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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Za sve dobre stvari tu je USA the za ostale Guantanamo . Ako zivis u USA i sve ti je sjajno ,sto si opterecen BiH i RS. Uzivaj u blagodetima zemlje ljudskih prava i demokratije ...

Evo i onih koji su kao i ti ispoljavali ono sto zele :

Charles Albright: convicted of murdering 3 prostitutes in Dallas, Texas; cursed to reason up physical condition in 1991
Joe Ball: AKA "The Alligator Man"; killed during smallest twenty women in the early 20th century in Texas
Herb Baumeister: suspected of murdering 20+ organisation along I-70; fled as good as committed suicide after stays of eleven were found on his Westfield, Indiana property
David Berkowitz: AKA "Son of Sam" as good as "The .44 Caliber Killer"; convicted of 6 murders in New York
Bloody Benders: family who killed guest during their motel in Labette County, Kansas in 1872
Robert Berdella: convicted of murdering 6 organisation in 1988 in Kansas City, Missouri; intimately tortured as good as dismembered his victims
Kenneth Bianchi as good as Angelo Buono Jr: AKA the "Hillside Strangler"; killers of thirteen women as good as as if endangered in 3 pick killings
Richard Biegenwald: convicted of murdering 5 people in the early 1980s in the Asbury Park, New Jersey area; suspected in during smallest 6 pick murders
Arthur Gary Bishop: Utah male who murdered 5 juvenile boys; executed in 1988
Lawrence Bittaker as good as Roy Norris: kidnapped, tortured, raped as good as murdered 5 girls in 1979
Terry Blair: Kansas City method shoot as good as rapist; active 19822004
William Bonin: AKA "The Freeway Killer"; with manifold accomplices, claimed the lives of twenty boys in California
Robert Charles Browne: convicted of twin murders in Colorado; confessed to 48 mu! rders
Jerry Brudos: AKA "The Lust Killer" as well! as "Sho e Fetish Slayer"; killed during smallest 5 women in Oregon
Ted Bundy: law tyro who raped as good as murdered some-more than 35 women in 6 states; executed in Florida State Prison on January 24, 1989
David Carpenter: AKA the "Trailside Killer"; murdered 5 women on San Francisco-area hiking trails in in in in in in in in in in in in in between 1979 as good as 1981
Michael Bear Carson as good as Suzan Carson: circuitous flower child killers endangered in the counter-culture movement; suspects in twelve homicides; cursed to reason up physical condition for 3 San Francisco Bay Area murders in 1983
Dean Carter: murdered during smallest 4 women
Richard Chase: AKA "The Vampire of Sacramento"; murdered 6 people in California the 1970s
Doug Clark as good as Carol M. Bundy: AKA "Sunset Strip Killers"; killed during smallest 7 people during 1980
Carroll Cole: killed sixteen people in in in in in in in in in in in in in between 1948 as good as 1980; executed in 1985
Alton Coleman as good as Debra Denise Brown: multi-state killers whose killings took place during twin months in 1984; convicted of attempted attempted attempted attempted attempted attempted attempted murder in 3 states
Ray Copeland as good as Faye Copeland: oldest integrate ever cursed to violent death in the United States during the ages of 75 as good as 69; convicted of murdering 5 men; modus operandi was to sinecure fresh drifters as farm hands as good as after kill them
Dean Corll, Elmer Wayne Henley as good as David Brooks: committed the Houston Mass Murders in the 1970s
Juan Corona: California shoot convicted of murdering twenty-five organisation in 1971
Charles Cullen: supporter in New Jersey as good as Pennsylvania who killed as most as 40 patients by deadly injection
Andrew Cunanan: murdered 5 people, together with heed engineer Gianni Versace, in the cro! ss-count ry journey during the three-month generation in 1997, culmination with Cunanan's suicide, during the age of 27
Jeffrey Dahmer: Milwaukee, Wisconsin cannibal who kept heads, skulls as good as! physiqu e parts in his unit for ardent gratification; convicted of fifteen murders, yet believed obliged for during smallest twin others
Albert DeSalvo: AKA "The Boston Strangler"; convicted of separate rapes; DeSalvo was never charged for the Strangler murders, yet he did acknowledgement to them
