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By Bennett L. Kass

Imagine this scenario

Florida, Alabama, as well as Texas each remove the single diversion over the next 3 weeks leaving the NCAA with the 2009 Marque Championship diversion featuring TCU vs. Boise State or Cincinnati. Would which be the NCAAs misfortune nightmare? It is some-more than scary. Its possible!!

And wouldnt which be elegant justice for those 90% of college football fans insisting upon the 16-team playoff system. Not usually would it be fun to watch which matchup though just think about the common demeanour upon the faces of NCAA management group as they watch their unreal BCS mechanism algorithm self destruct in front of them.

The tip 6 ranked teams in the BCS starting in to this weekend are:

1. Florida

2. Alabama

3. Texas

4. TCU

5. Cincinnati

6. Boise State

More than expected it will be Texas personification the leader of the Florida-Alabama game. But it is some-more than probable to dissapoint the complete system with the single or dual unpurified teams winding up in the tip two. It could essentially happen! Granted, it would take 3 outrageous upsets though it would not exactly be lightning striking 3 times in the heart of the NCAA offices in K! ansas City. Consider this

Florida has 3 games superfluous opposite Florida International, Florida State, as well as the SEC Championship diversion opposite Alabama. Forget Florida International. Florida State starting in to this weeks diversion opposite Maryland is 5-5. They are struggling as well as fighting to protect their repute for themselves as well as their embattled manager Bobby Bowden. What improved approach to lift their spirits as well as their deteriorate by knocking their hated opposition out of the inhabitant picture. But even if Florida does end the deteriorate 12-0, they still have to get past Alabama, which would similar to nothing improved than to return the favor after descending from beauty themselves during the nails of the Gators final year.

Florida could still remove the single or dual games.

Alabama has the similar situation. They host Chattanooga prior to personification the bitter as well as hated opposition during Auburn (7-4). The Crimson Tide concludes with the SEC Championship rematch with the Gators. Again, we can dont think about about Chattanooga. The outing to Auburn has to be the concern. Anything can occur in the adversary diversion as well as mostly does. It would not be the startle to anyone outside of the NCAA if the Tigers were to spoil Bamas mental condition season. Then there is always the match-up with Florida looming.

Alabama could remove the single or dual games.

At slightest the single of the tip dual teams in the BCS standings will dump out of the championship scenario. It is conceivable both could if the single of them trips in the adversary diversion as well as then wins the SEC show down. This would pierce Texas up to the series the single slot to fool around TCU, Cincinnati, or Boise State.!

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Texas has the many appropriate possibility of reaching the championship diversion with the lighter report as well as somewhat simpler Big-12 Championship game. The Long Horns fool around Kansas (5-5) during home then the adversary diversion with Texas A&M (5-5). Neither should be the benefaction the complaint for Texas. Kansas is the senior laced group which started out with tall hopes as well as 5 straight wins. After 5 straight losses as well as function problems purported during Coach Mark Mangino, the Jayhawks deteriorate is coming to the kind end. Yes, it would be the good approach for Kansas to deliver the season, which included the multi-player fight opposite the own basketball team, with the vital dissapoint of Texas. Given all this, Kansas is wound tighter than an airport sandwich. Lets determine the Kansas dissapoint of Texas is too far fetched for even this mainstay to consider.

That leaves the Big-12 Championship diversion opposite Nebraska (7-3) or Kansas State (6-5) the usually obstacle. Nebraska as well as K-State encounter this week for the respect of advancing to Kansas City to fool around Texas. Nebraska is the outrageous favorite. Kansas State as well as unretired manager Bill Snyder already have an dissapoint win in which classic. Could it occur again? It could, though dont equate upon it.

Texas will have it to the NCAA Championship diversion in the Rose Bowl with the 13-0 record.

Which Upstart Will (or can) Emerge?

Given Texas will tarry as well as if it either Alabama or Florida have dual losses while the alternative has one, which of the 3 will pierce up to the series dual BCS spot? Which of these dreaded mid-majors will step onto the Rose Bowl territory upon January 7?

Texas Christi! an has t he many appropriate chance. The Horned Frogs transport to Wyoming (5-5) then home to winless New Mexico. TCU will win the final dual games as well as the 50/50 possibility of crushing the dreams of the NCAA in Pasadena.

Cincinnati has the toughest highway personification Illinois (3-7) during home prior to the Big-East Championship diversion opposite ninth-ranked Pittsburgh upon the road. Both are undefeated in the conference. Even if the Bearcats finish unbeaten, their usually possibility of personification in the BCS play diversion is if the unfolding plays out, shifting them in to the series dual slot.

Boise State plays the final dual games upon the own blue turf. Nevada comes in first with the 7-3 overall jot down though 6-0 in the WAC. This is the Broncos discussion championship diversion though not the toughest opponent. The Wolf Pack does not have the defense able of stopping Boise State. The Broncos conclude their deteriorate opposite New Mexico State (3-7). Boise State will finish 12-0 though will many expected be barred from any as well as all BCS glamour games. The NCAA will demand upon it as part of their disdainful persecution of unpurified teams from second category Division 1-A conferences.

What About The Nightmare?

The NCAA contingency be the bit nervous starting to nap during night. I am giving TCU the 50% possibility of creation it to Pasadena. They will be upon their own which day as my forecast ends there. I believe the NCAA calamity has already started with excited nights in Kansas City. How will the party be marred if the single of the honored guest is the Horned Frog, which we right away know is really the lizard? Its the lizard!

Chances are the big diver! sion wil l feature Texas opposite Alabama or Florida. But what would occur if which tiny, ugly lizard were to show up invited or otherwise. Would it spoil the little immeasurable eternal NCAA plan? It would! And which is what creates them so nervous in Kansas City. And which expect unfolding is what we need to give life to the post-season tournament.

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