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Let's get rippin', ladies!

An painting of what well-placed curves can do for the dress. She looks approach better than the model.

We similar to it much better though the leather belt though the boots have been approach as well matchy-match.

Feh. It's alright, you guess.

Christian Cota Spring 2010 Collection
Model: Holly Graves

Cute. Nothing earth-shattering. We kind of dig the "'40s bathing costume" vibe of it.

Looks similar to the trashbag as well as the boots have her demeanour awfully stumpy.

Pretty, though the bit as well formal as well as fragile for the event. Oh, as well as Nicole? Lay off the flat iron for the bit. That hair looks tortured.

Way as well much dress. She looks the small similar to the marriage invitation.

Selena Gomez

Talbot Runhof Spring 2010 Collection
Model: Lovanni Pinnow

Yawn. Did you listen to us? YAWN.

Very cute. Love the sandals.

We got the lot of emails about this the single final night. Most people suspicion it was the version of Carol Hannah's Bryant Park dress:

But CH herself twittered final night that it wasn't hers. We'd love to know who the engineer was since that's close sufficient to be call! ed the r ipoff. The shorts do not help the look.

Note from Carol-Hannah:

"My first suspicion was "SHORTS??!!"

I do not know what to say about this. I'm generally the single to give the benefit of the doubt, though there's an awful lot of untrustworthy vibes coming from this given the timing, etc. It's the single thing to be copied (potentially)...but the whole other emanate when copied poorly.

I would positively LOVE to speak to her stylist."

[Photos: WireImage/Style.com]

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