Chop Chop Curry Pok!

my bureau chair broke in to two this morning,i do not know why.i just seat as normal as well as it splitted.

now you see it...

now you don't. %$#%&$%#&$%#&#$^

took a little peektures final morning;

took this while watchful for von during kadaloor LRT as we were meeting for breakfast.

while i was buying drink during a kopitiam,saw a china girl sitting down with her exposing butts *see no evil*. it was approach as well ermm.....disgusting.

went to a supermarket to buy a little drink.

took these when von suggested it.

we cold out during my place.
she was using my computer in my room, though do not let your aptitude run wild.

i took a snooze during my mum's room as a aircon in my room was not cold,though von does not consider so.

woke up to lift upon personification a facebook property game, as well as chinese chess.

von woke up,chatted abit as well as she helped me to "set up" a air cleanser or something.
now my room is filled with a little aroma. nice~

thank you von.

von went off around 230pm while i was staying during home alone.

never noticed that my wallet was missing.
bloody hell, i detected it only after hours.

called von to check with her did she see my wallet,and she suggested that i improved go downstairs to check,all a approach to a supermarket where we were earlier on.

went downstairs to search ,all a approach to a supermarket.
ask a staffs there as well as they directed me to their manager, though to no avail.

luckily there were a little coins upon my drawer,if not,i can't go out as well as have a report during all!!!!

went to SK military post for camp a report.and to my surprise, a military military officer told me that a little kind soul has made a report of my wallet.

and darn,i suspicion i was means to collect back my $120 income records though it was stolen!!!!!!

the confirmation form.

should i get pissed or feeling lucky as my IC was intact?

lucky as in,i do not have to outlay a income as well as time upon making a brand new IC.
pissed since my income records were all gone!!!!!

looks similar to this is a final time to post peektures,because i am going to sell my phone to account for my presence period.

This calm has upheld through