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Take a look during a lead for this story in today's New York Times:

Hours after Florida lost to Alabama in a Southeastern Conference title game upon Dec. 5, Gators Coach Urban Meyer awoke in a center of a night with serious chest pains.

Notice which we can't unequivocally discuss it from a lead which a story is about Meyer announcing yesterday which he was resigning as a head football manager during a University of Florida. That's since it's a underline rsther than than a headlines story. Had it been a straight headlines story, it would have had a lead similar to this:

Urban Meyer yesterday stunned a college football universe when he announced that, for illness reasons, he was resigning as head manager of a University of Florida Gators.

The Times had no choice though to go with a underline story. By a time it's imitation edition hit a stands, a basic story was already extremely well well known interjection to a variety of alternative media sources. If we are a sports fan we roughly certainly listened about a resignation within mins of it occuring possibly upon an ESPN crawl during a bottom of a screen, by an rapt we perceived upon your Blackberry or I-Phone, upon dozens of blogs, by Tweets, etc. If we weren't a sports fan we expected listened about it upon a evening news.

So a Times couldn't simply run with a straight-forward, who-what-where-when-why-and-how headlines story which used to be each alternative newspaper's beef as well as potatoes. Instead, reduction than 24 hours after a resignation occurred, it had to go with what used to be called a "second-day" story which supposing context as well as tone to a announcement as well as added information a reader didn't get a day before. The second-day story happened upon a first day of reporting.

That makes a Times as well as each alternative vital every day imitation outlet far reduction of a source for news, which is, reduction of a newspaper, than they have ever been before. T! hey simp ly can't complete with a online as well as alternative sources which exist today upon inhabitant stories.

This doesn't mean which there's no role for newspapers, only which a role is really opposite than it has been in a past. As a Times did with a Urban Meyer story, a imitation editions of newspapers now have to think of themselves some-more as underline than headlines providers.

Some alternative considerations.

  • Given their incapacity to compete upon reporting inhabitant stories, newspapers have no choice though to welcome this brand new role. If they don't, they'll die.
  • This will make newspapers far some-more controversial than they have been in a past since underline stories will be created from a indicate of view rsther than than in a objective character they presumably followed in a past. As we've seen a past couple of years, this will leave what used to be well known as a headlines sections of a writings much some-more open to criticism.
  • It's not clear which a writings have nonetheless figured out how to write in this brand new style.
  • It's not clear which a writings have figured out which they will need really opposite reporters for this brand new role as well as style. Instantly constructed underline stories require theme experts who know as well as can communicate a context in which a headlines is function rsther than than general assignment reporters who know how to ask questions. In alternative words, a beat reporters who have been disintegrating in new years might be indispensable some-more in a future.
  • It's also not clear which a writings have communicated to their readers which they have been or will be you do something opposite than what they've done in a past. They should not pretence this will occur by accident or osmosis.
  • The switch to underline rsther than than headlines writing is not expected to be as rught away probable for internal as it is for inhabitant stories since there simply aren't as many alternative headlines sourc! es durin g a internal level. The who-what-why-where-when-and-how stories will still be indispensable there until or unless blogs as well as online sources develop for internal headlines as well.
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    Percy Sutton, attorney for Malcolm X and pioneering media mogul ...

    Percy Sutton

    Percy Sutton

    NEW YORK Percy Sutton, a pioneering U.S. polite rights attorney who represented Malcolm X prior to launching successful careers as a domestic energy attorney as well as media mogul, died Saturday during age 89.

    Marissa Shorenstein, a spokeswoman for Gov. David Paterson, confirmed Suttons death. She did not know a cause. His daughter, Cheryl Sutton, declined to criticism when reached by phone during her New York City home upon Saturday prior to midnight.

    The son of a slave, Percy Sutton became a fixture upon 125th Street in Harlem after moving to New York City following his service with a famed Tuskegee Airmen in World War II. His Harlem law office, founded in 1953, represented Malcolm X as well as a slain activists family for decades.

    The unqualified politician, Sutton served in a New York State Assembly prior to receiving over as Manhattan precinct boss in 1966, becoming a highest-ranking black inaugurated official in a state.

    Sutton additionally mounted unsuccessful campaigns for a U.S. Senate as well as mayor of New York, as well as served as domestic coach for a Rev. Jesse Jacksons dual presidential races.

    The godfather, Jackson once called him.

    In a matter released Saturday night, Gov. David Paterson called Sutton a coach as well as a single of New Yorks as well as this nations many successful African-American leaders.

    Percy was fiercely loyal, compassionate as well as a truly kind soul, Paterson continued. He will be missed though his bequest lives upon by a next generations of African-Americans he desirous to pursue as well as do their own dreams as well as ambitions.

    In 1971, with his hermit Oliver, Sutton purchased WLIB-AM, creation it a initial black-owned radio hire in New York City. His Inner City Broadcasting Corp. eventually picked up WBLS-F! M, that reigned for years as New Yorks top-rated radio station, prior to shopping stations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit as well as San Antonio in between 1978-85.

    The Texas squeeze marked a homecoming for a sexy as well as sophisticated Sutton, innate in San Antonio upon Nov. 24, 1920, a youngest of 15 children.

    Among Suttons other endeavours was his squeeze as well as restoration of a famed Apollo Theater when a Harlem landmarks passing appeared imminent.

    Suttons father, Samuel, was innate in to slavery only prior to a Civil War. The elder Sutton became principal during a segregated San Antonio high school, as well as he made preparation a family priority: All twelve of his surviving immature kids attended college.

    When he was 13, Percy Sutton endured a dire experience that drove him inexorably in to a quarrel for secular equality. A police officer approached Sutton as a teen handed out NAACP pamphlets. N-, what are we you do out of your neighbourhood? he asked prior to beating a youth.

    When World War II arrived, Suttons enlistment attempts were rebuffed by Southern white recruiters. The immature man went to New York, where he was accepted as well as joined a Tuskegee Airmen.

    After a war, Sutton earned a law grade in New York whilst working as a post bureau clerk as well as a subway conductor. He served again as an Air Force intelligence officer during a Korean War prior to returning to Harlem in 1953 as well as establishing his law bureau with hermit Oliver as well as a third partner, George Covington.

    In further to representing Malcolm X for a decade until his 1965 assassination, a Sutton organisation handled a cases of more than 200 defendants arrested in a South during a 1963-64 polite rights marches. Sutton was additionally inaugurated to dual terms as boss of a New York bureau of a NAACP.

    After Malcolms assassination, Sutton worked as counsel for Malcolms widow, Betty Shabazz. He represented her grandson, 12-year-old Malcolm Shabazz, when a girl wa! s accuse d of environment a 1997 glow that caused her death.

    Sutton was inaugurated to a state Legislature in 1965, as well as quickly emerged as spokesman for its 13 black members. His glamour as well as eloquence led to his selection as Manhattan precinct boss in 1966, completing a tenure of Constance Baker Motley, who was allocated sovereign judge.

    Two years later, Sutton voiced a run for a U.S. Senate chair held by Jacob Javits, nonetheless he pulled out of a Democratic primary to back Paul ODwyer.

    Sutton remained in his Manhattan pursuit by 1977, a same year he launched a doomed campaign for mayor that finished with Edward I. Koch defeating six competitors for a Democratic nomination.

    Sutton was between a initial voices lifted opposite a Vietnam War, surrendering his delegates chair during a 1968 Democratic convention in criticism as well as supporting anti-war candidate George McGovern 4 years after opposite obligatory President Richard Nixon.

    In further to his radio holdings, Sutton additionally headed a organisation that owned The Amsterdam News, a second largest black weekly journal in a country. The paper was after sold.

    Suttons devotion to Harlem as well as its people was frequency more evident than when he outlayed $250,000 to squeeze a shuttered Apollo Theater in 1981. The Apollo incited 70 in 2004, a miracle that was inconceivable until Sutton stepped in to save a landmark.

    Sutton retired in 1991, though his work as an adviser, coach as well as confidante to politicians as well as businessmen never abated. He was between a organisation of American businessmen comparison during a Clinton administration department to attend meetings with a Group of Seven (G-7) Nations in 1995-96.

    He was a good man, pronounced Charles Warfield Jr., a boss as well as arch handling officer of ICBC Broadcast Holdings Inc., reached early Sunday morning. He declined to criticism further out of respect, he indicated, for a wishes of Suttons family. The Rev. Al Sharpton programm! ed a new s discussion Sunday to talk about Suttons life as well as legacy.

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    Wine & Spirits Top 100 Part 1 Episode #741

    Wine & Spirits Top 100 Part 1 Episode #741

    September 23, 2009

    Joshua Greene, Editor of Wine & Spirits Magazine, visits to give the sneak peak during their Top 100 Wines of 2009.

    Having trouble observation this video? Try the Quicktime version.

    Comments on this episode(114) Leave the criticism

    • Could you speak some-more about tasting stimulating wines the subsequent day.
      This by Canard
    • Have been away for the whilst with work. Great episode, cannot wait for to s by pawncop
    • View all 114

    Wines tasted in this episode:

    Links mentioned in todays episode.

    • The Crush It! announcement page
    • Wine & Spirits Top 100 in San Francisco
    • Wine & Spirits Magazine

