Wondertrash: Taylor Swift is in shit!

Taylor Swift became a media heavenly after jackass Kanye West interrupted her acceptance speech during a VMA's. That left Kanye making reparation after reparation as well as contemplating a retreat in India. Meanwhile Taylor was a toast of a town as well as appearing upon every day time speak uncover going. Well Taylor may be about to sense which a winds of publicity can blow prohibited as well as cold fast.

17 year aged Taylor was during a Charlie as well as a Chocolate Factory themed celebration during Katy Perry's when a immature air blower hopped up to get a design with her. Taylor was happy to oblige yet it competence have been improved for her if she hadn't. That's cause a immature fan, AJ English, was wearing a shirt with a swastika scrawled upon it. The situation was done even worse when Taylor was pictured with JH written upon a front of her pretty dress. Given a context which had a little people wondering either JH stood for Jew Hater.

Epic Fail

Taylor swift swastika
Taylor Swift Jew HAter

So is honeyed innocent Taylor a little kind of a broom closet Michael Richards? The jury is still out upon which though during slightest Taylor has an explanation. For upon a thing she insists which a JH upon her skirt stood for Julianne Hough, a crony of Swift's (I consternation how which last name is pronounced?). The swastika is some-more difficult to explain, though assumingly there's an answer for which too. AJ English - a immature man wearing a offensive T Shirt has tweeted which it wasn't a Nazi symbol, though an X which got depraved over a march of a inebriated evening. He goes upon to contend which he is not a racist as well as which he does not await a white supremacist agenda. He afterwards went upon to tweet 'Front page of TMZ.... sorry Taylor...'

Taylor's publicist has stated which this is getting blown approach out of proportion. He points out which Swift had her design taken with 100's of people which night. She can't be expected to keep lane of everybody who had a large splendid red swastika upon a front of their shirt. After all Swift is only human. Though it should be pronounced which most humans would know a swastika if they saw one, as well as competence even comment which it was 'not cool' prior to refusing to be photographed next to a man wearing one. However Barack Obama is upon jot down as saying which she seems like a ideally nice person as well as that's great sufficient for me!

PS. a crack investigative group over during a gossiprocks forum have located AJ English's Myspace page - lo & behold there's a swastika - or an X which got perverted - upon it too!

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