Chapter LI The Priesthood Restored to the Firstborn

Everything YHVH Elohim has finished up to this point, has been in accordance with His legal requirements for a full replacement of all things which had been oral by a prophets of old (ref. Acts 3:19-21). Yeshua's hold up as well as ministry, as available in a 4 gospels of a New Covenant writings, echo this fact. Yeshua Himself spoken which He did not come to do divided with a Torah though to perform it (ref. Matthew 5: 17-18).

As foretold by a prophet Micah, Yeshua was innate in Bethlehem of Judea (ref Micah 5:2; Matthew 2:1; John 7:42). He was taken to a Temple upon a 8th day to be offering up to Elohim as a firstborn, as well as to be circumcised (Luke 2:22-24). There He as well as his parents were met by dual prophets, Simon as well as Anna, who both recognized a kid as a One sent as a Savior as well as Redeemer (Ref. Luke 2:30-31, 38). Later, when Yeshua became of age (twelve years old), He was seen in a Temple teaching as well as discussing a Torah with group of learning. When His parents found Him there, He answered their enquiry in a many divulgence way: "Why did you seek Me? Did you not know which you contingency be about My Father's business?" (Luke 2:49). Yeshua already knew who He was as well as why He came. He additionally knew which He did not go to Himself.

However, even though entrance in to this world as a firstborn king (ref. Acts 3:15), Yeshua could not perform a purpose of a clergyman until He reached a age of thirty (ref Numbers 4:3). At which time a dual offices, of king as well as priest, would be unified in Him, as was foretold by Zechariah a prophet (ref. Zech. 6:12, 13).

John a Immerser, a firstborn of a ecclesiastics of a Levitical order, whose mother, similar to Sarah, was old as well as barren when YHVH intervened as well as caused her to conceive (ref. Luke 1:7), was still in a womb when Yeshua "showed up" in a womb of His mother. Like a "in-utero" episode of Esau as well as Jacob, here too you perspective an additional a single of those mysterious incidents, wh! ich occu rred when John leapt inside his mother during Yeshua's "presence" (ref. Luke 1:41).

YHVH sent an angel to Zacharias, John's father, whilst he was officiating in a Temple. Among a alternative predictions regarding a unborn child, a said angel voiced which a child would be filled with "the suggestion as well as energy of Elijah, to spin a hearts of a fathers [Abraham, Isaac as well as Jacob] back to a children." (Luke 1:17; Malachi 4:6). (Incidentally, it does not contend which John would "turn a hearts of a young kids to a fathers").

John would have proposed his ecclesiastic purpose of immersing during a age of 30, six months prior to Yeshua showed up during a Jordan River. Upon Yeshua's arrival, John immediately recognized Him as well as voiced "Behold a Lamb of Elohim" (ref John 1:29). Why did Yeshua come to John, who was demure to immerse Him, in a initial place? And what did Yeshua mean by a words, "Permit it to be so now, for to illustrate it is fitting for us to perform all righteousness" (Matthew 3:15)? Please note which both of them were to perform "all righteousness" in this a single act. What Torah bidding requires washing, some-more especially when Yeshua was not mucky by sin? Which soaking would perform a "righteous" order of a Torah? We get a glance of this in YHVH's commandment to Moses regarding a soaking as well as anointing of Aaron as well as his sons, prior to entering a ecclesiastics as well as its assignments (ref. Lev 8:6; 12). Therefore for Yeshua to come in a priesthood, he indispensable to be washed/bathed similar to Aaron as well as his sons.*

Only after this act, did Yeshua validate to embrace a spiritual anointing which set Him detached to carry out His purpose as king as well as clergyman in a House of Jacob. YHVH endorsed this legal act, by declaring "this is My Beloved Son in whom you am well pleased" (Matthew 3:17). Yeshua was right away in effect a clergyman after a correspondence of Melchizedek. The jot down of this critical purpose was explained by Paul! in his minute to a Hebrews:

"So additionally Messiah did not worship Himself to turn High Priest, though it was He who said to Him: 'You have been My Son, today you have begotten You.' As He additionally says in an additional place: 'You have been a clergyman forever according to a correspondence of Melchizedek' called by Elohim as High Priest 'according to a correspondence of Melchizedek'" (Hebrews 5: 5-6; 10).

Yeshua not only was a sacrificial lamb, though He additionally had to be a clergyman who officiated in His own sacrifice. Paul, again, explains this: "But Messiah came as High Priest of a great things to come, with a greater as well as some-more undiluted tabernacle not made with hands, which is, not of this creation. Not with a red red red red blood of goats as well as calves, though with His own red red red red blood He entered a Most Holy Place once for all, having obtained almighty redemption. For if a red red red red blood of bulls as well as goats as well as a remains of a heifer, trace a unclean, sanctifies for a purifying of a flesh, how much some-more shall a red red red red blood of Messiah, who through a almighty Spirit offering Himself without spot to Elohim, clean your conscience from passed works to offer a vital Elohim? And for this reason He is a Mediator of a brand new covenant, by equates to of death, for a redemption of a transgressions under a initial covenant, which those who have been called may embrace a promise of a almighty inheritance" (Hebrews 9: 11-15). (For serve understanding of a shift which took place in a priesthood, review Hebrews section 7).

*In a Second Temple period a priests enthralled themselves in mikvas or in natural bodies of water, not merely soaking themselves as they did in a wilderness.

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The Messiah, while in the "likeness of sinful flesh", was sent to the Jew so that they might repent(turn from the way of Moses) and receive of The Holy, Set Apart, Spirit and follow The Way to The Truth of The Life.......