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    SAT Ruppe, Christian Friedrich (1753-1826): Yuletide Cantata
    SAT Francine outpost der Heyden (soprano)
    SAT Karin outpost der Poel (mezzo-soprano)
    SAT Otto Bouwknegt (tenor) Mitchell Sandler (bass)
    SAT Ensemble Bouzignac Musica ad Rhenum
    SAT Jed Wentz (conductor)
    SAT 1.32am
    SAT Auletta, Domenico (1723-1753): Harpsichord Concerto in C
    SAT Enrico Baiano (harpsichord)
    SAT Cappella della Pieta de'Turchini
    SAT Antonio Florio (conductor)
    SAT 1.51am
    SAT Chopin, Fryderyk (1810-1849): Prelude, Op twenty-eight No 4
    SAT Gerrie Meijers (organ of Onze-Lieve-Vrouwerkerk in Zwolle
    SAT - built by Michael Maarschalkerweerd as good as Son in 1896 in
    SAT a elderly box built by Nicolaus Brunswick in 1697 which
    SAT came from a Observantenkirche in Munster)
    SAT 1.54am
    SAT Moszkowski, Moritz (1854-1925): Romance sans Paroles
    SAT David Drury (William Hill as good as Son organ of Sydney Town
    SAT Hall, Australia)
    SAT 1.58am
    SAT Beethoven, Ludwig outpost (1770-1827): Quartet in C sharp
    SAT minor, Op 131 Quattuor Mosaiques:
    SAT Erich Hobarth, Andrea Bischof (violins)
    SAT Anita Mitterer (viola) Christophe Coin (cello)
    SAT 2.37am
    SAT Haydn, Joseph (1732-1809): Symphony No 43 in E flat, H 1
    SAT 43 (Mercury) Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra
    SAT Balazs Kocsar (conductor)
    SAT 3.01am
    SAT Bach, Johann Christoph (1642-1703): Meine Freundin, du
    SAT! b ist schon - marriage square for SATB soloists, chorus,
    SAT strings as good as continuo Maria Zedelius (soprano)
    SAT David Cordier (alto) Paul Elliott (tenor)
    SAT Michael Schopper (bass) Rheinische Kantorei
    SAT Musica Antiqua Koln Reinhard Goebel (director)
    SAT 3.23am
    SAT Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750): Sonata No 1 in G minor
    SAT for violin solo, BWV1001
    SAT Sigiswald Kuijken (violin - Giovanni Grancino, Milano
    SAT c.1700)
    SAT 3.39am
    SAT Bach, Wilhelm Friedemann (1710-1784): Sinfonia in F, F67
    SAT (1745) Akademie hair Alte Musik Berlin
    SAT Stephan Mai (director)
    SAT 3.52am
    SAT Buffardin, Pierre-Gabriel (c.1690-1768): Concerto in E
    SAT teenager for shriek as good as strings
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    SAT (excerpts) Winds of a Flemish Radio Orchestra
    SAT January Latham-Koenig (conductor)
    SAT 4.13am
    SAT Mackeben, Theo (1897-1953): Eine Frau wird erst schn
    SAT durch die Liebe (from a movie Heimat)
    SAT Jean Stilwell (mezzo-soprano) Marie Berard (violin)
    SAT Robert Kortgaard (piano)
    SAT 4.16am
    SAT Spoliansky, Mischa (1898-1985): Leben ohne Liebe (Life
    SAT though love) - from a movie Nie wieder Liebe (1931)
    SAT Jean Stilwell (mezzo-soprano) Robert Kortgaard (piano)
    SAT Marie Berard (violin) James Spragg (trumpet)
    SAT Andy Morris (percussion) Peter Tiefenbach (conductor)
    SAT 4.19am
    SAT Dostal, Nico (1895-1981), text: Bruno Balz: Sagt dir eine
    SAT schone Frau, Vielleicht - from a movie Das Lied der Wuste
    SAT (1939) Jean Stilwell (mezzo-s! oprano)< br />SAT Robert Kortgaard (piano) Marie Berard (violin)
    SAT Andy Morris (percussion) Peter Tiefenbach (conductor)
    SAT 4.23am
    SAT Auric, Georges (1899-1983) arr Lane, Philip (b.1950):
    SAT Suite from a movie The Lavender Hill Mob
    SAT BBC Philharmonic Rumon Gamba (conductor)
    SAT 4.31am
    SAT Poulenc, Francis (1899-1963): Petites voix
    SAT Maitrise de Radio France Denis Dupays (director)
    SAT 4.37am
    SAT Ibert, Jacques (1890-1962): Trio for violin, cello as good as harp
    SAT Andras Ligeti (violin) Idilko Radi (cello)
    SAT Eva Maros (harp)
    SAT 4.53am
    SAT Chabrier, Emmanuel (1841-1894): Espana - rhapsody
    SAT Sydney Symphony Orchestra Stuart Challender (conductor)
    SAT 5.01am
    SAT Piazzolla, Astor Pantaleon (1921-1992): Le grand tango
    SAT Musica Camerata Montreal
    SAT 5.12am
    SAT Norman, Ludvig (1831-1885), lyrics by Hermanni, Nicolaus:
    SAT Rosa rorans bonitatem, Op 45 (1876)
    SAT Eva Wedin (mezzo-soprano soloist) Swedish Radio Choir
    SAT Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra
    SAT Gustaf Sjokvist (conductor)
    SAT 5.20am
    SAT Albrecht, Alexander (1885-1958): Quintet for piano, flute,
    SAT oboe, clarinet as good as bassoon, Op 6 (1913)
    SAT Pavol Kovac (piano) Bratislava Wind Quintet
    SAT 5.29am
    SAT Beethoven, Ludwig outpost (1770-1827): twelve Variationen uber das
    SAT Menuet, WoO 68 Theo Bruins (piano)
    SAT 5.43am
    SAT Haydn, Joseph (1732-1809): Trio in G for keyboard and
    SAT strings, H XV twenty-five (Gypsy rondo) Grieg Trio
    SAT 5.58am
    SAT Shosta! kovich, Dmitry (1906-1975): Hamlet - suite from the
    SAT immaterial music, Op 32a Britten Sinfonia
    SAT Alexander Shelley (conductor)
    SAT 6.21am
    SAT Albeniz, Isaac (1860-1909): Suite espanola, Op 47
    SAT Ilze Graubina (piano)
    SAT 6.43am
    SAT Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791): Quartet in C for
    SAT shriek as good as strings, KA171 (also good known as K285b)
    SAT Young-Mi Kim (flute) Yong-Woo Chun (violin)
    SAT Myung-Hee Cho (viola) Jink-Yung Chee (cello).
    SAT 07:00 Breakfast b00pd7zj (Listen)
    SAT 09:00 CD Review b00pd7zl (Listen)
    SAT 09.05am
    SAT MOZART: Piano concerto No. 24 in C Minor K491; Piano
    SAT Concerto No. twenty-two in E Flat Major K482
    SAT Suedama Ensemble / David Greilsammer (piano as good as conductor)
    SAT Naive V5184 (CD)
    SAT Haydn as good as a Art of Variation
    SAT HAYDN: Sonata in C critical Hob XVI/48; Sonata in G critical Hob
    SAT XVI/40; Sonata in D critical Hob XVI/19; Sonata in D critical Hob
    SAT XVI/42; Andante as good as Variations in f teenager Hob XVII/6
    SAT Carole Cerasi (fortepiano as good as clavichord)
    SAT Metronome METCD1085 (CD)
    SAT Dom Quichotte - Cantatas as good as Comic Concertos
    SAT CORRETTE: Concerto Comique V & XXIV; COURBOIS: Dom
    SAT Quichotte; GRANDVAL: La Matrone d'Ephese; MARAIS: La
    SAT Sonnerie de Ste Genevieve du Mont de Paris; DE LA GARDE:
    SAT La Sonate
    SAT Dominique Visse (countertenor) / Celine Frisch (organ and
    SAT harpsichord) / Cafe Zimmermann / Pablo Valetti (director)
    SAT Alpha ALPHA151 (CD)
    SAT 09.30am Building a Library
    SAT BEETHOVEN: ! Symphony No 9
    SAT Reviewer - Stephen Johnson
    SAT The initial preference letter of reference will be placed upon a CD
    SAT Review website after a Yuletide break.
    SAT Next week David Fanning compares recordings of Tchaikovsky's
    SAT The Seasons.
    SAT 10.35am Recent Releases
    SAT Andrew talks to David Vickers about not prolonged ago expelled recordings
    SAT of strain by Handel, with extracts from a following discs:
    SAT HANDEL: Messiah
    SAT Julia Doyle (soprano) / Iestyn Davies (countertenor) / Allan
    SAT Clayton (tenor) / Andrew Foster-Williams (bass) / Polyphony /
    SAT Britten Sinfonia / Stephen Layton (conductor)
    SAT Hyperion CDA67800 (2CD, Mid Price)
    SAT HANDEL: Trio Sonatas Op 2 & Op 5
    SAT Academy of Ancient Music / Richard Egarr (director)
    SAT Harmonia Mundi HMU907467-68 (2CD)
    SAT Le Cantate Italiane di Handel VI Rome, 1708
    SAT HANDEL: Olinto, pastore colonnade (Oh! Come chiare e belle)
    SAT HWV143; Duello amoroso (Amarilli vezzosa) HWV82; Alpestre
    SAT monte HWV81
    SAT Roberta Invernizzi (soprano) / Yetzabel Arias Fernandez
    SAT (soprano) / Romina Basso (alto) / La Risonanza / Fabio Bonizzoni
    SAT (harpsichord as good as direction)
    SAT Glossa GCD921526 (CD)
    SAT Handel - Complete Cantatas Volume 1
    SAT HANDEL: Da quel giorno fatale (Delirio amoroso) HWV99;
    SAT Ditemi, o piante HWV107; Care selve, aure abrade HWV88; Allor
    SAT ch'io dissi addio HWV80
    SAT Stefanie True (soprano) / Contrasto Armonico / Marco Vitale
    SAT (director)
    SAT Brilliant Classics 93999 (CD, Budget)
    SAT HANDEL: Ode for a Birthday of Queen Anne; Dixit Dominus
    SAT HWV232
    SAT Helene Guilmette (soprano) / Andreas Scholl (countertenor) /
    SAT Malco! lm E. Be nnet (tenor) / Andreas Wolf (bass) / Vocalconsort
    SAT Berlin / Akademie hair Alte Musik Berlin / Marcus Creed
    SAT (conductor)
    SAT Harmonia Mundi HMC902041 (CD)
    SAT 11.30am Recent Release
    SAT DVORAK: Romance for Violin as good as Orchestra in F teenager Op 11;
    SAT Violin Concerto in A teenager Op 53; SZYMANOWSKI: Violin
    SAT concerto No 1 Op 35
    SAT Arabella Steinbacher (violin) / Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra
    SAT / Marek Janowski (conductor)
    SAT Pentatone PTC5186353 (Hybrid SACD)
    SAT 11.40am Disc of a Week
    SAT HAYDN: Die Schopfung (The Creation)
    SAT Julia Kleiter (soprano) / Maximilian Schmitt (tenor) / Johannes
    SAT Weisser (bass) / RIAS Chamber Choir / Freiburg Baroque
    SAT Orchestra / Rene Jacobs (conductor)
    SAT Harmonia Mundi HMC992039-40 (2CD as good as reward DVD)
    SAT 12:15 Music Feature b00pf3y1 (Listen)
    SAT Lessons with Mozart
    SAT Jeremy Summerly eavesdrops upon Thomas Attwood's composition
    SAT lessons with Mozart. 'Study despotic counterpoint for a
    SAT year', pronounced Mozart to a immature Englishman freshly arrived
    SAT in Vienna in 1785, 'and afterwards we'll speak about fugues...'.
    SAT Remarkably, a manuscripts from their lessons over the
    SAT subsequent year as good as a half survive, as does a study in
    SAT Mozart's oppulance apartment nearby St Stephen's Cathedral in
    SAT a centre of Vienna; they provide a singular glance of a
    SAT good composer sourroundings out a collection as good as techniques of his
    SAT trade.
    SAT Also listening in to a master as good as pupil scribbling notes
    SAT as good as wisecracks side by side have be! en a Moz arthaus director
    SAT Gerhard Vitek, composer as good as teacher Antony Pitts as good as the
    SAT British Library's curator of strain manuscripts Nicolas
    SAT Bell. With a voices of Nicholas Dixon, Kathryn Knight
    SAT as good as Toby Scholz as good as students from a Royal Academy
    SAT of Music.
    SAT 13:00 The Early Music Show b00pd7zq (Listen)
    SAT An Early Music Christmas
    SAT Catherine Bott as good as Lucie Skeaping introduce a preference of
    SAT their own prime Yuletide strain from centuries past as
    SAT they celebrate an Early Music Christmas.
    SAT Anthony Holborne: As it fell upon a Holy Eve (galliard)
    SAT Hesperion XXI Jordi Savall (conductor)
    SAT ALIA VOX AV 9813 Track 25
    SAT Segue to:
    SAT Trad: Verbum caro: Y la virgine
    SAT Taverner Consort, Choir as good as Players
    SAT Andrew Parrott (conductor) EMI CDC 7498092 Track 7
    SAT Traditional: Sainte Nicholaes; And whanne oure Lorde lust
    SAT to take Seint Nicholas... Anonymous 4
    SAT Harmonia Mundi HMU 907232 Tracks 16, 21
    SAT Henry VIII: Tandernaken Quintessential
    SAT David Skinner (conductor) OBSIDIAN CD705 Track 6
    SAT Segue to:
    SAT Traditional: The Boar's Head Carol The Sixteen
    SAT Harry Christophers (conductor)
    SAT HYPERION CDA 66263 Track 7
    SAT Praetorius: Yuletide Mass: Introit as good as final hymn (Musae
    SAT Sioniae V as good as VI) Gabrieli Consort as good as Players
    SAT Paul McCreesh (conductor) ARCHIV 439 2502 Tracks 8, 21
    SAT Traditional: Awake Awake Ye Mortals All
    SAT Mellstock Band as good as Choir S! AYDISC C DSDL360 Track 9
    SAT Peerson: Upon My Lap
    SAT Red Byrd as good as a Rose Consort of Viols
    SAT AMON RA CDSAR46 Track 4
    SAT Purcell: The Cold Song Sting
    SAT DEUTSCHE GRAMMOPHON 06025 270 1743 Track 7
    SAT Bach: Chorus: Jauchzet, frohlocket, auf, preiset die Tage
    SAT (Christmas Oratorio) Monteverdi Choir
    SAT English Baroque Soloists John Eliot Gardiner (conductor)
    SAT ARCHIV 4276532 Track 1
    SAT Traditional: Thys Endere Nyghth
    SAT Taverner Consort, Choir as good as Players
    SAT Andrew Parrott (conductor) EMI CDC 7498092 Track 9.
    SAT 14:00 Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert b00hr4md (Listen)
    SAT Pavel Haas Quartet
    SAT From Wigmore Hall, London, Sarah Walker presents a
    SAT opening by BBC Radio 3 New Generation Artists the
    SAT Pavel Haas Quartet.
    SAT Prokofiev: String Quartet No 1 Ravel: String Quartet.
    SAT 15:00 World Routes b00pd809 (Listen)
    SAT Ladysmith Black Mambazo
    SAT Africa's biggest band, Ladysmith Black Mambazo in concert,
    SAT available specifically for a programme during a Brighton Dome.
    SAT Lucy Duran introduces an undeviating hour of strain from
    SAT a South African superstars, who won a 2009 Grammy
    SAT Award for Best Traditional World Music CD.
    SAT 16:00 Jazz Library b00pd812 (Listen)
    SAT Bing Crosby
