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Peg Peregos Si Stroller is an overwhelming lightweight hiker which has most full distance hiker features. Weighing in at just under 17lbs, this compact, easy to operate hiker is the great fit for relatives who need the product which will house their flourishing needs. From bieing born it can be used as the transport system with an tot seat, afterwards the regular day to day hiker which folds up easily for traveling.

For the final couple of weeks we have been testing it from the single side of the nation to the other!

Here is what we found.

Installation Out of the box the Si was flattering much ready to go. All we indispensable to do was clip upon the storage basket as great as open it up.

If we have problems, the Si additionally comes with the great pamphlet which shows we all your need step by step.

Getting Started Unfolding this hiker is really easy. All we need to do is unclip the push upon the left side of the stroller, give it the bit of the shake as great as afterwards lock the bracket in the back.

Comfort as great as Features The Si offers the lot of great facilities not routinely seen in this hiker weight class. For safety, it has the five-point strap with the 2010 chronicle adding the bumper bar. There is the 3 position(almost flat) chair recline, tallness adjustable hoop bars as great as the 2 in front of foot rest.

For older children, the Si has the great distance chair (13inches wide) as great as the tall canopy which will keep taller toddlers(up to 45lbs) comfy but brushing their head. When non-stop fully, the Sis canopy offers the little of the best coverage we have seen upon the lightweight stroller. Moms who want to keep lane of their little ones will additionally similar to the peek-a-boo window.

Underneath the chair is the great distance storage basket big sufficient to hold the vast sized diaper bag. The only complaint with this is which the basket will draw towards if your bag is as great heavy. For this we indicate we strap your diaper bag to the hoop bars as great as make use of the storage basket for lighter purchases, if out shopping. This functions great if your child stays in the stroller. But not so great if we need to lift your baby. Because the hiker is so light, the weighted hoop will cause the total thing to tip retrograde once your child is removed. While this sounds simple, its easy to forget. we have sloping this hiker quite the couple of times withdrawal the mall trying to rush.

Travel System 2 cables which come with the 2009 chronicle hiker concede the Si to be converted it in to the transport system. While Peg Perego strollers have been routinely only concordant with the Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30 Infant seat, the Si will accept most automobile seats which have the belt path upon any side.

Folding To avoid confusion, Peg Perego has numbered the two levers indispensable to tighten the stroller. we adore this! No guess work just pull here initial as great as afterwards here. Once closed, this hiker stands exclusively as great as it additionally facilities the carrying strap upon the side.

This makes the Si the dream to transport with.

Cleaning While upon the recent trip, an hapless event ended with the total breakfast alighting upon the chair of the stroller. Surprisingly enough, for the amount of food which landed upon it, the hiker fared quite well. But when we got home as great as proposed to take it detached to entirely clean it, we was astounded to find which it doesnt come apart. It looks similar to it comes apart, but it doesnt, unless we longed for to get in to unscrewing stuff, which we dont.

Improvements With anything, there is always the wish list of thing we would similar to see improved.

I personally would adore Peg Perego to make the great cupholder. The little the single which comes with most of their strollers doesnt most libation cups, including my re-usable water bottle. Also, having the little part of the chair come detached for easy cleaning would additionally be the bonus for relatives who will be regulating this hiker everyday.

Overall, we similar to this hiker as great as we would suggest it to any primogenitor who wants the nice seeking hiker which can go anywhere.

$232.00 upon Amazon

Peg Perego Si Specs:

  • Width 20
  • Seat Width 13
  • Seat to top of Canopy 25
  • Ground to Handle 41
  • Stroller Length 33.5
  • Folded Dimensions 39 x 13 x 13
  • Front Wheel Size 6.5
  • Weight 16.8lbs to get this we weighed myself land the hiker as great as afterwards subtracted which number from my weight alone

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