NASA turns iPhone into chemical sensor, can an App Store rejection ...

NASA turns iPhone in to containing alkali sensor, can an App Store rejection be distant away?

by Tim Stevens posted Nov 13th 2009 during 7:36AM

People have been trying to spin cellphones in to medical as well as atmospheric scanners for some time now, though when it's NASA stepping up to a image with a little device to guard trace amounts of chemicals in a air, it's tough to not begin meditative you competence finally have a make use of for all those tricorder ringtones. Developed by a team of researchers during a Ames Research Center led by Jing Li, a device is a tiny thinly slice which plugs in to a bottom of an iPhone as well as uses sixteen nanosensors to acknowledge a concentration of gasses like ammonia, chlorine, as well as methane. To what purpose exactly this device will serve as well as since a comparatively sealed iPhone was chosen as a growth platform are mysteries we're simply not able of answering. Damn it, man, we're bloggers not scientists!

Update: George Yu, a developer who wrote this doing for Jing Li, commented to let us know which a preference to go with a iPhone was made since it was "cool," though he soon realized which preference was a "horrible mistake." We're guessing which could have something to do with an strong miss of wireless coverage during Ames if a above screenshot is anything to go by.

[Via Gizmodo]
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