Westley Allan Dodd: raped as good as murdered 3 boys in 1989; executed on January 5, 1993
Ronald Dominique: confessed to raping as good as murdering during smallest twenty-three organisation in Louisiana; cursed to 8 reason up sentences in 2008
Nannie Doss: AKA "The Giggling Granny" as good as "The Jolly Black Widow"; method poisoner who killed eleven family members
Paul Durousseau: murdered 7 in southeast United States in in in in in in in in in in in in in between 1997 as good as 2003; competence have killed whilst stationed in Germany with the Army
Mack Ray Edwards: convicted of murdering 3 juvenile kids after confessing to the murders of 6 in Los Angeles County in in in in in in in in in in in in in between 1953 as good as 1969; claimed during the singular indicate to have killed as most as 18
Raymond Fernandez as good as Martha Beck: AKA the "Lonely Hearts Killers"; killed during smallest 3 women as good as the singular child in the 1940s yet suspected in up to twenty murders in New York as good as Michigan
Albert Fish: AKA the "Werewolf of Wisteria"; sadist as good as pedophile who cannibalized manifold children; convicted of the singular murder, confessed to 2 others,claimed to have molested 100 children
Wayne Adam Ford: AKA "Wayward Wayne"; confessed to murdering 4 women; believed to have killed others
Kendall Francois: method shoot from Poughkeepsie, New York who targeted prostitutes; after slaying the wo! men, he would store them in various crawl spaces in as good as around his home
Joseph Paul Franklin: extremist method shoot who targeted interracial couples as good as attempted to attempted attempted attempted attempted attempted attempted attempted murder Larry Flynt as good as Vernon Jordan; convicted of eleven murders! as good as confessed to 9 others
John Wayne Gacy: AKA "Killer Clown"; shoot of during smallest 33 organisation as good as boys; kept bodies buried underneath his Chicago home
Gerald as good as Charlene Gallego: AKA the "Gallego Sex Slaves Killers"; kidnapped, raped as good as killed victims in the late 1970s; most of them were teenagers
Carlton Gary: convicted of the murders of 7 elderly women in Georgia
Donald Henry "Peewee"" Gaskins: AKA "Meanest Man in America"; convicted of 9 murders; confessed to some-more than 200; executed on September 6, 1991
Ed Gein: twin known victims, the singular suspected victim, 4 missing persons; elements of Gein's reason up as good as crimes have inspired, during smallest in part, the drive-in theatre Psycho as good as The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, as good as the novel/movie The Silence of the Lambs
Janie Lou Gibbs: Georgia poisoner who killed 5 family members
Kristen Gilbert: AKA the "Angel of Death"; supporter convicted of murdering 4 by epinephrine injection
Lorenzo Gilyard: killed up to thirteen prostitutes in the Kansas City area 1977 to 1993
Harvey Glatman: Californian attacker as good as shoot of 3 women; lured women to poise for "bondage photographs"; executed September 18, 1959
Jeffrey Gorton: convicted of twin rape-murders in Michigan, suspected of more
Dana Sue Gray: convicted of attempted attempted attempted attempted attempted attempted attempted murder of 3 elderly women as good as attempted attempted attempted attempted attempted attempted attempted attempted murder of the fourth in California
Vaughn Greenwood: conv! icted of 9 counts of murder, together with 8 of the "Skid Row Slasher" killings in southern California
Belle Gunness: Norwegian-born murder-for-profit shoot who killed her suitors as good as juvenile kids in Indiana
Anna Marie Hahn: German-born murder-for-profit shoot who sinister 5 elderly men; executed in 1938
Robert Hansen: Alaskan bread maker who killed prostitutes during his cabin; convicted of 4 murders yet approved to eleven others
Donald Harvey: A! KA "Ange l of Death"; sanatorium orderly; confessed to some-more than 80 "mercy killings" with 37 reliable killings
William Heirens: AKA "The Lipstick Killer"; confessed to 3 murders travelling from June 1945 to January 1946
Dr. H. H. Holmes: active from 1890 to 1894 during Chicago's 1893 World's Columbian Exposition; convicted of customarily the singular attempted attempted attempted attempted attempted attempted attempted murder yet definitively tied to during smallest 8 some-more as good as confessed to the sum of 27
