JFGI ATID MISSION TO ISRAEL April 23 - May 2, 2009 Federation ...

Safed, a center of Jewish mysticism; The Ari, Caro as great as Abuhav Synagogues


Kibbutz Misgav Am
Misgav Am was founded in 1945. One of a founders was Dr. Reuven Moskovitz. He was innate 1928 in Romania, survived a Holocaust as great as immigrated to Israel. He founded multiform organisations, together with Neve Shalom, where he lived since 1972. On 7 April 1980, 5 terrorists from a Iraqi-backed Arab Liberation Front penetrated Misgav Am in a night as great as entered a nursery. They killed a organisation secretary as great as an infant boy. They held a rest of a immature kids hostage, demanding a recover of about 50 terrorists held in Israeli prisons. The initial raid of an IDF infantry section was unsuccessful, though a second attempt, a couple of hours later, succeeded, as great as all a terrorists were killed. Two organisation members as great as a single infantryman were killed, four immature kids as great as 11 soldiers were wounded. Immediately after a attack, Israeli infantry entered southern Lebanon to clean out terrorist nests as great as to intensify a vigour upon a Palestinian terrorists in Lebanon. Israel withdrew after 5 days, because of heavy domestic vigour by a United States. In a years of Israeli presence in southern Lebanon (1982-2000), a organisation had considerate family with a people upon a alternative side of a border, despite a state of quarrel in in in between Lebanon as great as Israel since Israel's bieing innate in 1948. During a Second Lebanon quarrel in 2006, multiform thousands of IDF infantry were deployed around Misgav Am, which brought heavy logistical problems: food, H2O as great as sanitary facilities.

The organisation offers an preparation complement beginning during a age of 3 as great as ending after tall school. There is a daycare center for babies, an additional for infants as great as additionally a kindergarten. Elementary school is during Kibbutz Kfar Giladi, youth as great as comparison tall school is located during organisation Dafna.With a brand new policy of a longer drill day, immature kids receive assorted improvement classes in a region: dance as great as music Kfar Blum, ice-skating Canada centre of Metula, karate Ramot Naftali.[edit] Kibbutz lifeOnly around 90 of a 300 people living in Misgav Am have been members. Many residents investigate in a circuitously Academic College of Tel Hai. The organisation celebrates a little of a Jewish holidays together as great as have been a kind of organisation tradition: Lag Ba'omer, Yom Ha'atzmaut, Hanukkah, Tu Bishvat as great as Shavuot. The organisation has a covered swimming pool, a library, a mini-market as great as sports courts. Besides a 24-hour Magen David Adom emergency station, there is additionally a illness clinic which belongs to Clalit Health Services (Kupat Holim Clalit).
The factory Sion Texo Medic Ltd. produces 'extensive operation of conforming as great as elastic bandages as great as a ultimate line of wound dressing'.

Trumpeldor's Grave
Commemorates a drastic deeds of Joseph Trumpeldor as great as a Jewish settlement efforts in a Finger of a Galilee during a early 1900's.

Memorial during Kfar Giladi
The exposition of a notable relic is devoted to a thespian events of 1920, when Tel-Hai as great as a little alternative Jewish settlements in Upper Galilee were cut from a executive partial of a country as great as attacked by Arabs. Yosef Trumpeldor was during a conduct of a conflict as great as was killed with alternative 7 soldiers. Every year people accumulate here to honor a heroes.

Hotel: Hagoshrim Kibbutz Hotel, Upper Galilee

Israel's Memorial Day
Golan Heights; Cross a Golan Plateau to a extent with Syria as great as comply a deserted city of Kuneitra as great as a United Nations armed forces located nearby.


Stop in Tiberias to see a country mount still for a Yom hazikaron memorial siren.

Kinneret Cemetery

Kinneret Cemetery is a final lazy place of most of a initial pioneers of a State of Israel. The grave of Rachel a Poetess is present, an early settler of Israel, most of whose poems have become great great good well known songs. Many alternative settlers, immature as great as old, rest in this poetic shadowy spot overlooking Lake Kinneret. Especially moving is a stories of those who came, worked a land, though lie in graves marked "Unknown"; as great as those who left their organisation circuitously to quarrel as great as tumble whilst winning autonomy for Israel in 1948.

