Cindi/Epona'Bri: Four Police Officers Killed in Washington State

4 military officers shot passed during Wash. coffeehouse
By GENE JOHNSON (AP) 22 minutes ago
PARKLAND, Wash. One of 4 military officers killed in an ambush during a coffee residence Sunday fought with a gunman as well as might have bleeding him prior to a officer died only outward a doorway, a sheriff's orator said.
Pierce County sheriff's orator Ed Troyer told reporters which investigators were asking area healing providers to report any people bleeding by gunshots.
Troyer pronounced investigators hold dual of a officers were shot passed while sitting in a shop, as well as a third was killed after station up. The fourth apparently struggled with a gunman out a doorway as well as "gave up a great fight," getting off a couple of shots prior to he was possibly shot there or succumbed to progressing wounds.
"We hold there was a struggle, a commotion, a quarrel ... which he fought a guy all a way out a door," Troyer said.
He added, "We hope which he strike him."
The gunman burst in to a coffee residence Sunday sunrise as well as opened glow upon a officers as they sat operative upon their laptops, killing a 3 group as well as one woman in what Troyer described as a targeted ambush.
Troyer pronounced officers were seeking for one male think who fled a stage as well as haven't ruled out an accomplice, possibly a getaway driver.
Troyer pronounced investigators determined which a anything forged call from a chairman in circuitously Tacoma led officers to hold a gunman was upon feet as well as still circuitously a coffee shop. A number of officers outlayed partial of a afternoon delicately searching buildings close by.
Troyer pronounced a attack was obviously targeted during a officers, not a robbery left bad.
"This was some-more of an execution. Walk in with a specific mindset to shoot military officers," he said.
Troyer pronounced a officers all from a Lakewood Police Department were catching up upon paperwork during a beginning of ! their sh ifts when they were pounded during 8:15 a.m. Sunday.
"There were noted unit cars outward as well as they were all in uniform," Troyer said.
With no known suspects, there was no denote of any tie with a Halloween night sharpened of a Seattle military officer. The think in which sharpened stays hospitalized.
"We won't know if it's a copycat effect or what it was until you get a case solved," Troyer said. "We do not even have a think ID right now."
Lakewood Mayor Douglas Richardson pronounced a names of a victims would be expelled as soon as lengthened family members were notified.
In a statement, Richardson pronounced a officers, partial of a city's 100-member military force, had been with a department since it was organized 5 years ago. He called a crime "our many comfortless event in Lakewood's 14 years as a city."
Troyer estimated which a integrate of hundred officers from a Washington State Patrol as well as mixed surrounding military agencies in a area were during a crime scene, with a little coming upon their own time.
"We have no ground during all," Troyer said. "I do not think when you find out what it is, it will be anything which makes any sense or be worth it."
Two employees as well as a couple of alternative business were in a emporium during a attack. All have been being interviewed by a Pierce County Sheriff's investigators.
"Some have been in shock. They have been really upset," Troyer said. "They have been a ones who have been going to put together for us how this happened."
The Forza Coffee Shop, partial of a renouned internal chain, is upon a side travel circuitously McChord Air Force Base in Tacoma, about 35 miles south of Seattle. The emporium is in a tiny sell center to one side dual restaurants, a cigar store as well as a spike salon.
Brad Carpenter, founder as well as owner of Forza Coffee, pronounced his staff was OK as well as being interviewed by police, as well as which his main regard was for a family groups of a military of! ficers.< br />"I'm a late military officer, so this really hits close to home for me," pronounced Carpenter, of circuitously Gig Harbor.
Troyer pronounced a Lakewood officers were dual blocks outward their jurisdiction, as well as a coffee emporium was a renouned place for officers from surrounding jurisdictions to meet as well as share information.
Streets around a coffee emporium were blocked off late Sunday morning, as well as a military helicopter hovered over a vast throng of investigators. TV video showed military taking receive of a pickup lorry parked in a grocery store in Parkland.
"We have been seeking during a little people. We have been seeking during a little cars. We have been seeking during a little residences," Troyer said.
Troyer pronounced investigators were checking notice video from mixed sources, perplexing to brand a possible getaway car.
Dave Gabrielson, a clerk during Foot Mart about a retard divided from a coffee shop, told a journal all was still when he opened a store during 8 a.m. About 30 minutes later, "All of a remarkable a million cops were zooming up as well as down a road," Gabrielson said.
He pronounced he saw officers bring a military dog in to a circuitously apartment complex.
Last month, Seattle military officer Timothy Brenton was shot as well as killed Halloween night as he was sitting in a cruiser with trainee Britt Sweeney. Sweeney was grazed in a neck.
Authorities contend a man charged with which sharpened additionally firebombed 4 military vehicles in October as partial of a "one-man war" opposite law enforcement. Christopher Monfort, 41, was arrested after being bleeding in a firefight with military days after a Seattle shooting. He stays hospitalized in stable condition, a sanatorium pronounced Sunday.
The officers killed Sunday were a unit squad done up of 3 officers as well as their sergeant. No threats had been done opposite them or alternative officers in a region, sheriff's officials said. Their family groups have been! notifie d.
"We mislaid people you caring about. We're operative to find out who did this as well as deal with him." Pierce County Sheriff Paul Pastor told reporters during a scene.
Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire pronounced she was "shocked as well as horrified" by a killings.
"Our military put their lives upon a line every day, as well as tragedies like this remind us of a risks they ceaselessly take to keep our communities safe," she pronounced in a created statement. "My heart goes out to a family, friends as well as co-workers of these officers, as well as a entire law coercion community."
At Rollies Tavern circuitously a coffee house, a plasma TVs usually tuned to football had Northwest Cable News on. Three bar congregation live next door to a coffee house.
Jerry Arnold, 45, was in bed when he was awakened by sirens. He's lived there seven years as well as never seen anything close to Sunday's scene.
"I hope they get them. we can't sleep until they do," he said. "Those guys could be hiding in my backyard."
Associated Press Writer Rachel La Corte in Olympia as well as Photographer Ted S. Warren in Parkland contributed to this report.

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