Election Day 2009: It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over, New York Voters ...

Posted By Vicki McClure Davidson upon November 3, 2009


The choosing competition is upon in parts of a country, though a competition making a many headlines (second to New Jersey, it appears) is a a single in congressional district twenty-three in New York. Most precisely, which competition in between regressive Doug Hoffman as well as Democrat Bill Owens.

Republican Dede Scozzafava, after usurpation more than $900,000 from a Republican celebration to assistance financial her debate for NY-23, in reduction than twenty-four hours after suspending which campaign, incited her publicity as well as assistance to her Democrat opponent. Because his magnanimous domestic views, like higher taxes (and New York doesnt pay enough taxes already???) as well as bigger, some-more gluttonous government, improved simulate her own ideologies than they do which of a conservative. We all knew she was a feign Republican as well as a distressing preference by a GOP. Now you know Dede is additionally a feign regressive with no faithfulness whatsoever to her celebration or her constituents. What did a Democrats offer her to sweet-talk her in to giving her await to a Democrat?

RINO. Turncoat. Opportunist. Hypocrite.

Betrayal always has a price, as well as a Democrat celebration met whatever it was RINO Dede demanded so which she would afterwards misuse her Republican supporters. Additionally, a Democrats have lavished huge-huge amounts of income upon a Democrat candidate.

While earlier surveys as well as polls show which regressive Doug Hoffman is a a a single preferred to win, it aint over til its over. Your opinion counts! Rush to a choosing by casting votes polls as well as opinion for Hoffman. Let us never forget what happened last choosing in Minnesota, when magnanimous comedian Al Franken was voted in as senator by a few measly hundred votes (and with a suspected tampering by ACORN, many believe actually lost a race), replacing Republican Norm Coleman.

This race isnt about celebration line, about Republicans or Democrats. Its over that. Its about American values. Its about domestic principles. Its about spending less, taxing less. Its about strengthening a nations defense. Its about a supervision listening to a voices of dissension, a voices of regressive reason. Its about a American people being sick as well as tired of Congress as well as a White House mandating how you all live as well as reshaping as well as dismantling a Constitution.

Its about liberty.

Everyone needs to opinion in NY-23, every conservative, whether registered as a Republican or a Democrat, needs to opinion for Hoffman. If you know someone who is incompetent to get travel to a polls, please lend a hand as well as assistance out.

Mark Levin upon Sarah Palins Endorsement of Hoffman (before Dede resigned, 10/22/2009)

DeDe Scozzafava: A Tax Record We Cant Afford (NY-23)

Mark Levin: More of Us Than There Are of Them - Gallup Proves Him Right, Conservatives a Majority in All 50 States

From Poughkeepsie Journal:

In domestic circles, this is what is well known as an off-year election, meaning a races have been occurring in an odd-numbered year when there have been no congressional races, many reduction a presidential contest, to worry about.

But, for hundreds of internal officials as well as challengers as well as for those they hope to paint next year, Tuesdays elections have been big.
Voters will be choosing county legislators, judges, locale supervisors as well as mayors, highway superintendents, clerks as well as others. Many of these officials will assistance control multimillion-dollar budgets, as well as a little will have to have key decisions about where development should take place in their jurisdictions as well as what areas should perhaps be set in reserve for stronger environmental protection. They will have to negotiate contracts as well as work with lawyers. They will have to change pressing infrastructure final with a need to keep taxes low. They will have to get a many of their public employees as well as yield a most appropriate service possible to residents.

But, first, electorate have to decide who is worthy of these inaugurated positions. And, yes, every opinion does matter.

From Hot Air Green Room, NY-23: New York Race Chicago Rules, as well as What Dede Learned From David:

They learned (if they review a headlines ) which drum roll, please: The betraying publicity was engineered by a Barack H. Obama White House.

Politico reports which a administration department as well as Friends of Barack lured Scozzafava to a dim side by personification upon her senses of protest as well as entitlement:

The story of how it went down began in Washington, where a White House as well as a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee quarterbacked a bid to secure Scozzafavas endorsement.

According to several senior Democratic officials, Rep. Steve Israel, a Long Island Democrat as well as DCCC official, was finished with to encounter face to face with Scozzafava in her upstate New York district, within hours of her depart from a race, to have a case upon behalf of a national party. He carried a proxy of a White House as well as congressional Democrats.

Scozzafava, according to a single account, was receptive to a entreaties after becoming a aim of intense regressive opposition over a past month. The assignment of a assuage to magnanimous assemblywoman who was corroborated by a national GOP investiture had turn a rallying indicate for regressive grass-roots activists, who argued which she was distant as well magnanimous for them to support.

Shes ravaged which these outward interests have been perplexing to steal her assuage wing of a party, said a single New York Democrat who had oral to Scozzafava.

Hijack? Those forces (outside or in) were perplexing to pull a moderates in reserve as well as await a regressive wing just as a moderates did a expect conflicting when eleven GOP celebration bosses anointed DIABLO Scozzafava to attain RINO John McHugh, who jumped at a possibility to join a Obama administration. (For those of you who have lived in Platos cave for a little months now, RINO is of course Republican in name only, while DIABLO, coined by Mark Steyn, stands for Democrat in all though label only.)

From Newzjunky, Giuliani Endorses Hoffman:

Doug Hoffman a Conservative claimant for Congress in New Yorks 23rd District currently perceived a publicity of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Rudy Giuliani said: On Tuesday, a electorate of a North Country have a very clear preference when they expel their opinion for Congress. Its a preference in between a taxation as well as outlay Nancy Pelosi Democrat as well as a common clarity regressive Republican named Doug Hoffman.

Doug Hoffman has what it takes to be a great Congressman. Hes not a veteran politician; hes a private citizen, as well as a successful small businessman. Hes somebody who cares about his village as well as wants to give something back. As a CPA, Doug knows a fee which high taxes as well as a ever growing necessity have been carrying upon this nation as well as its people. He understands which you contingency cut spending as well as cut taxes if you want to get a manage to buy moving again. As a father of a flashy State Trooper, who was shot in a line of duty, he understands a need to be tough with those who threaten us; whether they have been career criminals upon a streets or terrorists who want to destroy a freedoms you cherish. In Congress, he will be a vocal advocate for not as big government, reduction red fasten as well as a supervision which works for a taxpayer, not opposite them. On choosing day, please expel your opinion for Doug Hoffman hes a sort of Congressman America needs.

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From Hot Air:
New York Republicans got a rock in their trick-or-treat bags over a Halloween weekend, as Dede Scozzafava ripped off her million-dollar Republican facade as well as suggested herself to be a Democrat. It was never a very great disguise, though every prior try to peer underneath it was punished with stern lectures from Newt Gingrich as well as a rest of a celebration establishment. The bags of writer income Republicans handed to a Scozzafava debate would have been some-more usefully outlayed employing detectives to route ACORN operatives, as well as keep Democrat voter rascal down to docile levels.

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