Nearby is an additional tomb, which of Rabbi Meir Ba'al HaNess. Rabbi Meir, who helped write a Mishnah, is great good well known for working miracles, as great as his funeral ground is housed in a tiny formidable containing a yeshiva, investigate areas, as great as a couple of gift shops. The contrariety in in in between a two funeral sites is similar to night as great as day, though both of these extremes paint changed eras in a story of a Jewish people.

Jordan difference valley upon a way to Jerusalem


Welcome to Jerusalem
Israel's Independence Day, 4/29/09:

Judaism is not a Religion Dialogue with Avraham Infeld, former Director of a Israeli Chais Foundation.

Notes from his presentation:

There have been 9 days not truly felt by a diaspora Jews: The 9 days include Yom Hashoa (Holocaust), which privately affects/involves 1/3 of Israeli population, Yom Hazikaron (Day of Rememberance), as great as Yom Ha'atzmaut (Independence Day). Ben Gurion insisted upon a 2 day linkage of Yom Hazikaron as great as Yom Hatzmaot, mourning followed by rejoicing. We certainly pay a cost for Medinat Yisrael (the state of Israel). Medinat Yisrael is not all which you recognize--the most important fulfilment is which because there is a Jewish state, the Shoah can never occur again.

When you arrived in Eretz Yisrael, you was upon 2 kibbutzim, Kibbutz Laav as great as Kibbutz Mizra. We had pigs upon a kibbutz. What was you doing there? Israel is a Jewish State. What does a "Jewish State" mean? What does it meant to be a Jew? Is Judaism a religion? you consider of Judaism as a table with 5 legs. It can mount upon 4 or 3 legs, though will tumble upon 2 legs. The 5 legs:

1) Jews have Memory: Memory with regards to their history. We were all during Mount Saini. We all break a potion during a wedding ceremony.

2) We have been a Family: We have been regularly arguing, as members of a family would. It's great to listen to mixed opinions. After observant this Avram voiced a perspective which if someone is a converted Jew , they have been Jewish. The Talmud directs us to no longer call them "coverted Jew", just a Jew.
A Jew who converts, converts to an additional religion.

3) Mount Sinai: The 10 commandments were since to us. 3 commitments to believe: 1) There is a God 2) Tikun O'lam: a better world for Jews as great as humnity 3) Live a life which reminds us who you are.

4) Yisrael is done of 2 parts: 1)Eretz Yisrael (the land of Israel): Every inch is memories of Jews as great as Israelites. 2) State of Israel: There have been positives as great as negatives to a state. Negatives: "The taxation rate is high, a drivers have been dangerous, there is a requirment to be in a army". Positives: "No a single is homeless- meaning which because of a Law of Return, , there is no such thing as a Jewish interloper -and there can never be a Holocaust again".

5) The Hebrew language: It is a executive conveyer of Jewish enlightenment as great as life. Example- "Fall in love" is a Christian statement, maneing which there is a tumble from grace; LEHITKATAV ("fall in love-- to communicate") in hebrew equates to there is a relartionship., in in in between a 2 people. TZEDEK ("Justice") is a Jewish statement.

Hotel: Inbal Hotel, Jerusalem

Jeep Tour of Burma Road

Micky Marcus found a bypass highway to get to Jerusalem. Unfortunately he was killed by Israeli soldiers-- since his lack of bargain Hebrew, he did not reply to an Israeli infantryman who saw him during night as great as was shot.

Armed Forces Memorial during Latrun

The Cardo


Part of a Old City's Jewish Quarter, a Cardo is a reconstructed categorical travel of Byzantine Jerusalem from a 6th century. This street, with columns along a entire length, used to be a long avenue which crossed a sum city from north to south. Today, situated twenty feet subsequent complicated travel level, a single partial of a Cardo is a restored colonnade of Jewish galleries as great as shops, whilst a alternative partial is an alfresco reconstructed street. At a single indicate along a roofed colonnade you can look down to a turn aspect underneath a travel as great as see remnants from a time of a First as great as Second Temple (10th as great as 1st centuries BC).