    SAT Focusing upon a jazz side of Bing Crosby, Gwyneth Herbert
    SAT joins Alyn Shipton to collect Bing's jazziest recordings,
    SAT trimming from his Paul Whiteman days to a swing bands of
    SAT Buddy Bregman as good as Billy May, a! s good a s together with Bing's immortal
    SAT discs with Louis Armstrong.
    SAT Disc 1
    SAT Title: Happy Feet
    SAT Artist Paul Whiteman Orchestra as good as Rhythm Boys
    SAT Composer Yellen / Ager Album Its Easy to Remember
    SAT Label Proper Box Number Box 34 CD 1 Track 9
    SAT Personnel: Charlie Margulis, Harry Goldfield, Andy
    SAT Secrest, t; Bil Rank, Boyce Cullen,
    SAT Wilbur Hall, tb; Bernie Daly, Chet Hazlett, Irving
    SAT Friedman, Frank Trumbauer, Charles
    SAT Strickfaden, Red Mayer, reeds; Otto Landau, Joe Venuti,
    SAT vn; Matty Malneck, vla; Roy
    SAT Bargy, p; Eddie Lang, g; Min Leibrook, tu; George Marsh,
    SAT d; Bing Crosby, Harry Barris, Al Rinker, v. 10 Feb 1930.
    SAT Disc 2
    SAT Title From Monday On
    SAT Artist Bing as good as Rhythm Boys with Paul Whiteman Orchestra
    SAT Composer Barris, Crosby Album Its Easy to Remember
    SAT Label Proper Box Number Box 34 CD 1 Track 4
    SAT Personnel: Charlie Margulis, t; Bix Beiderbecke, c; Bill
    SAT Rank, Wilbur Hall, Boyce Cullen,
    SAT tb; Frank Trumbauer, Irving Friedman, Chester Hazlitt,
    SAT Rube Crozier, Red Mayer,
    SAT Charles Strickfaden, reeds; Kurt Dieterle, Mischa Russell,
    SAT Matty Malneck, Mario Perry,
    SAT vn; Harry Barris, p, v; Mike Pingitore, bj; Min Leibrook,
    SAT bsx; Harold MacDonald, d. Bing
    SAT Crosby, Al Rinker, Jack Fulton, Charles Gaylord, Austin
    SAT Young, v. twenty-eight Feb 1928.
    SAT Disc 3
    SAT Title St Louis Blues Artist Duke Ellington Orchestra
    SAT Composer Handy Album Its Easy to Remember
    SAT Label Proper Box Number Box 34 CD 1 Track 22
    SAT Personnel: Artie Whetsol, Freddie Jenkins, Cootie
    SAT Williams, t; Lawren! ce Brown , Joe
    SAT Nanton, tb; Juan Tizol, vtb; Johnny Hodges, Harry Carney,
    SAT Barney Bigard, reeds;
    SAT Duke Ellington, p; Fred Guy, bj; Wellman Braud, b; Sonny
    SAT Greer, d; Bing Crosby, v. eleven Feb 1931.
    SAT Disc 4
    SAT Title Brother Can we Spare a Dime
    SAT Artist Bing Crosby with Lennie Hayton Orchestra
    SAT Composer Harburg, Gorney Album Its Easy to Remember
    SAT Label Proper Box Number Box 34 CD 2 Track 1
    SAT Personnel: unknown, twenty-five Oct 1932.
    SAT Disc 5
    SAT Title Yes Indeed
    SAT Artist Bing Crsoby as good as Connie Boswell with Bob Crosby's
    SAT Bob Cats Composer Melvin, Oliver
    SAT Album Its Easy to Remember Label Proper Box
    SAT Number Box 34 CD 3 Track 7
    SAT Personnel: Muggsy Spanier, c; Floyd OBrien, tb; Hank
    SAT DAmico, cl; Eddie Miller, ts;
    SAT Jess Stacy, p; Nappy Lamare g; Bob Haggart, b; Ray Bauduc,
    SAT d. thirteen December 1940.
    SAT Disc 6
    SAT Title Deep in a Heart of Texas
    SAT Artist Bing Crosby with Woody Herman's Woodchoppers
    SAT Composer Hershey, Swander Album Its Easy to Remember
    SAT Label Proper Box Number Box 34 CD 3 Track 12
    SAT Personnel: Cappy Lewis, t; Neal Reid, tb; Woody Herman,
    SAT cl; Tommy Linehan, p; Hy
    SAT Whit, g; Walter Yoder, b; Frank Carlson, d. Bing Crosby v.
    SAT thirty Jul 1941
    SAT Disc 7
    SAT Title It's Been a Long Long Time
    SAT Artist Bing Crosby with a Les Paul Trio
    SAT Compser: Cahn, Styne Album Its Easy to Remember
    SAT Label Proper Box Number Box 34 CD 4 Track 9
    SAT Personnel: Bing Crosby, Les Paul elg; unknown, stroke g;
    SAT Phil Stevens, b. Los Angeles, twelve Jul 1945.
    SAT !
    SAT Disc 8
    SAT Title After You've Gone
    SAT Artist Bing Crosby with Eddie Condon's Band
    SAT Composer Creamer, Layton Album Its Easy to Remember
    SAT Label Proper Box Number Box 34 CD 2 Track 13
    SAT Personnel: Wild Bill Davison, c; Lou McGarity, tb; Pee Wee
    SAT Russell, cl; Bud Freeman,
    SAT ts; Gene Schroeder, p; Eddie Condon, g; Artie Shapiro, b;
    SAT George Wettling, d. Bing Crosby v; 16 January 1946
    SAT Disc 9
    SAT Title Now You Has Jazz
    SAT Artist Bing with Louis Armstrong's All Stars
    SAT Composer Porter
    SAT Album Music as good as Songs from a Motion Picture High Society
    SAT Label Blue Moon Number BMCD 5306 Track 11
    SAT Personnel: Bing Crosby, voc; Louis Armstrong t, voc; Ed
    SAT Hall cl; Trummy Young, tb;
    SAT Billy Kyke, p; Arvell Shaw, b; Barrett Deems, d. 1956
    SAT Disc 10
    SAT Title Last Night upon a Back Porch
    SAT Artist Bing Crosby with Bob Scobey's Frisco Band
    SAT Composer Brown, Schraubstader Album Bing with a Beat.
    SAT Label Bluebird Number 60142-2 Track 6
    SAT Personnel Bob Scobey, t; Frank Beach t; Abe Lincoln, tb;
    SAT Matty Matlock, cl; Dave
    SAT Harris, ts; Ralph Sutton, p; Clancy Hayes, bj; Red
    SAT Callendar, b; Nick Fatool, d. twenty Feb 1957.
    SAT Disc 11
    SAT Tile They All Laughed
    SAT Artist Bing Crosby with Buddy Bregmans orchestra
    SAT Composer Gershwin Album The Jazz Sides
    SAT Label Essential Jazz Albums Number 043 Track 9
    SAT Personnel: Bing Crosby, voc; with Sweets Edison, Pete
    SAT Candoli, t; Frank Rosolino, tb;
    SAT Herb Geller, blossom Shanks, Bob Cooper Ted Nash, reeds; Paul
    SAT Smith, p; Barney
    SAT Kessel, g; Joe Mondr! agon, b; Alvin Stoller, d. Dir/cond
    SAT Buddy Bregman eleven Jun 1958
    SAT Disc 12
    SAT Tiltle: Brazil
    SAT Artist Bing with Rosemary Clooney as good as Billy May's Orchestra
    SAT Composer Russell / Barosso Album The Jazz Sides
    SAT Label Essential Jazz Albums Number 043 Track 21
    SAT Personnel: Bing Crosby, voc; with rope together with Conrad
    SAT Gozzo, Pete Candoli, t;
    SAT Simon Zentner, Murray McEachern, tb; Ted Nash, Buddy
    SAT Collette, reeds; Buddy Cole,
    SAT p; Barney Kessel, g; Joe Mondragon, b; Alvin Stoller, d.
    SAT Dir/cond. Billy May. Jul/Aug 58
    SAT Disc 13
    SAT Title Little Drummer Boy / Peace upon Earth
    SAT Artist Bing Crosby / David Bowie Composer Davis
    SAT Album single Label Oglio Number OGL 85001
    SAT Personnel: Bing Crosby, David Bowie, college of strain Orchestra,
    SAT 1977.
    SAT 17:00 Jazz Record Requests b00pd814 (Listen)
    SAT JRR Signature Tune:
    SAT Oh, though upon a Third Day (Happy Feet Blues) (Wynton
    SAT Marsalis)
    SAT Performed by Wynton Marsalis (tp), Marcus Roberts (p),
    SAT Todd Williams (ts), Dr Michael White (cl), Danny Barker
    SAT (bj), Teddy Riley (tp), Freddie Lonzo (tb), Reginald Veal
    SAT (b), Herlin Riley (d) Recorded twenty-eight Oct 1988
    SAT Taken from a manuscript The Majesty of a Blues
    SAT 1989 CD (CBS 465129 2)
    SAT Papa Wants to Knock a Jug (Blackwell) (2:28)
    SAT Performed Leroy Carr (p, v) Francis Scrapper Blackwell
    SAT (g) Recorded 1931 Taken from a manuscript Naptown Blues
    SAT CD (Aldabra ALB1011CD (1) Track 14)
    SAT In a Mood (Andy Razaf, Joe Garland) (3:37)
    SAT Performed by Henry ! 'Red' Al len (t) Kid Ory (tb) Bob
    SAT McCracken (cl) Cedric Haywood (p) Frank Haggerty (g)
    SAT Charles Oden (b) Alton Redd (d, v)
    SAT Recorded nineteen Jul 1959, Los Angeles
    SAT Taken from a manuscript Kid Ory as good as his Creole Jazz Band
    SAT featuring Red Allen LP (HMV CLP 1329 S1/1)
    SAT Rose Room (Williams, Hickman) (3:23)
    SAT Performed by Benny Goodman All Star Sextet: Benny Goodman
    SAT (cl) John Haley Zoot Sims (s) Bill McGuffie (p) John
    SAT Bucky Pizzarelli (g) Harold Gaylor (b) Elmer Mousey
    SAT Alexander (d) Peter Appleyard (vb)
    SAT Recorded Live in Copenhagen 1972
    SAT Taken from a manuscript On Stage with Benny Goodman & His
    SAT Sextet LP 1972 (Decca DKL A S2/4)
    SAT On a Sunny Side of a Street (McHugh, Fields) (2:57)
    SAT Performed by Lester Young (ts) Shorty McConnell (tp)
    SAT Argonne Thornton (p) Fred Lacey (g) Rodney Richardson (b)
    SAT Lyndell Marshall (d) Recorded Oct 1946, Chicago
    SAT Taken from a manuscript The Complete Aladdin Recordings
    SAT 2008 CD (Definitive Records DRCD11385 Disc 1, Track 22)
    SAT Main Stem (Duke Ellington) (2:47)
    SAT Performed by Rex Stewart (cnt) Wallace Jones (tp) Ray
    SAT Nance (tp,vln) Joe Tricky Sam Nanton, Lawrence Brown
    SAT (tb) Juan Tizol (v-tb) Barney Bigard (cl) Johnny Hodges
    SAT (as,sop) Otto Hardwick (as,bassax) Ben Webster (ts) Harry
    SAT Carney (bar,cl,as) Duke Ellington (p) Fred Guy (g) Junior
    SAT Raglin (b) Sonny Greer (d)
    SAT Recorded Hollywood Jun 26 1942
    SAT Taken from a manuscript The BlantonWebster Band
    SAT CD (BMG 74321 13181 2 Disc 3, Track 17)
    SAT Why Try to Change Me Now? (C Coleman, J A McCarthy) (4:04)
    SAT Performed by Helen Humes (v) Joe Wil! der (tp) Buddy Tate
    SAT (ts) Norman Simmons (p) Billy Butler (g) George Duvivier
    SAT (b) Butch Miles (d) Recorded seventeen & nineteen Jun 1980, New York
    SAT Taken from a manuscript Helen Humes Helen
    SAT LP (Muse MR 5233. A3)
    SAT Hey! Bellboy! (P Candoli, Troy Mack) (3:20)
    SAT Performed by Gloria Wood (v) Pete Candoli (tp)
    SAT Recorded 1953 Taken from a manuscript Cocktail Capers
    SAT 1996 CD (Capitol CDEMS1595 (1) Track 2)
    SAT Ive Got Your Number (C. Coleman, C. Leigh) (5:52)
    SAT Performed by Roland Kirk (ts) Harold Mabern (p) Abdullah
    SAT Rafik (b) Sonny Brown (d)
    SAT Recorded eleven & twelve June, 1963, New York
    SAT Taken from a manuscript The Roland Kirk Quartet with the
    SAT Benny Goodman Orchestra LP (Mercury SMWL 21043. S2/1)
    SAT Stomping Grounds (Fleck, Wooten) (5:25)
    SAT Performed by Bla Fleck (banjo) Future Man (synth-axe
    SAT drumitar) Howard Levy (synthesizer, piano, harmonica)
    SAT Victor Wooten (b) Jeff Coffin (sax) Sam Bush (mandolin)
    SAT Paul McCandless (ss) Recorded 1995
    SAT Taken from a manuscript Greatest Hits Of The 20th Century
    SAT 1999 CD (Warner 9362473012(1) Track 2)
    SAT M (Anders Jormin) (7:56)
    SAT Performed by Bobo Stenson (p) Anders Jormin (b) Jon Falt
    SAT (d) Recorded December 2007
    SAT Taken from a manuscript Cantando
    SAT 2008 CD (ECM 1775462(1) Track 4)
    SAT Blues (ad lib) (10:35)
    SAT Performed by Nat 'King' Cole (p) J.J. Johnson (tb)
    SAT Illinois Jacquet (ts) Jack McVea (ts) Les Paul (g) Johnny
    SAT Miller (b) Lee Young (d)
    SAT Recorded 2 Jul 1944, Philharmonic Auditorium, Los Angeles
    SAT Taken from a manuscript The Complete JATP Performances! : Nat
    SAT King Cole 1999 CD (Definitive DRCD11144 Track 3)
    SAT 18:00 Opera upon 3 b00pd81x (Listen)
    SAT Live from a Met: Elektra
    SAT Richard Strauss's Elektra, live from a Metropolitan
    SAT Opera, New York, conducted by Fabio Luisi, with soprano
    SAT Susan Bullock in a pretension role.
    SAT Strauss's one-act show tells a bloody story of Elektra
    SAT as good as her dysfunctional family. She has sworn reprisal for
    SAT a attempted attempted murder of her father King Agamemnon by her mother
    SAT Klytaemnestra. The show tells a story of how she
    SAT in a future achieves this, during a cost of multiform lives
    SAT including, finally, her own.
    SAT Susan Bullock won an Royal Philharmonic Society award for
    SAT her portrayal of a obsessed princess when she performed
    SAT a role during Covent Garden earlier in 2009. A first-rate
    SAT cast additionally includes Felicity Palmer as Klytaemnestra and
    SAT Deborah Voigt as Chrysothemis.
    SAT Presented by Margaret Juntwait with guest commentator Ira
    SAT Siff.
    SAT Elektra ...... Susan Bullock (soprano)
    SAT Chrysothemis ...... Deborah Voigt (soprano)
    SAT Klytaemnestra ...... Felicity Palmer (mezzo-soprano)
    SAT Aegisth ...... Wolfgang Schmidt (tenor)
    SAT Orestes ...... Evgeny Nikitin (bass-baritone)
    SAT Metropolitan Opera Orchestra Fabio Luisi (conductor).
    SAT Synopsis
    SAT Mycenae, really elderly Greece. In a yard of a royal
    SAT palace, menial girls comment upon a furious function of
    SAT Elektra, a eldest daughter of a late king Agamemnon.
    SAT After they have left, Elektra appears, ready to go in rags
    SAT (Allein! Weh, ganz, allein). She is obsessed with
    SAT thoughts of her fathers attempted attempted murder during a hands of her
    SAT mother, Klytmnestra, as good as her mothers lover, Aegisth.
    SAT Calling upon her fathers spirit, she renews her vow of
    SAT vengeance. Her harangue is interrupted by her younger
    SAT sister, Chrysothemis, who urges Elektra to give up her
    SAT obsession with revenge so they both can lead normal lives.
    SAT Elektra mocks Chrysothemis, who runs off as noises from
    SAT within a house make known a approach of Klytmnestra.
    SAT The black staggers in. Drugs, detriment of sleep, as good as fear of
    SAT retribution for her husbands attempted attempted murder have done a mutilate of
