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Update: Suspect alive

More: Reportedly, Maj. Hasan has NOT deployed. He entered an internship during Walter Reed as good as has been stateside ever since.
If which is true, afterwards it is mpossible to have the box which he is suffering from PTSD because of Iraq or Afghanistan deployments.

Twitter: RT: Bryant, Your mother would really similar to to know if we have been okay, anyone??

Eleven people plus the gunman were dead as good as 31 bleeding after the gunman non-stop fire Thursday upon the soldier-processing center during Fort Hood, Texas, officials said. The gunman was the soldier, as good as dual other soldiers have been detained as suspects, Army Lt. Gen. Bob Cone said. The slain gunman was identified as Maj. Malik Nadal Hasan, according to the law enforcement source. The source believes he is 39 or 40 years old.

CNN report.

On Twitter:

  • Eloriel: @JediMaster_OPS You think this #FtHood incident justifies anti-Islam bigotry? You do not even know if Hasan WAS the Muslim.
  • chrispnews: RT @chrispnews: RT @statesman: Texas Sen. John Cornyn says people shouldn't burst to conclusions: #FTHood
  • publicrelations: They have been enlivening people upon FH to content as good as not calls as circuits have been overloading #fthood
  • chickwriter: RT @jayewells RT @FtHoodShootings: Red Cross sets up program to allow people to check upon loved ones: #FTHood
  • youvegotamy: No shocker the shooter was the muslim. But let's not form any1. #fthood
  • NscrRltyQn: @MajoratWH Y did U say O non-stop his remarks with #FtHood?? He went upon for over 2 mins prior to even mentioning the trajedy. SHAMEFUL!!
  • SalonMedia: Salon National Correspondent @MarkMBenjamin will be upon @Maddow tonight around 9:20 PM EST to talk about #FortHood. Tune in @MSNBC. #FtHood
  • KarmaLove1: RT @ jodiy0628 my thoughts as good as prayers go out to the family groups of the people in Fort Hood. #FTHood
  • Steveintheoc: @AriNahdal as good as everyonethis who RT'd this man have been only as bad. souless bums with no sense of goodness #fthood #shooting
  • luvnnature: RT @CandyWWGM @collective_soul Our hearts go out 2 the family groups of those @ #FtHood, TX as good as all influenced by this tragedy.
  • RoxieKat: URGENT: FortHood victims need red red blood donors @ scott & white commemorative #FtHood
  • oskargarcia: RT @lfmccullough: AP is still looking for witnesses to Fort Hood shooting. Please e-mail with hit info. #FTHood #Army
  • steverowe: Twitter fails. The Statesman sets up an account to lane the #fthood headlines @fthoodshootings as good as Twitter suspends it. Junior joining move.
  • mymimolove: Before we give my view upon #fthood let me turn to the headlines
  • tonib: RT @allahpundit: You know when it'll be perfectly Personal Computer to speculate abt Hasan? When cops find 1 of Glenn Beck's books upon his bookshelf #fthood
  • half the notation ago from SocialScope jodyms: RT @statesman Temple sanatorium has 9 sharpened victims, eleven some-more have been upon the approach #FTHood
  • ClaraJeffery: RT @mariancw Clearly tragedy of #FtHood is mislaid upon some people. Really, we do not give the fuck how lists have been used when twelve people have only died
  • StevenMiller: RT @ExurbanJon: Unreal. RT @BreakingNews Sky News: Fort Hood sharpened think was Army mental health professional. #fthood
  • JMOKC: RT @STXherry RT! Maj Gen Scales This was the DELIBERATE ACT OF EXECUTION. Re: #FoxNews #fthood #forthood
  • luke_wempe: RT: @grantmead INSIDE TEXAS HOSPITAL!! design from darnell sanatorium in #forthood #fthood
  • janicedwhs: The Tears in my eyes have been for all the family groups as good as the smashing Heros who keep us free #Sot #Military #FtHood
  • Dasoulkey: #RT whiotv Update: #FtHood RT @CBSNews CBS has learned Ft. Hood shooter Maj. Hasan was licensed psychiatrist from Maryland
  • fingertipnews: UPDATE RT @statesman: Temple sanatorium has 9 sharpened victims, eleven some-more have been upon the approach #FTHood
  • pamkinz: RT @statesman: If we haven't seen yet, check it out. We're up as good as using now. #FTHood
  • Iwhodareswins: RT @yeah_write: RT @TeresaKopec: TX Tweeps URGENT: ft hood victims need red red blood donors @ scott & white commemorative #FtHood
  • TyWilkerson: CBSNews: Major Malik Nadal Hasan, was an Army psychiatrist #tcot #hhrs #housecall #fthood #domesticterro[Doesn't surprise me during all!
  • NodeDog: RT @dchughes: @andinarvaez The FBI is discounting any terrorism angle #FortHood #FtHood
  • RobynElfieOlson: RT @bookbrowzers: RT @HereUntilSold: RT @bonanzle: Chris Bryant, Your mother would really similar to to know if we have been okay, anyone?? #FTHood Pls RT
  • picture from darnell sanatorium in #forthood #fthood upon Twitpic

    Picture from Darnell Hospital in #forthood #fthood
    Click upon design for full picture.

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