Learning a Timeline
1250 BCE Exodus
1000 BCE King David Conquest Jebo. David does not set up a temple. He was not means to--he was a man of war
970 BCE Solomon builds initial Temple
586 BCE 1st Temple destruction
538 BCE Return to Zion
516 BCE Building of 2nd Temple
333 BCE Alexander a Great
168 BCE Macabee Revolt (Purim Holiday)
63 BCE Roman Peace, "Pax Romaness" King Herrod
66-73 CE Great Jewish Revolt
70 CE Destruction 2nd Temple (Tisha B'av)
132-135 CE Bar Kochba Revolt (Rabbi Akiva)
332 CE Constatina, development of Talmud (Gemora) as great as Mishna
638 CE Arab conquest
1099 CE Crusaders. Father, Son, Holy ghost
1287 CE Mamluke (sp?) rule
1492 CE Spain
1517-1917 Turkish rule (Ottoman empire)
1917 British rule
1882-1903 1st Aliyah
2nd Aliyah
3rd Aliyah
1948 4th Aliyah

Hurva Square, a executive block of a Jewish Quarter
During 20052006 multiform short excavations were conducted in a area of a Hurva Synagogue as great as in a block to a east, in a Old City of Jerusalem. The excavations, upon behalf of a Institute of Archaeology of a Hebrew University of Jerusalem, with a aid of a Israel Exploration Society as great as a appropriation by a Corporation for a Renovation as great as Development of a Jewish Quarter in a Old City of Jerusalem, Ltd., were destined by H. Geva as great as O. Gutfeld, with a assistance of R. Nenner-Soriano as great as B. Arubas (surveying).

The Hurva Square (Area N-2) An mine was conducted in Oct 2005 before to fixation a crane upon a horse opera side of a Hurva Square, subsequent to a eastern wall of a synagogue (License No. B-301/2005). The excavated area was an extension to a west of Area N-2 which was excavated in a 1970s by N. Avigad, inside of a framework of a archaeological expedition to a Jewish Quarter. The area (4 5 m) was excavated to bedrock (depth 2 m), divulgence partial of a room, whose northern as great as southern walls as great as a territory of a building survived. The walls, founded upon bedrock as great as oriented eastwest, were built of fieldstones as great as partly of ready to go stones. An ashlar-built doorjamb was in a northern wall. Two tiny sections of a white mosaic building in a room were recorded subsequent to a northern as great as southern walls. The mosaic was set atop a bedding of tiny stones as great as light colored cement. Below a bedding was a dirt fill (0.4 m thick) which contained a couple of potsherds from a time of a First as great as Second Temples, as great as multiform potsherds from a Byzantine as great as Early Islamic durations (?). The building stays were partial of a room from a Early Islamic period, compared with a built formidable which was unprotected easterly of Area N-2 in a 1970s. The stays might additionally be associated to a room whose horse opera partial was detected upon a eastern side of a Hurva Synagogue (below). The Hurva Synagogue (Area X-9, East)

During Jan 2006 an mine was conducted upon a north-eastern side of a Hurva Synagogue (License No. G-7/2006), aiming to finish a excavations undertaken in 2003. The area (3.5 4.0 m) was excavated to bedrock (depth 2 m). The horse opera partial of a room, a tiny territory of which had been uncovered during a previous excavation, was exposed. The southern dilemma of a room was hewn in bedrock. Its white mosaic building was laid atop a bedding covering of tiny stones as great as dejected chalk. The southern territory of a mosaic bedding was set atop bedrock, intended for this purpose; a northern territory was atop a covering of dirt fill, deposited upon bedrock which descended northward. A tiny territory of a mosaic itself was recorded close to a corner, whilst in a rest of a room usually a bedding survived. The rooms horse opera wall (0.3 m thick), oriented northsouth, was built of tiny irregular stones with gray element in in in between them as great as coated with a thick covering of light plaster. Its horse opera side was diagonally opposite to a wide wall built of vast fieldstones, which had mostly been unprotected in a previous excavation. A gap during a northern finish of this wall might demonstrate to an opening or niche which creatively existed here. Thin walls were built in a later phase, combining a block designation (0.6 0.9 m) which was coated with light plaster. A finish ceramic jar, dating to a Early Islamic duration (ninthtenth centuries CE), was found in a dirt fill subsequent a installation. This was probably a horse opera partial of a room whose stays were detected easterly of Area N-2 in 2005 (above). Fragments of pottery vessels, dating to a Mamluk period, were found in a dirt fill which shut off a room. The Hurva Synagogue (Area X-9, Southwest)