    SAT her (Ich habe keine guten Nchte).
    SAT Surprised which Elektra will speak to her, she appeals to
    SAT her daughters intelligence as good as demands to know what she
    SAT needs to do to find peace of mind.
    SAT A scapegoat has to be made, Elektra replies. When
    SAT Klytmnestra fails to comprehend what her daughter is
    SAT hinting at, Elektra screams during her which it is Klytmnestra
    SAT herself who must die as good as which she as good as her banished brother
    SAT Orest will kill her (Was bluten muss?).
    SAT Klytmnestra is horrified, though when her confidante runs in
    SAT as good as whispers something, her mood changes abruptly.
    SAT Laughing maniacally, she disappears in to a palace.
    SAT Her function is explained when Chrysothemis reappears with
    SAT headlines which Orest is dead.
    SAT Stunned, Elektra during initial refuses to believe her, then
    SAT tells her sister which she must right away assistance kill Kl! ytmnestr a
    SAT as good as Aegisth. Chrysothemis runs off in terror. As Elektra
    SAT frantically starts digging for a buried mattock which killed
    SAT Agamemnon, a foreigner appears.
    SAT She asks him what he wants as good as he quietly replies which he
    SAT has been sent to move headlines of Orests genocide (Was willst
    SAT du, fremder Mensch?). But when Elektra reveals which she
    SAT is Agamemnons daughter, he tells her Orest lives.
    SAT Suddenly servants appear, kissing his hands as good as feet.
    SAT Frightened, Elektra asks who he is. The dogs in the
    SAT yard know me, a foreigner replies, though not my own
    SAT sister?
    SAT Crying his name, Elektra gives in to her accursed joy
    SAT as good as declares she has lived customarily to avenge their fathers
    SAT murder. When Orests defender tells him a black waits
    SAT inside, a group come in a palace.
    SAT Elektra waits anxiously as good as when a scream is listened she
    SAT knows Orest has killed their mother. Aegisth arrives,
    SAT carrying listened a headlines of Orests death, as good as Elektra lights
    SAT his approach in to a house with spiteful courtesy.
    SAT A impulse after he reappears during a window, crying for help,
    SAT prior to he is dragged inside as good as killed. While tumultuous
    SAT confusion spreads through a house as good as courtyard,
    SAT Elektra, in a state of ecstasy, starts a conventional dance.
    SAT Chrysothemis earnings though Elektra doesnt listen to her as good as at
    SAT a climax of a dance falls dead.
    SAT Metropolitan Opera
    SAT 20:00 BBC Proms b00p9l3r (Listen)
    SAT 2009, Prom 75: Silk Road Ensemble with Yo-Yo Ma!
    SA T
    SAT From a BBC Proms 2009 season, a sounds of East meeting
    SAT West with cellist Yo-Yo Ma as good as his cross-cultural Silk
    SAT Road Ensemble.
    SAT They benefaction a mix of normal as good as contemporary
    SAT flavours, desirous by a really elderly traffic track which united
    SAT China as good as Europe as good as a undiluted jubilee of 10 years of
    SAT a ensemble.
    SAT Various composers: Silk Road Suite
    SAT Giovanni Sollima: The Taranta Project
    SAT Angel Lam: Empty Mountain, Spirit Rain
    SAT Trad., arr. Li Cang Sang, Wu Tong: Ambush from Ten Sides
    SAT 21:30 The Wire b00j8d0j (Listen)
    SAT Alex Tripped upon My Fairy
    SAT A amicable comedy created by Meredith Oakes.
    SAT You consider we know someone as good as afterwards we have immature kids with
    SAT them, unexpected they're a primogenitor as good as they're different.
    SAT Matthew as good as Elizabeth have been carrying drinks with their new
    SAT neighbours whilst a immature kids fool around in a garden. Matthew
    SAT watches his pleasing immature wife navigate this brand new social
    SAT scene when unexpected she does something he unequivocally doesn't
    SAT like...
    SAT Matthew ...... Paul Hilton
    SAT Elizabeth ...... Hattie Morahan Sue ...... Beth Goddard
    SAT Mark ...... Nigel Lindsay Alex ...... Ben Greaves-Neal
    SAT Amy ...... Agnes Dromgoole Flo ...... Bella Corwin
    SAT Simon ...... Luca Corwin
    SAT Directed by Mary Peate.
    SAT 22:30 Hear as good as Now b00pd9v9 (Listen)
    SAT George Crumb
    SAT Tom Service talks to American composer George Crumb in his
    SAT eightieth birthday year. Including strain available in
    SAT December 2009 during a Barbican's Total Immersion: George
    SAT Crumb festival.
    SAT George Crumb: Haunted Landscape (17:04)
    SAT BBC Symphony Orchestra Martyn Brabbins (conductor)
    SAT George Crumb: Makrokosmos Volume 1 (12 anticipation pieces
    SAT after a Zodiac for amplified piano) (27:43)
    SAT Joanna McGregor (piano)
    SAT George Crumb: Ancient Voices of Children (22:31)
    SAT Louis Watkins (soprano) Anna Patalong (mezzo-soprano)
    SAT Guildhall New Music Ensemble Richard Baker (conductor).
    SUN SUNDAY twenty-seven DECEMBER 2009
    SUN 00:00 Jazz Library b00l1qqh (Listen)
    SUN Bud Shank
    SUN Bud Shank was a single of a critical figures in West Coast Jazz
    SUN prior to his genocide in April 2009. To honour Bud as good as his
    SUN music, Alyn Shipton selects Shank's pass recordings, with
    SUN a assistance of a 1992 repository talk with a male himself,
    SUN covering his work with Stan Kenton, Shorty Rogers, a LA
    SUN Four as good as most of his own groups.
    SUN DISC 1
    SUN Title: Bags of Blues
    SUN Artist: Bud Shank
    SUN Composer: Cooper
    SUN Album: The Original Bud Shank Quartet: The Pacific Jazz
    SUN Years
    SUN Label: Giant Steps
    SUN Number GSCR 028 CD 1, Tr 9
    SUN Personnel: Bud Shank (alto saxophone), Claude Williamson
    SUN (piano), Don Prell (bass), Chuck Flores (drums).
    SUN Hollywood, twenty-five January 1956
    SUN DISC 2
    SUN Title: Lotus Bud
    SUN Artist: Shorty Rogers/Bud Shank Lighthouse All Stars
    SUN Composer: RogersSUN Album: America The Beautiful
    SUN Label: Candid
    SUN Number CCD 79510, Tr 5
    SUN Personnel: Shorty Rogers, Conte Candoli (trumpet), Bud
    SUN Shank (alto saxophone), Bill Perkins (baritone saxophone),
    SUN Bob Cooper (tenor saxophone), Pete Jolly (piano), Monte
    SUN Budwig (bass), Larance Marable (drums). 4 August 1991
    SUN DISC 3
    SUN Title: Reflections (City of Glass - 3rd mvt)
    SUN Artist: Stan Kenton
    SUN Composer: Bob Graettinger
    SUN Album: Stan Kenton 1951-52
    SUN Label: Classics
    SUN Number 1428, Tr 2
    SUN Personnel: John Howell, Maynard Ferguson, Conte Candoli,
    SUN Stu Williamson, John Coppola (trumpte), Bob Fitzpatrick,
    SUN Harry Betts, Bill Russo, Dick Kenney (trombone), George
    SUN Roberts (bass trombone), Stan Fletcher (tuba), John Graas,
    SUN Lloyd Otto, George Price (french horn), Bud Shank, Art
    SUN Pepper, Bob Cooper, Bart Calderall, Bob Gioga (reeds),
    SUN strings destined by Alex Law, Stah Kenton (piano), Ralph
    SUN Blaze (guitar), Don Bagley, Abe Luboff (bass), Shelly
    SUN Manne (drums). 5 December 1951
    SUN DISC 4
    SUN Title: Beau Boy
    SUN Artist: Howard Rumsey's Lighthouse All Stars
    SUN Composer: Rogers
    SUN Album: Sunday Jazz during a Lighthouse, Vol 2
    SUN Label: Contemporary
    SUN Number OJC CD 972-2, Tr 8
    SUN Personnel: Rolf Ericson, Chet Baker (trumpet), Bud Shank
    SUN (alto saxophone), Bob Cooper (tenor saxophone), Claude
    SUN Williamson (piano), Howard Rumsey (bass), Max Roach
    SUN (drums). September 1953
    SUN DISC 5
    SUN Title: The Nearness of you
    SUN Artist: Bud Shank
    SUN Composer: Carmichael, Washington
    SUN Album: Original Bud Shank Quartet:! The Pac ific Jazz Years
    SUN Label: Giant Steps
    SUN Number GSCR CD 1 028, Tr 3
    SUN Personnel: Bud Shank (flute), Bob Cooper (oboe), Claude
    SUN Williamson (piano), Don Prell (bass), Chuck Flores
    SUN (drums). nineteen January 1956
    SUN DISC 6
    SUN Title: Honey Chile
    SUN Artist: Buddy Bregman
    SUN Composer: Bregman
    SUN Album: Swinging Kicks
    SUN Label: Verve
    SUN Number 559 514-2, Tr 15
    SUN Personnel: Conte Candoli (trumpet), Frank Rosolino
    SUN (trombone), Bud Shank (alto saxophone), Stan Getz (tenor
    SUN saxophone), Jimmy Giuffre (baritone), Paul Smith (piano),
    SUN Al Hendrickson (guitar), Joe Mondragon (bass), Stab Levey
    SUN (drums). December 1956
    SUN DISC 7
    SUN Title: Harlem Samba
    SUN Artist: Bud Shank/Laurindo Almeida
    SUN Composer: Almeida
    SUN Album: Brazilliance Vol 2
    SUN Label: Blue Note/Pacfic Jazz
    SUN Number CDP 7961022, Tr 11
    SUN Personnel: Laurindo Almeida (guitar), Buid Shank (alto
    SUN saxophone, flute), Gary Peacock (bass), Chuck Flores
    SUN (drums). 1958
    SUN DISC 8
    SUN Title: Veiled in Blue
    SUN Artist: Bud Shank as good as Roumanis String Quartet
    SUN Composer: Roumanis
    SUN Album: Drifting Timelessly
    SUN Label: Capri
    SUN Number 75001-2, Tr 6
    SUN Personnel: Bud Shank as good as Roumanis String Quartet: Bud
    SUN Shank (alto saxophone), Irene Sazer (violin), Carla Picchi
    SUN (violin), Paul Ehrlich (viola), Dan Reiter (cello)
    SUN DISC 9
    SUN Title: Pavanne, Op 50
    SUN Artist: L A Four
    SUN Composer: Faure
    SUN Album: ZACA
    SUN Label: Concord
    SUN Number 4130, Tr 6
    SUN Perso! nnel: Bu d Shank (alto saxophone), Laurindo Almeida
    SUN (guitar), Ray Brown (bass), Jeff Hamilton (drums)
    SUN DISC 10
    SUN Title: Double Trouble
    SUN Artist: Lighthouse All Stars
    SUN Composer: Shank
    SUN Album: Eight Borthers
    SUN Label: Candid
    SUN Number 79521, Tr 10
    SUN Personnel: as Disc 2.
    SUN 01:00 Through a Night b00pd9xh (Listen)
    SUN Including:
    SUN 1.00am
    SUN Suceveanu, Dimitrie (1816-1898): Troparul Nasterii (An
    SUN orthodox strain about a Holy Birth)
    SUN 1.02am
    SUN Traditional: Marire-ntu cele inalte
    SUN 1.04am
    SUN Traditional: Maria se preumbla (Mary was walking)
    SUN 1.09am
    SUN Traditional: Ler mi'I ler, mi'I tinerelu
    SUN 1.13am
    SUN Traditional: La tulpina la doi meri
    SUN 1.16am
    SUN Traditional: Dumnezeu umbla (God was walking)
    SUN 1.22am
    SUN Pann, Anton (1796-1854): Slava s-aiba nesfarsita (The
    SUN Exaltation)
    SUN 1.25am
    SUN Traditional: Asta-i-sara de Craciun (This is Yuletide Eve)
    SUN 1.27am
    SUN Pann, Anton (1796-1854): Bat'o Sfintu' de lupoaie
    SUN 1.32am
    SUN Cantemir, Dmitri: Pesrev Makam Rast
    SUN 1.34am
    SUN Traditional: Dodeka, Greek folksong (Eteria, 1821)
    SUN 1.39am
    SUN Traditional: Skiaranzzulla Manazzulla - Italian folksong,
    SUN 14th century
    SUN 1.43am
    SUN Pann, Anton (1796-1854): Ah, a mea iubita floare (Ah, my
    SUN beloved flower) Anton Pann Ensemble
    SUN 1.51am
    S UN Vivaldi, Antonio (1678-1741): Concerto for bassoon and
    SUN band in A minor, RV497 Ivan Pristas (bassoon)
    SUN Camerata Slovacca Viktor Malek (conductor)
    SUN 2.04am
    SUN Bartok, Bela (1881-1945): Violin Concerto No 1, Op Posth
    SUN Tomaz Lorenz (violin)
    SUN Slovenian Radio Television Symphony Orchestra
    SUN Samo Hubad (conductor)
    SUN 2.27am
    SUN Beethoven, Ludwig outpost (1770-1827): Symphony No 5 in C minor
    SUN Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra
    SUN Jukka-Pekka Saraste (conductor)
    SUN 3.01am
    SUN Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750): Orchestral Suite No 4
    SUN in D, BWV1069 La Petite Bande
    SUN Sigiswald Kuijken (conductor)
    SUN 3.20am
    SUN Grieg, Edvard (1843-1907): Six songs: we give my strain to
    SUN springtime, Op twenty-one No 1; The initial meeting, Op twenty-one No 2;
    SUN From Monte Pincio, Op 39 No 1; With a waterlily, Op twenty-five No
    SUN 4; At Rondane, Op 33 No 9; A birdsong, Op twenty-five No 6
    SUN Randi Stene (mezzo-soprano) Leif Ove Andsnes (piano)
    SUN 3.39am
    SUN Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791): Piano Sonata No 12
    SUN in F, K332 Kevin Kenner (piano)
    SUN 3.59am
    SUN Hasse, Johann Adolph (1699-1783): Overture (Arminio) - 1745
    SUN Ekkehard Hering, Wolfgang Kube (oboes)
    SUN Andrew Joy, Rainier Jurkiewicz (horns)
    SUN Akademie hair Alte Musik Berlin Stephan Mai (director)
    SUN 4.05am
    SUN Bruckner, Anton (1824-1896): Ave Maria; Christus factus
    SUN est; Locus iste - motets Sokkelund Choir
    SUN Morten Schuldt Jensen (conductor)
    SUN 4.19am
    SUN Groneman, Johannes Fredericus! (1710-1 778): Flute Sonata in
    SUN G Jed Wentz (flute) Balazs Mate (cello)
    SUN Marcelo Bussi (harpsichord)
    SUN 4.31am
    SUN Schubert, Franz (1797-1828): Notturno in E flat, D897 -
    SUN for piano as good as strings Vadim Repin (violin)
    SUN Jan-Erik Gustafsson (cello) Leif Ove Andsnes (piano)
    SUN 4.41am
    SUN Chopin, Fryderyk (1810-1849): Rondo in C, Op 7
    SUN Ludmil Angelov (piano)