Waneta Hoyt: New York woman who murdered her 5 children
Michael Hughes: killed 4 women in the Los Angeles area in in in in in in in in in in in in in between 1992 as good as 1993; charged in 2008 with raping as good as murdering 4 the singular some-more women in in in in in in in in in in in in in between 1986 as good as 1993
Leslie Irvin: AKA "Mad Dog"; convicted of murdering 6 people in Indiana in the mid-1950s; his Supreme Court box set the fashion for fair trials of rarely publicized defendants
Phillip Carl Jablonski: killed during smallest 4 women in California as good as Utah
Keith Hunter Jesperson: Canadian method shoot convicted in the United States
Vincent Johnson: AKA the "Brooklyn Strangler"; the homeless impulse drug dependant who killed during smallest 5 prostitutes
Genene Jones: Texas pediatric supporter who sinister infants in her care; convicted of customarily the singular attempted attempted attempt! ed attem pted attempted attempted attempted murder yet suspected of 10 or some-more others
Patrick Kearney: necrophiliac convicted of twenty-one murders in California as good as approved to 7 pick murders
Edmund Kemper: started murdering when he was fifteen years old in Santa Cruz, California; convicted of 6 murders as good as endangered in 4 others
Tillie Klimek: Chicago woman who sinister 5 husbands; cursed to reason up imprisonment
Paul John Knowles: raped as good as murdered 18 people
Randy Kraft: convicted of the murders of sixteen juvenile organisation as good as boys; suspected of 51 others in California
Timoth! y Krajci r: confessed to murdering some-more than 9 womenfive in Missouri as good as 4 others in Illinois as good as Pennsylvania
Peter Kudzinowski: killed juvenile kids in New Jersey in the 1920s
Leonard Lake as good as Charles Ng: ex-Marines as good as survivalists; killed during smallest eleven people as good as suspected of 25; picked up as good as murdered womanlike sex slaves
Derrick Todd Lee: AKA the "Baton Rouge Serial Killer"; convicted of twin murders; associated by DNA fact to 5 others
Henry Lee Lucas: convicted of eleven murders as good as confessed to we guess 3,000 others, yet most of his confessions have been deliberate outlandish; the assign force set up to examine his claims referred to which the constant array of his murders competence be as high as 213
Rhonda Belle Martin: Alabama poisoner who murdered 6 family members; suspected of poisoning during smallest nine; executed in 1957
Michigan murders (John Norman Collins as good as Gary Leiterman): committed alone in Ypsilanti as good as Ann Arbor in in in in in in in in in in in in in between 1967 as good as 1969
Frederick Mors: Austrian who killed seventeen elderly patients by poisoning in New York
John Allen Muhammad as good as Lee Boyd Malvo: AKA "Beltway Snipers"; Muhammad is convicted of! 7 murde rs so far as good as available prosecution for 9 others; Malvo was convicted of, beg guilty to, or confessed to during smallest 9 murders
Herbert Mullin: schizophrenic in Santa Cruz, California who killed people to prevent earthquakes; convicted of 10 murders as good as confessed to 3 others
Earle Nelson: AKA "Gorilla Man"; necrophiliac convicted as good as hanged for the singular murder; endangered in about twenty others
Marie Noe: murdered 8 of her juvenile kids in in in in in in in in in in in in in between 1949 as good as 1968
Gordon Stewart Northcott: AKA the "Wineville Chicken Coop Murders"; California male who confessed to kidnapping, raping as good as murdering 9 imma! ture child s with the support of his mother, Sarah Louise Northcott in the 1920s; suspected of the attempted attempted attempted attempted attempted attempted attempted murder of nearly 30, executed in 1930
Carl Panzram: murderer, attacker as good as arsonist; convicted of twin murders; confessed to nineteen others; executed in 1930
Gerald Parker: AKA the "Bedroom Basher" raped as good as murdered 5 women as good as killed the unborn baby of the sixth woman in Orange County, California
Christopher Peterson: AKA the "Shotgun Killer", confessed to sharpened 7 people with the shotgun in the murdering debauch travelling from October 30, 1990 to Dec 18, 1990 in Indiana.