An mine was conducted in Nov 2006 in a southwestern dilemma of a Hurva Synagogue (License No. G-7/2006). The area (3.5 4 .0 m) was excavated to bedrock (depth 2 m), divulgence a horse opera delay of a Byzantine-period travel (exposed length 4 m) whose stays were detected along a southern side of a synagogue structure in 2003. Only multiform tiny sections of a flagstone cement were recorded along a northern as great as southern edges of a street. Most of a cement was destroyed during a designation of a later H2O channel (Mamluk?). The travel was flanked upon either side by walls, a little were bedrock hewn as great as a little were built of rounded off hewn stones. The dilemma of a room or an installation, which had a white mosaic building as great as predated a street, was detected in a southwestern dilemma of a area. A fully recorded physical condition (Fig.1) was detected during a horse opera finish of a area. Its horse opera side had formerly been great good well known as great as is manifest currently in a rear wall of a emporium upon a Street of a Jews. The arch, unprotected now to a full tallness upon a eastern side, is built of a quarrel of vast well-dressed stones (1.3 m long). Its foundations complacent upon bedrock, upon either side of a street, which extended westward subsequent a arch. The unprotected side travel branched off from a Cardothe categorical highway of Byzantine Jerusalem, whose stays were excavated west of a Hurva Synagogue by N. Avigad in a 1970s. A finish safe built of vast well-dressed stones was detected in a H2O cistern somewhat north of a arch, subsequent a entry to a Hurva Synagogue (at a opening from a Street of a Jews). The safe was a roof of a emporium in a quarrel of shops whose extension northward had been unprotected in a past, along a eastern side of a Cardo.

The Kotel

Ben Yehuda Pedestrian Mall

Western Wall Tunnel

After a Six Day War, a Ministry of Religious Affairs of Israel began a excavations directed during exposing a delay of a wall. The excavations lasted roughly twenty years as great as suggested most formerly opposite facts about a story as great as embankment of a Temple Mount.

The hovel exposes a sum length of 500m of a walls, divulgence a methods of building a whole as great as a assorted activities in a closeness of a Temple Mount. The excavations included most archaeological finds along a way, together with discoveries from a Herodian duration (streets, monumental masonry), sections of a reconstruction of a Western Wall dating to a Umayyad period, as great as assorted structures dating to a Ayyubid, Mamluke as great as Hasmonean durations assembled to await buildings in a closeness of a Temple Mount."Warren's Gate", lies about 150 feet into a tunnel. This sealed-off opening has been incited into a tiny synagogue called "The Cave", by Rabbi Yehuda Getz, since it is a closest indicate a Jew can get to a Holy of Holies, assuming it was located during a traditional site underneath a Dome of a Rock.

At a northern apportionment of a Western Wall, stays of a H2O channel, which creatively supplied H2O to a Temple Mount, were found. The exact source of a channel is unknown, though it passes by an subterraneous pool great good well known as a "Strouthion Pool". The H2O channel was antiquated to a Hasmonean duration as great as was accordingly dubbed a "Hasmonean Channel".

The greatest stone in a Western Wall often called a Western Stone is additionally suggested inside of a hovel as great as ranks as a single of a heaviest objects ever lifted by tellurian beings but powered machinery. The stone has a length of 13.6 meters as great as an estimated width of in in in between 3.5 as great as 4.5 meters; estimates place a weight during 570 tons.

Adjacent to a hovel lies a notable relic called "The Chain of a Generations Center" - created by Eliav Nahlieli. The impressive site, which incorporates very old as great as complicated Jewish history, includes an blow up audiovisual show, as great as nine pretentious potion sculptures combined by potion artist Jeremy Langford.

Originally, tourists in a hovel had to retrace their steps back to a entrance. A tie to a Hasmonean H2O complement was made, though this still required tourists to in a future have a U-turn once they had reached a Struthion pool.

On twenty-four September, 1996, a thereafter Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, ordered which a brand new exit be cut by from a Struthion Pool area to a Via Dolorosa nearby. Yasser Arafat commented upon a event, alleging a genuine target was to have a Haram al-Sharif collapse (though a hovel follows a outward of a Western Wall as great as does not go underneath a Temple Mount).
Riots erupted in which 70 Palestinians as great as 16 IDF soldiers were killed.