    SUN 4.50am
    SUN Kuula, Toivo (1883-1918): Prelude as good as Fugue for orchestra,
    SUN Op 10 (1909) Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra
    SUN Pertti Pekkanen (conductor)
    SUN 5.01am
    SUN Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750): Brandenburg Concerto
    SUN No 5 in D, BWV1050 Lars-Ulrik Mortensen (harpsichord)
    SUN Ensemble 415
    SUN 5.22am
    SUN Busoni, Ferrucio (1866-1924): Suite No 2 for orchestra, Op
    SUN 34a Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra
    SUN Esa-Pekka Salonen (conductor)
    SUN 5.50am
    SUN Grainger, Percy (1882-1961): Apres un reve (after Faure)
    SUN Leslie Howard (piano)
    SUN 5.54am
    SUN Lindblad, Adolf Fredrik (1801-1878)/Lyrics by Knos,
    SUN Thekla: Drommarne [Dreams] - chronicle for church band and
    SUN band Swedish Radio Choir
    SUN Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra
    SUN Gustaf Sjokvist (conductor)
    SUN 6.11am
    SUN d'India, Sigismondo (c.1582-c.1629): Interdette speranz'e
    SUN outpost desio [Forbidden dreams as good as hopeless love]
    SUN Consort of Musicke
    SUN 6.19am
    SUN Telemann, Georg Philipp (1681-1767): Concerto in D for
    SUN flute, dual violins, viola as good as continuo
    SUN Musica ! Antiqua Koln
    SUN 6.31am
    SUN Haydn, Joseph (1732-1809): Symphony No 100 in G (Military)
    SUN Slovakia Radio Symphony Orchestra
    SUN Ludovit Rajter (conductor).
    SUN 07:00 Breakfast b00pd9z3 (Listen)
    SUN 10:00 Sunday Morning b00pdb0v (Listen)
    SUN Iain Burnside as good as Suzy Klein
    SUN As a physique of a Yuletide bird starts to demeanour a
    SUN little reduction appetising, Iain as good as Suzy accumulate a trio of
    SUN A-list low-pitched guests to assistance move a little post-Yuletide
    SUN sparkle to Sunday morning.
    SUN Joanna MacGregor, James Bowman as good as Tarik O'Regan reflect
    SUN upon their low-pitched highlights of a year 2009 as good as their
    SUN hopes for a next.
    SUN Dvorak: Rusalka (Song to a Moon)
    SUN Amanda Roocroft (soprano) LPO
    SUN Franz Welser-Most (conductor) EMI 555 090 2 Tr 9
    SUN Duration: 6m05s
    SUN Britten: Violin Concerto, Op fifteen II (Vivace)
    SUN Janine Jansen (violin) LSO Paavo Jarvi (conductor)
    SUN Decca 478 1530 Tr 2 Duration: 8m20s
    SUN Schnittke: Concerto for Mixed Chorus (conclusion: Complete
    SUN this work which we began) Holst Singers
    SUN Stephen Layton (conductor) Hyperion CDA67297 Tr 4
    SUN Duration: 5m27s
    SUN Handel: Messiah (O Thou which Tellest)
    SUN Iestyn Davies (countertenor) Britten Sinfonia
    SUN Polyphony Steven Layton (conductor)
    SUN Hyperion CDA 67800 CD1 Tr 9 Duration: 4m56s
    SUN Haydn: F teenager Variations Alfred Brendel (piano)
    SUN Vienna Phiharmonic Charles Mackerras (conductor)
    SUN Decca 478 2116 CD 1 Tr! 4 Du ration: 11m38s
    SUN Ralph Stanley: Twelve Gates to a City
    SUN Ralph Stanley (voice)
    SUN Columbia/DMZ Tr 5 (album: Ralph Stanley, expelled 2002)
    SUN Duration: 1m57s
    SUN Vincent Ahehehinnou: Dis moi la verite
    SUN Orchestre Poly Rythmo de Cotonou
    SUN Analog Africa AACD 064 Tr 7 Duration: 4m10s
    SUN Corradini: Spargite flores Gonzaga Band
    SUN Chandos CHAN 0761 Tr 1 Duration: 4m21s
    SUN Britten: Ballad of Heroes (conclusion: Recitative and
    SUN Choral) Martin Hill (tenor) London Symphony Chorus
    SUN London Symphony Orchestra Richard Hickox (conductor)
    SUN Chandos CHAN 8983/4 CD 2 Tr 7 Duration: 7m24s
    SUN Mira Calix: My Secret Heart (excerpt) Streetwise Opera
    SUN Disc total to be confirmed Duration: 1m50s
    SUN we Levy (II:80): Sepharade: El amor yo no savia
    SUN Hesperion XXI Jordi Savall (conductor)
    SUN Alia Vox AVSA 9870 Tr 9 Duration: 4m21s
    SUN Macmillan: The Gallant Weaver Laudibus
    SUN Mike Brewer (conductor) Delphian DCD34060 Tr 11
    SUN Duration: 5m30s
    SUN Mozart: Piano Concerto No 23, K488 (Finale)
    SUN Cleveland Orchestra Mitsuko Uchida (director/piano)
    SUN Decca 478 1524 Tr 6 Duration: 8m09s
    SUN Tarik O'Regan: Darkness Visible
    SUN Andrew Watts (countertenor) Benjamin Hulett (tenor)
    SUN Lucy Wakeford (harp) NMC D150 CD 2 Tr 16
    SUN Duration: 3m46s
    SUN Blaar Kindesdottir: Haiku
    SUN (Blaar Kindesdottir is a nom-de-plume for Colin Matthews)
    SUN James Bowman (countertenor) Andrew Plant (piano)
    SUN NMC D150 CD 2 Tr twenty-nine Duration: 1m22s
    SUN SUN Piazzolla: Milonga del angel (arr. MacGregor)
    SUN Publisher: Warner Chappell Joanna MacGregor (piano)
    SUN Marcus Van Horn (bass) Jacqueline Shave (violin)
    SUN Warner Classics 2564 68475-9 Tr thirteen Duration: 3m58s
    SUN Piazzolla: Libertango (arr. MacGregor)
    SUN Publisher: Eaton Music Ltd Joanna MacGregor (piano)
    SUN Warner Classics 2564 68475-9 Tr fourteen Duration: 3m46s.
    SUN 12:00 Private Passions b00hwwrg (Listen)
    SUN Michael Morpurgo
    SUN Michael Berkeley's guest is children's bard Michael
    SUN Morpurgo, whose 1982 novel War Horse, desirous by the
    SUN knowledge of cavalry horses in a First World War, has
    SUN been turned in to a pound hit play. His ultimate books deal
    SUN with immature kids upon both sides of a Israeli-Palestinian
    SUN divide as good as with a boy caught up in an Indonesian tsunami
    SUN who is saved by an elephant.
    SUN Morpurgo is a ardent strain lover, especially of vocal
    SUN music, as good as his choices include functions by Tallis, Purcell,
    SUN Bach as good as Handel as good as a concerto by Vivaldi, inspired
    SUN by his most visits to Venice, as good as Beethoven's Pastoral
    SUN Symphony, which reflects his low adore of rural life.
    SUN M Berkeley: The Wakeful Poet (Music from Chaucer) (pub OUP)
    SUN Beaux-Arts Brass Quintet BBQ BBQ 003 Track 10
    SUN Dur: 25s
    SUN Beethoven: Violin Concerto in D, Op 61 (1st mvt - excerpt)
    SUN David Oistrakh (violin) French National Radio Orchestra
    SUN Andre Cluytens (conductor)
    SUN David Oistrakh EMI 214712-2 CD4 Track 1 Dur: 7m6s
    SUN Tallis: Spem in Alium (excerpt) The Tallis Scholars
    SUN ! Pe ter Phillips (conductor)
    SUN Thomas Tallis GIMELL CDGIM 006 Track 1 Dur: 3m26s
    SUN Vivaldi: Concerto in D for lute, strings as good as continuo,
    SUN RV93 (1st mvt - Allegro) Paul O'Dette (lute)
    SUN The Parley of Instruments Roy Goodman (conductor)
    SUN HYPERION CDA66160 Track 10 Dur: 3m25s
    SUN Purcell: Fairest Isle (King Arthur)
    SUN Alfred Deller (countertenor)
    SUN Walter Bergman (harpsichord)
    SUN The Art of Alfred Deller VANGUARD CLASSICS 92 529 CD2
    SUN Track 16 Dur: 2m41s
    SUN Handel: Where'er we Walk (Semele, Act 2 Sc 3)
    SUN Anthony Rolfe-Johson (tenor) English Baroque Soloists
    SUN John Eliot Gardiner (conductor)
    SUN Handel Semele ERATO 4509-99759-2 CD2 Track 2 Dur: 4m58s
    SUN Bach: Chorus: Jauchzet, frohlocket, auf, preiset die Tage
    SUN (The Yuletide Oratorio) Monteverdi Choir
    SUN English Baroque Soloists John Eliot Gardiner (conductor)
    SUN ARCHIV 469 770-2 CD1 Track 1 Dur: 3m07s
    SUN Mozart: Piano Sonata in A K331 (1st mvt: Andante grazioso
    SUN - thesis only) Mitsuko Uchida (piano)
    SUN PHILIPS 468 359-2 CD3 Track 7 Dur: 1m52s
    SUN Beethoven: Symphony No 6 in F, Op 68 (Pastoral) (3rd mvt -
    SUN Peasants' Merrymaking) Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam
    SUN Bernard Haitink (conductor) PHILIPS 420 541-2 Track 3
    SUN Dur: 2m39s
    SUN Elgar: Nimrod (Variations upon an strange theme, Op 36 -
    SUN Enigma) London Philharmonic Orchestra
    SUN Daniel Barenboim (conductor)
    SUN Elgar SONY MK 76529 Track fourteen Dur: 3m30s
    SUN Purcell: Sound a wail (Come ye sons of art away)
    SUN Isobel Baillie (soprano) Kathleen Fe! rrier (c ontralto)
    SUN Gerald Moore (piano)
    SUN Kathleen Ferrier CD AJA 5536 Track 6 Dur: 2m00s.
    SUN 13:00 The Early Music Show b00h3ycc (Listen)
    SUN Yuletide Carols
    SUN Catherine Bott looks during a behind of upon a origin of a Christmas
    SUN carol as good as roots out a little of a strange versions of some
    SUN of today's renouned tunes. Carols appeared in Europe
    SUN thousands of years ago, though they weren't creatively the
    SUN Yuletide fare we know today. They were pagan songs for
    SUN a Winter Solstice as good as people would sing them as they
    SUN danced around mill circles. The word 'carol' suggests a
    SUN dance-song expressing regard or joy. Early Christians took
    SUN over a pagan solstice celebrations as good as so a couple was
    SUN determined in in between carols as good as Christmas. More mostly than
    SUN not Yuletide carols were renouned tunes to be achieved in
    SUN gathering places or in a streets, customarily slowly did they
    SUN start to find there approach in to a church.
    SUN Some of a melodies for today's renouned carols have been very
    SUN old, as good as through a march of this programme Catherine
    SUN draws upon a little of a strange versions of a carols, for
    SUN songs such as Ding Dong Merrily On High as good as Good King
    SUN Wenceslas. She explores a little of a ways in which early
    SUN composers have brought carols in to a physique of a church
    SUN service.
    SUN John Foster: While shepherds watched their flocks
    SUN Taverner Consort as good as Players Andrew Parrott (conductor)
    SUN VIRGIN CLASSICS 503680 CD 1 Track 2
    SUN Trad: Gabriel fram heven-king (Angelus ad virginem)
    SUN Andrew Parrott (! tenor) Dorren Muskett (hurdy-gurdy)
    SUN EMI CDC 7498092 Track 17
    SUN Trad: Peperit virgo (The Red Book of Ossory)
    SUN Holly Cluett (soprano) Andrea Budgey (harp)
    SUN AMON RA CD SAR 63 Track 5
    SUN Trad: Verbum caro: In hac anni circulo Taverner Consort
    SUN Andrew Parrott (conductor) EMI CDC 7498092 Track 21
    SUN Segue to:
    SUN Trad: Now competence we singen Oxford Camerata
    SUN Jeremy Summerly (conductor) NAXOS 8.550751 Track 13
    SUN Trad: Nova Nova Pro Cantione Antiqua
    SUN ALTO ALC 1004 Track 15
    SUN Segue to:
    SUN Trad: Goday my Lord Syre Christemasse
    SUN Pro Cantione Antiqua ALTO ALC 1004 Track 16
    SUN Trad: Nato canunt omnia - Sequentia ad Misam in gallicantu
    SUN in Nativate Domini Pro Cantione Antiqua
    SUN Bruno Turner (conductor)
    SUN DEUTSCHE HARMONIA MUNDI 05472 77446-2 Track 5
    SUN Segue to:
    SUN Trad: Jhesu, fils virginis Pro Cantione Antiqua
    SUN Bruno Turner (conductor)
    SUN DEUTSCHE HARMONIA MUNDI 05472 77446-2 Track 6
    SUN Segue to:
    SUN Richard Smert: Nowell, Nowell Pro Cantione Antiqua
    SUN Bruno Turner (conductor)
    SUN DEUTSCHE HARMONIA MUNDI 05472 77446-2 Track 9
    SUN Trad: In Dulci Jubilo Oxford Camerata
    SUN Jeremy Summerly (conductor) NAXOS 8.553578 Track 9
    SUN Segue to:
    SUN Trad: Branle de l'Officiel Taverner Consort as good as Players
    SUN Andrew Parrott (conductor) EMI CDC 7498092 Track 24
    SUN Segue to:
    SUN Trad: Tempus adest floridum Oxfo! rd Camer ata
    SUN Jeremy Summerly (conductor) NAXOS 8.553578 Track 3
    SUN Trad: Gaudete Stephen Charlesworth (baritone)
    SUN Taverner Consort as good as Players EMI CDC 7498092 Track 20
    SUN Trad: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen The Mellstock Band
    SUN 14:00 Radio 3 Requests b00pdb5p (Listen)
    SUN Fiona Talkington introduces some-more BBC Radio 3 listeners'
    SUN favourites as good as recommendations, together with mesmeric cello
    SUN personification from Frenchman Jean-Guihen Queyras in strain by
    SUN Kodaly as good as a finish opening of Britten's rarely
    SUN listened thespian thoughtfulness upon a hold up of St Nicolas.
    SUN Plus violinist Philip Setzer of a Emerson String Quartet
    SUN upon because a vintage opening of Schubert's Symphony No 9
    SUN in C (Great) is a single he could never live without.
    SUN Kate Rusby The Holly as good as a Ivy
    SUN Kate Rusby (singer) PURE RECORDS PRCD33, Tr 5
    SUN Gregorio Allegri Cantate Domino
    SUN A Sei Voci Bernard Fabre-Garrus (director)
    SUN ASTREE E8524 t11, Request 1942
    SUN Gruber Silent Night
    SUN Mario Lanza (tenor) RCA GD86427, t17
    SUN Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Andante criminal moto from String
    SUN Quartet in E prosaic K428
    SUN Emersons DG 431 797-2, CD 2 TR 2
    SUN Franz Schubert Symphony no.9: Finale
    SUN Cleveland Orchestra, George Szell (conductor), SONY
    SUN SBK48268
    SUN Zoltn Kodly Adagio for Cello as good as Piano
    SUN Jean-Guihen Queyras (cello) Alexandre Tharaud (piano)
    SUN HARMONIA MUNDI HMC 901735, t1! 4
    S UN
    SUN Johann Sebastian Bach Toccata as good as Fugue in F BWV 540
    SUN TELDEC 0630173682, t2-3
    SUN Skalkottas Nice Greek Dances Epirotikos;
    SUN Kalamatianos
    SUN Royal Northern College of Music Wind Orchestra
