an bootleg dog fighting ring as well as who right away plays for a Philadelphia Eagles. His arrest brought it to light again as well as hopefully will show others which there is no respect in you do this.

Still, a 38-year-old athlete as well as advocate, who has already run a marathon for alternative animal causes 5 times before, worries which a competition has right away burrowed even deeper into a criminal underground.

But because run for animals as well as not, say, cancer research?

All of us, unfortunately, can indicate to a family member with cancer, so a lot of income as well as fund raising is already starting toward it, Mathews said. But animals lend towards to take a backseat, as well as animal welfare is close to my heart.

Mathews has been using somewhere between 35 to 45 miles per week for a last integrate of months to get ready for a big day. His sponsors, consisting of friends, family as well as coworkers, have helped him raise some-more than half of a $5,000 idea hes hoping to donate to UAA. Most donations have been in a $25 to $50 range, nonetheless a single person gave $1,000 not as well shabby during a recession.

Other like-minded individuals have been additionally using this years Marathon for animal charities. Mathews colleague, Cheryl Pientka, is partial of Team UAA. There have been additionally a little 50 runners upon Team Animal League for a North Shore Animal League who goal to raise a combined total of $300,000 for a important Long Island-based shelter.

One of a things people see is a scapegoat youre making, Mathews said. The some-more pain you put yourself through, it seems, a some-more income you raise.

To donate to Mathews as well as Team UAA revisit You can additionally follow Mathews step-by-step marathon tour online in real time by upon vacation a upon competition day as well as inputting his competition number: 63491.

To donate to NSALs Team Animal League revisit

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