Since then, it has been probable for vast numbers of tourists to come in a tunnel's southern opening nearby a Western Wall, travel a tunnel's length with a debate guide, as great as exit from a northern end. At present all tourists have been escorted by plainclothes (and infrequently uniformed) Israeli soldiers upon exiting a location, as a track back to a Jewish Quarter passes by a Muslim Quarter.

The Labryinth of Israeli Politics, Dr. Reuven Hazan

Notes: American vs. Israeli Politics


1. Super deligates. Hilary vs. Obama--"not great for a party" Why not work together? The people decide

2. Election--win or take all. Voting comes from mixed districts. The need is to come in 1st place.

3. There is 1 winner, 1 leader; Main emanate is money, politics mostly about money


1. No opinion for individuals. The opinion is for a celebration only. 92% of a time people in opposite groups opinion together. Each celebration has an ideology. Entire country is 1 district.

2. There have been a lot of parties in Israel. There have been a aloft commission of electorate in Israel. There have been 120 Parliment seats.

3. Now there have been 12 parties in Israel; there is no extent to number of parties. There is no a single leader. There have been serious debates. Prime minister= 1 vote; all cabnet members= 1 vote. There is a share in power; media time is free; most important politics have been about security.

There have been 120 Seats; Catergorized as left wing (doves) vs. right wing (hawks)

Current left wing (dove) parties (27 seats):
Labor (13 seats)
Meretz (3 seats)

Israeli Arabs (3 parties, 11 seats)
Current Middle of a highway (total twenty-eight seats):
Kadima (28 seats)--Includes Levi
Current Right wing (hawk) seats (total 46 seats):
Likud (27 seats)--includes Benjamin Netanyahu
IOH--imigrants from Soviet Union (15 seats)
NU (4 seats)

Religious (Total nineteen seats)
Orthodox Shas (11 seats)
Ultraorthodox UTT (5 seats)
Very ultraorthodox JH (3 seats)

**Even if Kadima votes to a left (doves), they will have a maximum of 45 seats versus 46 seats to a right (hawks)

**An emanate is passed by majority of seats.

The President is dignified as great as does not have a domestic role (no seat)

The Foreign Minister speaks for a country.

The Mevasseret Zion Absorption Center for Ethiopian Jews

Israel in 1948: 600,000 Jews
Now 5.5 million Jews

The Absorption center/ Jewish Agency helps Ethiopians with: 1) Aliyah. Ethiopians have been in fullness centers for up to 2 years. 2) Helps close socioeconomic gaps 3) Jewish identity

Ethiopian Jews: Discovered in 19th century by French Rabbi. A synagouge was detected "Bet Yisrael". The Ethiopians were called "Falashas". Ethiopian Jews were brought to Israel over a long period. Operation Solomon (15,000 in 36 hours), Joshua, as great as Moses. This was done by a IDF as great as Jewish Agency.

The Memory of a Holocaust in Contemporary Israeli Society discourse with Hoslocaust scholar, Dr. Rachel Korazim.

In 1946, Jewish hostile views emerged: Why a Holocaust? Hasidim pronounced "Zionism was a sin" The secular Zionist vision "we have been diseased but it."

Link: http://www.juf.org/interactive/video.aspx?id=36742

Yad Vashem
Yad Vashem renovated complex, The Avenue of a Righteous, The brand new Historical Museum, Children's Memorial, Concluding Memorial Service




Mount Herzl

4 categories of leaders buried upon Mount Herzl: 1) Prime apportion 2) "Founding leader" i.e. Herzel as great as Presidents 3) Speaker of Kineseth 4) Heads of world Zionist Organization

Mount Herzl, (Hebrew: , Har Hertzel; additionally Har HaZikaron, lit. "Mount of Memory"), is a hilltop as great as national cemetery in Jerusalem, Israel named for Theodor Herzl, a founder of complicated domestic Zionism. Herzl's funeral ground lies during a top of a hill. Yad Vashem, which commemorates a Holocaust, lies to a west of Mt. Herzl.


Mount Herzl

Theodor Herzl grave

Yitzhak Rabin grave
Yitzhak Rabin was innate in Jerusalem in 1922; he complicated during a Kadoorie Agricultural College where he graduated with distinction.His troops career began in 1940 when he joined a "Palmach", a chosen section of a Haganah. During a War of Independence (1948-1949), he commanded a Harel Brigade, deployed upon a Jerusalem front. For a subsequent twenty years, he served with a IDF as O.C. Northern Command (1956-1959); as Chief of Operations as great as Deputy Chief of Staff (1959-1964) as great as as Chief of Staff (1964-1968), autocratic a IDF during a Six-Day War.