    SUN Clark Rundell (conductor) CHANDOS CHAN 10284, t5, 7
    SUN Britten St Nicolas Antony Rolfe Johnson (tenor)
    SUN Croydon Singers Choristers of St Georges Chapel Windsor
    SUN Girls of Warwick University Chamber Choir
    SUN Schools Choirs of Sevenoaks as good as Tunbridge Schools
    SUN Choir of Christ Church Southgate
    SUN Penshurst Choral Society Catherine Edwards (piano)
    SUN John Alley (piano) English Chamber Orchestra
    SUN Matthew Best (conductor) HYPERION CDA66333, t1-9
    SUN Alvar Lidell Ill travel next to you
    SUN Alvar Lidell (singer) Gerald Moore (piano)
    SUN CONIFER CDHD 301, t18
    SUN 16:00 Choral Evensong b00pdk5g (Listen)
    SUN Choral Evening Prayer
    SUN From St James's Roman Catholic Church, Spanish Place,
    SUN London, with a Choir of The Queen's College, Oxford.
    SUN Versicle as good as Response: Deus in adjutorium (Padilla)
    SUN Rorate caeli desuper (Guerrero)
    SUN Psalms: 110, 147 - Dixit Dominus (Padilla), Lauda
    SUN Jerusalem (Patino) First Lesson: Isaiah 55
    SUN Office Hymn: The Angel Gabriel (Basque trad, arr Pettman)
    SUN Magnificat (Morales) Second Lesson: Matthew 1 vv18-23
    SUN Nunc Dimittis (Coelho) Homily: Prof Christopher Rowland
    SUN Anthems: Ave Maria (de Cristo); Pastores, si nos quereis
    SUN (Guerrero); O magnum mysterium (Victoria); Alma
    SUN redemptoris womanlike parent (Fernandez); Verbum caro factum est
    SUN (Lobo)
    SUN Organ Voluntary: Tiento y discurso de segundo tono (Correa
    SUN de Araujo)
    SUN Organ scholars: Benedict Lewis-Smith as good as Matthew Burgess
    SUN Director of music: Owen Rees.
    SUN 17:00 Discovering Music b00jdhxk (Listen)
    SUN Vaughan Williams: Symphony No 5
    SUN Stephen Johnson explores a single of Vaughan Williams's most
    SUN willing functions - his Symphony No 5 in D.
    SUN The work was begun in 1938, usually prior to a dispute of
    SUN a Second World War, as good as completed in 1943, as good as its
    SUN serenity was set opposite a horrific backdrop of violence
    SUN taking place via Europe during a time. Vaughan
    SUN Williams conjures tonal images of a English countryside
    SUN as good as mostly alludes to a sounds of Elizabethan polyphony.
    SUN In a recording done during Glasgow's City Halls in October
    SUN 2008, Paul Daniel conducts a BBC Scottish Symphony
    SUN Orchestra in excerpts as good as a finish opening of the
    SUN work.
    SUN 18:30 The Choir b00pdbtk (Listen)
    SUN Aled Jones presents a Voice Project, performing Gwilym
    SUN Simcock's we Prefer a Gorgeous Freedom during this year's
    SUN London Jazz Festival, to a single side a composer. He also
    SUN introduces a recording of 3 functions consecrated by BBC
    SUN Radio 3 for Chantage, winners of BBC Choir of a Year
    SUN 2006.
    SUN Related Links
    SUN * Gwilym Simcock (www.gwilymsimcock.com)
    SUN * The Voice Project (www.voiceproject.co.uk)
    SUN * London Jazz Festival upon BBC Radio 3
    SUN * Chantage (www.chantage.org)
    SUN Sweet Honey in a Rock By a W! aters of Babylon
    SUN Cooking Vinyl, COOKCD082, 7
    SUN Will Todd Requiem (Dies Irae)
    SUN Thomas Gray (electric guitar) The Fairhaven Singers
    SUN Ralph Woodward (conductor) Tyalgum Press, TYA003, 2
    SUN John Tavener Rocking
    SUN Chantage James Davey (conductor)
    SUN Recording: BBC recording
    SUN Gabriel Jackson The Voice of a Bard
    SUN Chantage James Davey (conductor)
    SUN Recording: BBC recording
    SUN Richard Allain Cradle Song
    SUN Chantage James Davey (conductor)
    SUN Recording: BBC recording
    SUN Gwilym Simcock we Prefer a Gorgeous Freedom - 1. I
    SUN Prefer a Gorgeous Freedom
    SUN Jeremy Avis (tenor) The Voice Project
    SUN Sian Croose (conductor) Gwilym Simcock (piano)
    SUN Klaus Gesing (reeds) Yuri Goloubev (Double Bass)
    SUN James Maddren (drums)
    SUN Recording: available by a BBC upon twenty-one November 2009 in
    SUN a Queen Elizabeth Hall, London as partial of a London
    SUN Jazz Festival
    SUN Gwilym Simcock we Prefer a Gorgeous Freedom - 2.
    SUN Homeward Bound
    SUN Sianed Jones (soprano) Rebecca Askew (alto)
    SUN Jeremy Avis (tenor) Jonathan Baker (bass)
    SUN The Voice Project Sian Croose (conductor)
    SUN Gwilym Simcock (piano) Klaus Gesing (reeds)
    SUN Yuri Goloubev (Double Bass) James Maddren (drums)
    SUN Recording: BBC recording
    SUN Gwilym Simcock we Prefer a Gorgeous Freedom - 3.
    SUN Innisfree
    SUN Sianed Jones (soprano) The Voice Project
    SUN Sian Croose (conductor) Gwilym Simcock (piano)
    SUN Klaus Gesing (reeds) Yuri Goloubev (Double Bass)
    SUN James Maddren (drums) Recordi! ng: BBC recording
    SUN Gwilym Simcock we Prefer a Gorgeous Freedom - 4. I
    SUN instruct we knew how it would feel to be free (Billy Taylor
    SUN arr. Simcock)
    SUN Sianed Jones (soprano) Rebecca Askew (alto)
    SUN Jeremy Avis (tenor) Jonathan Baker (bass)
    SUN Gwilym Simcock (piano) Klaus Gesing (reeds)
    SUN Yuri Goloubev (Double Bass) James Maddren (drums)
    SUN Recording: BBC recording
    SUN Gwilym Simcock we Prefer a Gorgeous Freedom - 5. No
    SUN Rack: Everyone Sang
    SUN Sianed Jones (soprano) Rebecca Askew (alto)
    SUN Jeremy Avis (tenor) Jonathan Baker (bass)
    SUN The Voice Project Sian Croose (conductor)
    SUN Gwilym Simcock (piano) Klaus Gesing (reeds)
    SUN Yuri Goloubev (Double Bass) James Maddren (drums)
    SUN Recording: BBC recording
    SUN 20:00 Drama upon 3 b00d6wrp (Listen)
    SUN Your Only Man
    SUN By Annie Caulfield.
    SUN Brian O'Nolan was an Irish writer, columnist as good as civil
    SUN menial who wrote novels such as The Third Policeman under
    SUN a coop name of Flann O'Brien as good as renouned satirical
    SUN newspaper columns as Myles na gCopaleen, whilst during a same
    SUN time operative as a polite menial in Dublin underneath his real
    SUN name. This fool around imagines what competence have happened had the
    SUN 3 of them got together upon a day when O'Nolan was
    SUN asked to leave his polite make use of post.
    SUN Brian O'Nolan ...... Ardal O'Hanlon
    SUN Flann O'Brien ...... Dermot Crowley
    SUN Myles na gCopaleen ...... Dara O'Briain
    SUN Evelyn O'Nolan/Miss Fahy ...... Pauline McLynn
    SUN Eddie Fahy, a law enforcemetn officer as good as everyone ! else ... ... Lloyd
    SUN Hutchinson
    SUN Directed by Marilyn Imrie.
    SUN 21:30 Sunday Feature b00jkt2z (Listen)
    SUN Liquid Assets: Handel's Finances
    SUN BBC business correspondent Peter Day looks during Handel's
    SUN unusual success upon a stock marketplace as good as
    SUN examining a monetary matters concerned in putting on
    SUN operas as good as oratorios in 18th-century London.
    SUN Handel speculated in a newly shaped London stock market
    SUN via his hold up in a capital. Strikingly, he put
    SUN income in to South Sea stock in 1716 when prices were low
    SUN as good as had sold up by 1720 when a South Sea credit bubble
    SUN detonate in a single of a good monetary cataclysms in fiscal
    SUN history. Many others lost fortunes, together with Sir Isaac
    SUN Newton, warden of a Royal Mint. The composer profited
    SUN handsomely and, whilst others shied away from the
    SUN uncertainties of speculation, he a single after an additional to invest
    SUN via his life. From 1744, Handel's investments just
    SUN grew as good as grew.
    SUN Talking to Handel experts as good as monetary historians, Peter
    SUN Day enters a tough economics of 18th-century
    SUN music-making as good as visits a Bank of England to see the
    SUN composer's extravagant signature upon countless ledgers as he
    SUN traded annuities.
    SUN 22:15 Words as good as Music b00pdclx (Listen)
    SUN At a Movies
    SUN An edition of BBC Radio 3's weekly mixture of poetry,
    SUN communication as good as strain desirous by a movies.
    SUN Poets as good as composers have been compared with a cinema
    SUN since it began good ! over a h undred years ago. In a early
    SUN years, artists such a Russian producer Mayakovsky, Jean
    SUN Cocteau, WH Auden as good as Bertolt Brecht were all concerned as
    SUN were composers William Walton, Erich Korngold, Max Steiner
    SUN as good as Elmer Bernstein.
    SUN Poems include Tony Harrison's Continuous, George Szirtes's
    SUN In Memoriam Busby Berkeley, Carol Ann Duffy's Big Sue and
    SUN Now Voyager, ee cummings's your smallest demeanour (heard in
    SUN Woody Allen's movie Hannah as good as Her Sisters) as good as Roger
    SUN McGough's If Life's a Lousy Picture, Why Not Leave before
    SUN a End?
    SUN Plus strain by Michael Nyman, Mozart, Schumann, Bernard
    SUN Hermann, Aubert, Miles Davis, Nino Rota, Jerry Goldsmith
    SUN as good as Ennio Morricone.
    SUN Producer note At a Movies
    SUN This weeks Words as good as Music takes a journey through the
    SUN story of motion picture via a communication as good as strain desirous by the
    SUN movies. Poets as good as composers have been compared with the
    SUN motion picture since a initial movie was done over a hundred years
    SUN ago. In those early years critical writers similar to Jean Cocteau,
    SUN Mayakovsky, W.H. Auden as good as Bertolt Brecht were concerned as
    SUN were a composers William Walton, Max Steiner, Elmer
    SUN Bernstein as good as Erich Korngold. And a not hard to see why
    SUN movie as good as communication work so good together a little even argue
    SUN which motion picture account comes from exemplary poetry. Poets
    SUN similar to Michael Donaghy, August Kleinzahler, Liz Lochhead and
    SUN Frank OHara make use of shining cinematic images in their works
    SUN desirous by film.
    SUN Inevitably, a liv! es of po ets have mostly inspired
    SUN movie makers as good Dylan Thomas, Sylvia Plath, Shelley and,
    SUN usually this year, Keats in Jane Campions Bright Star. In
    SUN 1994 Philippe Noiret played a Chilean producer Pablo Neruda
    SUN in Il Postino in a programme youll listen to a section
    SUN of a soundtrack to a single side Nerudas Poetry.
    SUN Terence Davies is usually a single executive who has used poetry
    SUN as good as strain via his drive-in entertainment as a approach of exploring his
    SUN pass themes of mental recall as good as reflection. And, of course, Woody
    SUN Allen has regularly used strain as a soundtrack of New York
    SUN in drive-in entertainment similar to Annie Hall as good as Manhattan. In this
    SUN programme youll listen to a producer ee cummings Your
    SUN smallest demeanour with Rodgers as good as Harts You have been too
    SUN pleasing from Hannah as good as her Sisters.
    SUN And, of course, for lots of people their first
    SUN introduction to exemplary strain comes from a movies. The
    SUN initial time we listened Soave sia il vento from Mozarts
    SUN Cosi Fan Tutte was in a propagandize movie club screening of
    SUN John Schlesingers Sunday Bloody Sunday where it
    SUN illustrated ideally his themes of beauty as good as infidelity.
    SUN And youll listen to a little of a scores consecrated from the
    SUN good movie composers similar to Bernstein, Bernard Herrmann,
    SUN Ennio Morricone as good as Max Steiner. In drive-in entertainment like
    SUN Chinatown, Vertigo, La Dolce Vita as good as Now, Voyager
    SUN a impossible to apart a difference as good as strain both are
    SUN critical to a drive-in entertainment success.
    SUN Fiona McLean Producer
    SUN ! Running Order
    SUN 00:00:00
    SUN 00:00:13
    SUN ADRIENNE RICH Images for Godard
    SUN Barbara Flynn (reader)
    SUN 00:00:22
    SUN NINO ROTA La Dolce Vita Carlo Savina - conductor
    SUN CAM CSE009
    SUN 00:01:20
    SUN AUGUST KLEINZAHLER Old Movies William Hope (reader)
    SUN 00:01:56
    SUN CAROL ANN DUFFY Big Sue as good as Now Voyager
    SUN Barbara Flynn (reader)
    SUN 00: 03:34
    SUN MAX STEINER Now, Voyager Cinema Serenade
    SUN Boston Pops Orchestra Itzhak Perlman violin
    SUN John Williams transmitter Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
    SUN 00:08:33
    SUN LOUIS AUBERT Cinema Walt Disney
    SUN Aubert: Orchestral Works Rheinland-Pfalz Philharmonic
    SUN Conductor Leif Segerstam MARCO POLO 8223531
    SUN 00:10:13
    SUN Hollywood Jabberwocky William Hope (reader)
    SUN 00:11:30
    SUN Charlie Chaplin Original Music from his Movies
    SUN BLUE MOON BM999034
    SUN 00:12:36
    SUN BERNARD HERRMANN Vertigo In Session
    SUN Royal Scottish National Orchestra
    SUN 00:12:52
    SUN LEONTIA FLYNN Alfred Hitchcock Barbara Flynn (reader)
    SUN 00:15:56
    SUN DON PATERSON Rain Barbara Flynn (reader)
    SUN 00:17:11
    SUN HARBURG AND ARLEN Over a Rainbow
    SUN Wizard of Oz Original Film Soundtrack MGM CDP7933032
    SUN 00:19:2 6