Dorothea Puente: convicted of 3 killings in Sacramento, California during the 1980s; suspected of 6 others
Dennis Rader: AKA the "BTK Killer"; killed 10 people in in in in in in in in in in in in in between 1974 as good as 1991 in Sedgwick County, Kansas
Richard Ramirez: AKA the "Night Stalker"; terrorized Los Angeles in 1984 as good as 1985; convicted of fourteen murders
David Parker Ray: convicted of rape as good as anguish as good as cursed to 224 years in prison; FBI believes he was obliged for the deaths of 60 women in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
Pa ul Dennis Reid: killed 7 people during armed robberies in in in in in in in in in in in in in between February as good as April 1997
ngel Maturino Resndiz: killed 9 people in Texas, Kentucky, as good as Illinois
Gary Ridgway: AKA the "Green River Killer"; convicted of murdering 48 women in Washington state
Joel Rifkin: murdered seventeen women in the New York City as good as Long Island areas
John Edward Robinson: AKA the "Cyber Sex Killer"; lured victims by the internet; convicted of murdering 6 women in Missouri as good as Kansas
Dayton Leroy Rogers: murdered during smallest 6 women in Oregon
Danny Rolling: pleaded guilty to murdering 5 students in Florida; executed in 2006
Michael Bruce Ross: raped as good as murdered 7 women in Connecticut; executed May 13, 2005
Ef! ren Sald ivar: respiratory therapist who killed 6 patients, as if as most as 120
Altemio Sanchez: AKA the "Bike Path Rapist"; obliged for 3 murders as good as countless rapes travelling the 25-year generation in Buffalo, New York; right away serving 3 consecutive 75 years-to-life sentences for the murders
Heriberto Seda: New York City copycat shoot of the "Zodiac Killer" active from 1990 to 1994; convicted of sharpened 8 individuals, murdering three; cursed to reason up physical condition in 1998
Gerard John Schaefer: Florida troops military military officer who killed up to 34 women as good as girls
Tommy Lynn Sells: convicted of customarily the singular murder; approved to murdering dozens of people across the United States, as if in additional of 70 yet customarily 6 have been confirmed
Arthur Shawcross: AKA "The Genesee River Killer"; convicted of twelve murders; confessed to the singular more
Robert Shulman: convicted of murdering 5 prostitutes in in in in in in in in in in in in in between 1991 as good as 1996
Lemuel Smith: confessed to the murders of 5 people, together with an on-dut! y womanl ike jail guard
Morris Solomon Jr.: hired man for odd jobs who killed 6 juvenile women in in in in in in in in in in in in in between 1986 as good as 1987 in Sacramento, California
Gerald Stano: convicted killer of 41 women; executed in 1998
Cary Stayner: killed 4 women in Yosemite, California
Michael Swango: medicine as good as surgeon who sinister over thirty of his patients as good as colleagues
William Suff: AKA the "Riverside Killer"; killed up to nineteen women nearby Riverside, California
Marybeth Tinning: New York woman who smothered 9 of her juvenile kids to death
Ottis Toole: Henry Lee Lucas' accomplice; convicted of 6 murders in Florida; confessed to yet never attempted for Adam Walsh's murder
Maury Travis: St. Louis area anguish shoot of 12-17 prostitutes from 2000 to 2002
Chester Turner: killer of women in Los Angeles, California; convicted of twelve mu! rders as good as associated by DNA fact to another
Henry Louis Wallace: Charlotte, North Carolina shoot of during smallest 9 juvenile women from 1992 to 1994
Coral Eugene Watts: convicted of twin murders; approved to murdering 80 people in Texas as good as Michigan; as if guilty of 100 murders
Nathaniel White: convicted of stabbing to violent death 6 women in the Hudson Valley, New York area from 1991 to 1992
Wayne Williams: convicted of twin murders; troops claim his catch solved twenty-three others in the fibre of 29
Gwendolyn Graham as good as Cathy Wood: Michigan twin who murdered 5 elderly nursing home residents in their caring as good as claimed to have killed another
Randall Woodfield: AKA the "The I-5 Killer" as good as "The I-5 Bandit"; convicted of 4 murders; believed obliged for fourteen others
Aileen Wuornos: shot 6 organisation upheld in Florida; executed in 2002
Robert Lee Yates: murdered during smallest thirteen women in Spokane County, Washington

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