On Jan 1, 1968, he late from troops service as great as shortly thereafter was allocated envoy to a United States. During his years as envoy in Washington, he promoted as great as consolidated a ties in in in between a two countries.In a open of 1973, Rabin returned to Israel as great as became active in a Labour Party. He was inaugurated Member of a Knesset in December 1973 as great as when Golda Meir formed her supervision in April 1974, was allocated Minister of Labour.On Jun 2, 1974, a Knesset voiced confidence in a brand new supervision headed by Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.
During Rabin's premiership, a supervision placed special emphasis upon strengthening a economy, elucidate social problems as great as reinforcing a IDF. With American mediation, disengagement agreements were sealed with Egypt as great as Syria (1974), followed by an halt agreement with Egypt in 1975. Later in 1975, a initial Memorandum of Understanding was sealed in in in between a governments of Israel as great as a United States.In Jun 1976, Rabin's supervision issued a order for "Operation Entebbe", liberating a hijacked Air France passengers.
Following a May 1977 elections, as great as until a formation of a National Unity Government in Sep 1984, Rabin served as a Knesset Member of a Labour Party in antithesis as great as was a member of a Foreign Affairs as great as Defense Committee. In a National Unity Governments (1984-1990), Rabin served as Minister of Defense. In Jan 1985, he presented a proposal for a withdrawal of IDF forces from Lebanon as great as a establishment of a confidence section to pledge peace to a settlements along Israel's northern border. Yitzhak Rabin was inaugurated chairman of a Israel Labour Party in a initial nationwide primaries conducted in Feb 1992 as great as led a celebration to victory in a Jun 1992 Knesset elections. In July 1992, Rabin formed Israel's 25th supervision as great as became a 11th Prime Minister as great as Minister of Defense, as great as acting Minister of Religious Affairs as great as Labour as great as Social Affairs. Rabin's biographical book, "Service Notebook", was published in 1979 as great as was translated into English as great as French. His book upon Lebanon, created after Operation "Peace for Galilee", was published in 1983. The gangland slaying of Yitzhak Rabin took place upon Nov 4, 1995, during 21:30, during a finish of a convene in await of a Oslo Accords during a Kings of Israel Square in Tel Aviv. The assassin, Yigal Amir, a worried religious Zionist heartily opposed Rabin's peace beginning as great as quite a signing of a Oslo Accords. Dr. Raffaella A. Del Sarto conditions a Rabin gangland slaying a most thespian evidence of a growing difference in in in between supporters of Eretz Israel as great as those of Medinat Israel, which Oslo as great as a choice of territorial compromise represented.

I.D.F. troops cemetery

Jewish Challenges for a Jewish Future discourse with Stuart Schoffman of a Shalom Hartman Institute

Machaneh Yehuda Market

Israeli Socity @2009 discourse as great as Shabbat Dinner with academician Paul Liptz of a Tel Aviv as great as a Hebrew Union College

After 61 years of statehood, says former IDF arch Moshe "Bogie" Ya'alon, Israel is a clever as great as moneyed country. But he warns which Iran will exploit any discourse to case for time as great as which even elucidate a Israel-Palestinian conflict won't stop Islamic jihadists:


Prominent Leaders: (Many discussed during a JFGI ATID mission):
Moses Hess
Nachman Syrkin
Berl Katznelson
Rachel as great as Shoshana Bluwstein, Hanna Vitman as great as Avraham Kahanovic
Manya Shohat
AD Gordon
Ahad Ha'am
Vladimir Jabotinsky
Joseph Trumpledor
Arthur Ruppin
Yehoshua Hankin
Naomi Shemer
Yosef Haim Brenner
SY Agnon
Haim Nachman Bialik
Baron Edmond de Rothschild
Breaking Dryfus' sword
Theodore herzl
David Ben Gurion
Levi Eshkol
Moshe Dayan
Golda Meir
Menacham Begin
Shimon Peres
Yitzchak Ravin
Rabin, Clintion as great as Arafat interaction
Binyamin Netanyahu
Ariel Sharon
Yuval Harel
Yoni Netanyahu
Michael Livine
Yigdal Alon
David 'Mickey' Marcus
Leo Baeck

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