    SUN MICHAEL NYMAN Big My Secret The Piano
    SUN 00:22:18
    SUN EE CUMMINGS Your smallest demeanour William Hope (reader)
    SUN 00:22:54
    SUN RODGERS AND HART You have been as good Beautiful
    SUN Hannah as good as her Sisters Original Soundtrack
    SUN Piano Derek Smith
    SUN 00:26:32
    SUN MICHEL LEGRAND The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
    SUN Cinema Serenade Izthak Perlman Violin
    SUN John Williams transmitter Pittsburg Symphony Orchestra
    SUN 00:30:16
    SUN FRANK OHARA An Image of Leda Barbara Flynn (reader)
    SUN 00:30:21
    SUN PHILIP GLASS The Poet Acts The Hours Soundtrack
    SUN Michael Riesman piano The Lyric Quartet
    SUN Nick Ingman transmitter NONESUCH 7559-79693-2
    SUN 00:32:52
    SUN MOZART Cosi fan Tutte Soave sia il vento
    SUN Elizabeth Schwarzkopf, Nan Merriman as good as Sesto Bruscantini
    SUN Herbert von Karajan Philharmonia Orchestra as good as Chorus
    SUN EMI CMS5670642
    SUN 00:36:15
    SUN TONY HARRISON Continuous Tony Harrison (reader)
    SUN 00:37:27
    SUN MAX STEINER White Heat Film Noir
    SUN William T. Stromberg Brandenburg Philharmonic Orchestra
    SUN RCA 09026681452
    SUN 00:38:40
    SUN ENNIO MORRICONE A Fistful of Dollars
    SUN Movie Masterpieces BMG B0001ENWY6
    SUN 00:40:27
    SUN MICHAEL DONAGHY Fin William Hope (reader)
    SUN 00:41:17
    SUN JERRY GOLDSMITH Chinatown Jazz in Film
    SUN Trumpet Terence Blanchar! d SON Y CLASSICAL SK60671
    SUN 00:48:39
    SUN On Seeing a Leni Riefenstahl Film of a 1936 Olympic
    SUN Games William Hope (reader)
    SUN 00:49:07
    SUN JOHN WILLIAMS Remembrances Schindlers List
    SUN John Williams transmitter Itzhak Perlman violin
    SUN MCA MCAD10969
    SUN 00:54:22
    SUN Bernard Herrmann Film Scores
    SUN Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Elmer Bernstein conductor
    SUN MILAN 140812
    SUN 00:55:00
    SUN Barbara Flynn (reader)
    SUN 00:57:22
    SUN LUIS BACALOV Theme from Il Postino
    SUN Itzhak Perlman violin Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
    SUN John Williams conductor
    SUN 01:01:06
    SUN PABLO NERUDA Poetry William Hope (reader)
    SUN 01:02:55
    SUN GIACOMO PUCCINI O mio babbino caro A Room with a View
    SUN Kiri te Kanawa soprano DRG CDSBL12588
    SUN 01:05:21
    SUN EDWIN MORGAN Antonioni Barbara Flynn (reader)
    SUN 01:06:06
    SUN MILES DAVIS Final Ascenseur pour lEchafaud
    SUN Miles Davis - wail FONTANA 8363052
    SUN 01:10:11
    SUN LIZ LOCHHEAD Fin Barbara Flynn (reader)
    SUN 01:10:42
    SUN ROGER McGOUGH If Lifes a Lousy Picture
    SUN William Hope (reader)
    SUN 01:11:10
    SUN ELMER BERNSTEIN To Kill a Mockingbird In Session
    SUN Royal Scottish National Orchestra
    SUN 23:30 Jazz Line-Up b00pdclz (Listen)!
    SU N Dave Holland during a 2009 London Jazz Festival
    SUN Julian Joseph presents UK-born bassist Dave Holland in
    SUN unison during a Queen Elizabeth Hall as partial of a 2009
    SUN London Jazz Festival.
    SUN Dave Holland is as good good known as a bandleader as he is as
    SUN a rope member. This event from a London Jazz Festival
    SUN facilities his Overtone Quartet of Chris Potter (tenor
    SUN saxophone), Jason Moran (piano) as good as Eric Harland (drums).
    SUN This quartet boasts unusual soloists in their own right
    SUN as good as Holland has created material which encompasses all
    SUN their low-pitched dimensions.
    SUN Title: The Outsiders Artist: The Overtone Quartet
    SUN Comp: Chris Potter Publ: BMI Music Dur:12m47s
    SUN Title: Walk in a Walk Artist: The Overtone Quartet
    SUN Comp: Dave Holland Publ: Lojac Music Dur:8m44s
    SUN Title: Patterns Artist: The Overtone Quartet
    SUN Comp: Eric Harland Publ: Dusean Publ (SESAC)
    SUN Dur:8m35s
    SUN Title: Frelon Brun Artist: Miles Davis Quintet
    SUN Album: Filles De Killamanjaro Label: Columbia CS 9750
    SUN Track: 1 Comp: Miles Davis
    SUN Publ. Sony ATV Music Publishing Dur:5m35s
    SUN Title: Gummy Moon Artist: The Overtone Quartet
    SUN Comp: Jason Moran Publ: Jamo Publishing (sesac)
    SUN Dur:11m33s
    SUN Title: Interception Artist: The Overtone Quartet
    SUN Comp: Dave Holland Publ: Lojac Music Dur:14m02s
    SUN Title: Sky Artist: The Overtone Quartet
    SUN Comp: Chris Potter Publ: Chris Potter Music/BMI
    SUN Dur:14m57s.
    MON ! MONDAY twenty-eight DECEMBER 2009
    MON 01:00 Through a Night b00pdcrd (Listen)
    MON 1.00am
    MON Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791): Overture (The
    MON Marriage of Figaro, K492) Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra
    MON Maxim Vengerov (conductor)
    MON 1.06am
    MON Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791): Violin Concerto No 4
    MON in D, K218 David Coucheron (violin)
    MON Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra Maxim Vengerov (conductor)
    MON 1.32am
    MON Brahms, Johannes (1833-1897): Symphony No 3 in F, Op 90
    MON 2.11am
    MON Brahms: Hungarian Dance No 1 in G minor
    MON 2.15am
    MON Brahms: Hungarian Dance No 5 in F pointy minor
    MON Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra Maxim Vengerov (conductor)
    MON 2.18am
    MON Dohnanyi, Erno (1877-1960): Ruralia Hungarica for
    MON orchestra, Op 32b Hungarian Radio Orchestra
    MON Andras Korodi (conductor)
    MON 2.41am
    MON Pasquini , Bernardo (1637-1710): Pastorale
    MON Leo outpost Doeselaar (organ of S. Candido, Tai di Cadore)
    MON 2.47am
    MON Regnart, Jacob (c.1540-1599): Litania deiparae virginis
    MON mariae Currende Erik outpost Nevel (conductor)
    MON 3.01am
    MON Dutsch, Otto (c.1823-1863): Overture (The Croatian Girl)
    MON Danish Radio Concert Orchestra Hannu Koivula (conductor)
    MON 3.13am
    MON Rachmaninov, Sergei (1873-1943): Sonata No 2 in B flat
    MON minor, Op 36 Aldo Ciccolini (piano)
    MON 3.32am
    MON Ebner, Leopold (1769-1830): Trio in B flat
    MON Zagreb Woodwind Trio
    MON ! 3.39am
    MON Rubbra, Edmund (1901-1986): Trio in a single movement, Op 68
    MON Hertz Trio
    MON 4.00am
    MON Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750): Keyboard Concerto in F
    MON minor, BWV1056 Angela Hewitt (piano)
    MON Norwegian Chamber Orchestra
    MON 4.10am
    MON Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791): Ch'io mi scordi di
    MON te...? Non temer, amato bene, K505
    MON Andrea Rost (soprano) Zoltan Kocsis (piano)
    MON Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra
    MON 4.21am
    MON Durante, Francesco (1684-1755): Concerto per quartetto for
    MON strings No 4 in E teenager Concerto Koln
    MON 4.32am
    MON Schumann, Robert (1810-1856): Fantasiestucke for clarinet
    MON as good as piano, Op 73 Claudio Bohorquez (cello)
    MON Marcus Groh (piano)
    MON 4.43am
    MON Lassus, Orlande de (1532-1594): Pelli meae consumptis
    MON carnibus King's Singers
    MON 4.51am
    MON Vivaldi, Antonio (1678-1741): Concerto in F for treble
    MON recorder, RV442 Michael Schneider (recorder)
    MON Camerata Koln
    MON 5.01am
    MON Rathaus, Karol (1895-1954): Prelude as good as Gigue in A for
    MON orchestra, Op 44
    MON Polish Radio National Symphony Orchestra in Katowice
    MON Joel Stuben (conductor)
    MON 5.09am
    MON Sweelinck, January Pieterszoon (1562-1621): Psalm twenty-three from 5
    MON Psalms of David (1604) Netherlands Chamber Choir
    MON Philippe Herreweghe (conductor)
    MON 5.17am
    MON Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791): Sonata in G for
    MON violin as good as keyboard, K301 Julie Eskaer (violin)
    MON Janjz Zapol! sky (pia no)
    MON 5.31am
    MON Rossini, Gioachino (1792-1868): Sonata No 1 in G for
    MON string band Romanian National Chamber Orchestra
    MON Ludovic Bacs (conductor)
    MON 5.44am
    MON Liszt, Franz (1811-1886): Rhapsodie Espagnole, S254
    MON Richard Raymond (piano)
    MON 5.59am
    MON Williams, Grace (1906-1977): Sea Sketches
    MON Manitoba Chamber Orchestra Roy Goodman (conductor)
    MON 6.18am
    MON Dvorak, Antonin (1841-1904): String Quartet No twelve in F, Op
    MON 96 (American) Prague Quartet
    MON 6.41am
    MON Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750): Suite No 2 in B minor,
    MON BWV1067 Rachael Brown (flute) Concerto Copenhagen
    MON Lars Ulrick Mortensen (director).
    MON 07:00 Breakfast b00pdvdj (Listen)
    MON 10:00 Classical Collection b00pdvdl (Listen)
    MON 10.00am
    MON Rossini: Overture (William Tell)
    MON Philharmonic Orchestra of La Scala
    MON Riccardo Chailly (conductor) DECCA 448 218 2
    MON 10.12am
    MON Dowland: Time stands still Emma Kirkby (soprano)
    MON Anthony Rooley (lute) HYPERION CDA 66227
    MON 10.16am
    MON Litolff: Scherzo (Concerto Symphonique No 4, Op 102)
    MON Moura Lympany (piano) Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
    MON Malcolm Sargent (conductor) IVORY CLASSICS 70906
    MON 10.24am
    MON Elgar: Serenade for strings BBC Symphony Orchestra
    MON Andrew Davis (conductor) TELDEC 9031-73279-2
    MON 10.36am
    MON Bach: Selection of Preludes as good as Fugues from Book 1 of The
    MON Well-Tempered Clavier ! Gusta v Leonhardt (harpsichord)
    MON 10.40am
    MON Beethoven: Symphony No 9 (Choral)
    MON The Building a Library letter of reference from CD Review.
    MON 12:00 Composer of a Week b00pdvdn (Listen)
    MON Richard Wagner (1813-1883), Episode 1
    MON Examining a dark sides of Wagner, Donald Macleod
    MON explores a composer's self-obsession.
    MON Wagner believed he was an unusual artist set apart
    MON from alternative group and, in a impression of Lohengrin, the
    MON idea of a hero distant from typical mortals is followed
    MON to a judicious conclusion. Wagner's perspective is
    MON revealed in his own words, opposite a backdrop of music
    MON from a opera.
    MON Richard Wagner Lohengrin
    MON Lohengrin: Peter Seiffert Elsa von Brabant: Emily Magee
    MON Friedrich von Telramund: Falk Struckmann
    MON Ortrud: Deborah Polaski
    MON The King of a Germans: Rene Pape
    MON The Kings Herald: Roman Trekel
    MON Chor der Deutschen Staatsoper Berlin
    MON Staatskapelle Berlin Daniel Barenboim (Conductor)
    MON TELDEC 3984-21484-2, CD 1 1, 8 as good as 9; CD 3 6, 9, 10
