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NYC Marathon 2009 : LI runners demeanour behind on their dayNYC Marathon 2009

NYC Marathon 2009

For more than 40,000 runners, a day was fit for using 26.2 miles in New York City: Gray skies as well as temperatures in a low 50s comfortable sufficient to jump over prolonged sleeves, though cool sufficient that feverishness wasnt a factor.

The headlines during Sundays New York City Marathon went to a initial male as well as lady to competition across a Central Park finish line: Meb Keflezighi, a initial American leader in twenty-seven years, as well as Derartu Tulu, a initial Ethiopian lady ever to win a event.

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Here have been a stories of 5 Long Islanders who additionally ran through a 5 boroughs:


A late New York City firefighter, Healy, 49, of Stony Brook, has had 6 surgeries to correct his behind as well as ankles. And he has asthma that requires him to carry an inhaler as he runs. Still, Healy, now a tyro during Suffolk County Community College, accomplished his initial marathon in 5:13. Healy pronounced his training, that included runs as prolonged as 24 miles, was just like preparing for fires when he was a major during Engine 204 in Brooklyn. Hes been late from a fire dialect for 6 years as well as pronounced stretch using helped him get behind into shape.

The competition is just a icing, he said. Its a buildup to it thats so good. . . . The whole coronet ring isnt a race, its a precision that leads up to it.

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