HockeyCrazy: Election Day

Tomorrow is ELECTION DAY here upon LI. One critical race is for the Town of Hempstead Supervisor. The possibilities -- (on the bottom) democratic challenger Kristin McElroy as well as (on the top) the incumbent Republican Kate Murray.

This could be an critical opinion for the destiny of the Islanders. While normally I'd be the believer of Murray (I am more conservative) - I can't help though think her realistic as well as personally venomous proceed to the Lighthouse plan is detrimental to not only the Isles, though to LI as well. Think of the jobs which plan would bring to LI. It would also create the real, substantial, as well as veteran informative center for LI sports as well as the arts.

So -- Town of Hempstead residents -- the destiny of the Isles appears to rest in your voting hands tomorrow. I won't tell you who to opinion for ---- I think this is one of the singular circumstances where you essentially know an horrible lot about the really local candidate.

Get out & VOTE!
Let's go Isles.

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