    MON 13:00 Afternoon upon 3 b00pdvds (Listen)
    MON Summer Festivals 2009, Episode 1
    MON John Shea facilities strain from Finland, Norway as good as the
    MON Czech Republic.
    MON Bach, arr. Marcel Dupre: Sinfonia (Cantata No 46: Wir
    MON muessen durch viel Truebsal, BWV146)
    MON Vincent Dubois (organ)
    MON 1.10pm
    MON Mendelssohn: String Quartet No 6 in F minor, Op 80
    MON Beethoven: String Quartet in C min! or, Op e ighteen No 4 Meta4
    MON 2.05pm
    MON Vierne: Scherzo as good as Finale (Organ Symphony No 6 in B minor)
    MON Vincent Dubois (organ)
    MON Bach: Sinfonia (Cantata No 12: Weinen, klagen, sorgen,
    MON zagen, BWV12) Concerto Copenhagen
    MON Bach: Cantata No 54 (Wiederstehe doch der Sunde)
    MON Anne Sofie von Otter (mezzo-soprano) Concerto Copenhagen
    MON 2.25pm
    MON Bach: Cantata No 35 (Geist und Seele wird verwirret)
    MON Anne Sofie von Otter (mezzo-soprano) Concerto Copenhagen
    MON Beethoven: Diabelli Variations, Op 120
    MON Paul Lewis (piano)
    MON 3.45pm
    MON Mendelssohn: Three Psalms, Op 78 Latvia State Chorus
    MON Jaap Ter Linden (conductor)
    MON Martinu: Field Mass Ivan Kusnjer (baritone)
    MON Kuhn Mixed Chorus
    MON Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra, Pardubice
    MON Marko Ivanovic (conductor)
    MON 4.35pm
    MON Dvorak: Serenade for Winds, Op 44
    MON Members of a Prague Philharmonia
    MON Jiri Belohlavek (conductor).
    MON 17:00 Words as good as Music b00jdhxt (Listen)
    MON Young as good as Easy
    MON Readings of communication as good as prose, interspersed with music,
    MON exploring a intensity of girl as good as a transience.
    MON Hattie Morahan as good as Samuel West review communication as good as communication by
    MON Wordsworth, Rimbaud, Dylan Thomas, Thom Gunn, AE Houseman,
    MON Evelyn Waugh, Sylvia Plath, Jane Austen as good as Caroline Bird.
    MON Music includes Debussy, Schumann, Butterworth, Prokofiev,MON Thomas Morley, Britten as good as Bernstein.
    MON Producer's Note
    MON we took a pretension for this programme about girl from Dylan
    MON Thomass poem Fern Hill: As we was immature as good as easy under
    MON a apple boughs You feel things some-more greatly when
    MON youre young. we consider which is because a subject has inspired
    MON so most writers as good as composers.
    MON we have loosely widely distant a programme in to themes of youth
    MON as good as joy, girl as good as sorrow, childish love, cursed youth,
    MON rebel youth, deprived girl as good as finally, the
    MON transience of youth. we have concentrated upon durations of
    MON story when girl has been critical such as a late
    MON 18th as good as early 19th century. You could disagree which the
    MON Romantics invented youth. Then a hundred years after when
    MON a First World War wiped out a generation of immature men,
    MON girl became something to treasure. The final third of the
    MON programme especially concentrates upon a 20th century the
    MON period in in between a wars when a bright immature things
    MON those who were propitious sufficient to be still alive partied as
    MON if their lives depended upon it. Then we have explored the
    MON 1950s, a birth of a indignant immature man, a emergence of
    MON gang enlightenment as good as a arrival of flowering plant power. Near a end
    MON we have returned to Wordsworth as good as his poem Tintern Abbey
    MON in which he comes to tenure with withdrawal during a behind of a passion
    MON of girl as good as finds something deeper as good as some-more willing to
    MON replace it. we have ended upon an elegiac note with Ernest
    MON Dowsons poem Vitae Summa Brevis Spem Nos Vetat Incohare
    MON ! Lon gam which is a preference from Horace definition The Brief
    MON Sum of Life Forbids us a Hope of Enduring Long.
    MON The strain we have selected is all youth-related. Some of it
    MON is upon a subject of youth, such as Schumanns Album fur
    MON de Jugend, Thomas Morleys sourroundings of Shakespeares song
    MON Oh Mistress Mine, Janice Ians At Seventeen, Debussys
    MON Girl with a Golden Hair as good as Gee Officer Krupke! from
    MON West Side Story. Other pieces of strain we have included
    MON because they involve childish performers, such as the
    MON violinist Chloe Hanslip as good as a Simon Bolivar Youth
    MON Orchestra of Venezuela. Finally we have additionally enclosed music
    MON created when a composer was really young, such as Mozarts
    MON Mitridate, created when he was customarily fourteen.
    MON Music Michael Endres, piano
    MON Name of piece: Melodie, Album hair die Jugend Op.68
    MON Composer: Schumann
    MON Name of CD: Schumann: Piano Works Vol.2
    MON CD Code: ARTE NOVA 74321861702 Track 1
    MON Reading
    MON Author of poem: Arthur Rimbaud (translated by Oliver
    MON Bernard) Name of poem: Romance
    MON From collection: Collected Poems by Arthur Rimbaud
    MON Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd (1986) Reader: Samuel West
    MON Dur: 01.42
    MON Music Daniel Adni, piano
    MON Name of piece: La fille Aux Cheveux de Lin
    MON Composer: Debussy Name of CD: Favourite Debussy
    MON CD Code: EMI CDEMX2055 Track 13
    MON Reading Author of play: Rose Leiman Goldemberg
    MON Name of play: Extract from a fool around 'Letters Home' based
    MON upon a letters as good as journals of Syvia Plath (edited by
    MON Aurelia Plath) P! ublisher : French (1980)
    MON Reader: Hattie Morahan Dur: 02.05
    MON Music Orchestra of a Royal Opera House, cond.
    MON Richard Bonynge
    MON Name of Piece: Manon The Ballet (Based upon extracts from
    MON functions by Jules Massenet)
    MON Arr as good as orch by Leighton Lucas as good as Hilda Gaunt
    MON Name of CD: Manon Ballet CD Code: DECCA 470 525-2
    MON CD2, Track 2
    MON Reading Author of book: Oscar Wilde
    MON Name of book: Extract from The Picture of Dorian Gray
    MON Publisher: Wordsworth Editions Ltd (1992)
    MON Reader: Samuel West Dur: 02.27
    MON Music Lily Allen Name of piece: The Fear
    MON Music: Greg Kurstin Lyrics: Lily Allen
    MON Name of CD: Its Not Me, Its You PARLOPHONE
    MON CD Code: ASIN: B001JFP7GW Track 2
    MON Reading Author of play: William Shakespeare
    MON Name of play: Juliet's discuss Gallop apace you
    MON fiery-footed steeds... from Romeo as good as Juliet (Act 3 Scene
    MON 2) Publisher: Penguin Classics (2007)
    MON Reader: Hattie Morahan Dur: 01.42
    MON Music Boston Symphony Orchestra
    MON Name of piece: The Last Farewell, Romeo as good as Juliet
    MON Composer: Prokofiev Name of CD: Romeo as good as Juliet
    MON CD Code: DEUTSCHE GRAMMOPHON 4273562 Track 19
    MON Reading Author of poem: Dylan Thomas
    MON Name of poem: Fern Hill
    MON From collection: Deaths as good as Entrances
    MON Publisher: JM Dent (1947) Reader: Samuel West
    MON Dur: 02.49
    MON Music Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra of Venezuela;
    MON Conductor: Gustavo Dudamel
    MON Name of piece: Danza del trigo (Wheat Dance)
    MON Composer: ! Alberto Ginastera Name of CD: Fiesta
    MON CD Code: DEUTSCHE GRAMMOPHON 4777457 Track 7
    MON Reading Author of poem: Sharon Olds
    MON Name of poem: Adolescence
    MON From collection: Selected Poems by Sharon Olds
    MON Publisher: Jonathan Cape Ltd (2005)
    MON Reader: Hattie Morahan Dur: 01.54
    MON Music John Potter as good as a Broadside Band
    MON Name of piece: Oh Mistress Mine (from Twelfth Night)
    MON Composer: Thomas Morley
    MON Name of CD: Songs as good as Dances from Shakespeare
    MON CD Code: SAYDISC CDSDL409 Track 3
    MON Reading Author of poem: Simon Armitage
    MON Name of poem: You May Turn Over as good as Begin
    MON From collection: Kid Publisher: Faber as good as Faber (2002)
    MON Reader: Samuel West Dur: 01.19
    MON Music Janis Ian Name of piece: At Seventeen
    MON Music/lyrics: Janis Ian
    MON Name of CD: Janis Ian Live upon a Test 1976
    MON Music Christopher Logue with The Tony Kinsey Quintet
    MON Poem: Lithe Girl, Brown Girl by Christopher Logue
    MON Music: Blue Shoes by Bill Le Sage Name of LP: Red Bird
    MON LP Code: PARLOPHONE GEP 8765 Side 1 Band 1
    MON Music Chloe Hanslip with a LSO; Conductor: Paul Mann
    MON Name of piece: Romanza Andaluza, Op. twenty-two No 1
    MON Composer: Pablo de Sarasate
    MON CD Code: Chloe Works for Violin as good as Orchestra
    MON CD Code: WARNER GCD295835 Track 10
    MON Reading Author of poem: Edna St Vincent Millay
    MON Name of poem: Being Young as good as Green
    MON From collection: The Collected Poetry of Edna St. Vincent
    MON Millay Publisher: Filiq! uarian P ublishing (2007)
    MON Reader: Hattie Morahan Dur: 00.23
    MON Music Bernarda Fink, mezzo-soprano; Roger Vignoles,
    MON piano
    MON Name of piece: Frauenliebe und leben (A Womans Love and
    MON Love) op.42 Composer: Robert Schumann
    MON Name of CD: Poem by Adelbert von Chamisso
    MON CD Code: HARMONIA MUNDI HMC901753 Track 1
    MON Music David Daniels with a Orchestra of a Age of
    MON Enlightenment; Conductor: Harry Bicket
    MON Name of piece: Ah di si nobil alma from Mitridate
    MON Composer: Mozart Name of CD: Sento Amor David Daniels
    MON CD Code: VIRGIN VERITAS 7243 45365 2 6 Track 6
    MON Reading Author of poem: Rupert Brooke
    MON Name of poem: The Hill
    MON From collection: The Complete Poems of Rupert Brooke
    MON Publisher: Read Books (2006) Reader: Samuel West
    MON Dur: 00.54
    MON Music The Bach Choir as good as a LSO
    MON Name of piece: Requiem aeternam
    MON Composer: Benjamin Britten
    MON Name of CD: War Requiem, op. 66 CD Code: DECCA 4143832
    MON Track 1
    MON Reading Author of poem: Wilfred Owen
    MON Name of poem: Anthem for Doomed Youth
    MON From collection: War Poems of Wilfred Owen (ed Jon
    MON Stallworthy) Publisher: Chatto & Windus (1994)
    MON Reader: Samuel West Dur: 00.53
    MON Reading Author of book: Evelyn Waugh
    MON Name of book: Extract from Vile Bodies
    MON Publisher: Penguin Classics (2000)
    MON Reader: Hattie Morahan Dur: 01.41
    MON Music
    MON Performers: Duke Ellington as good as The Harlem Footwarmers
    MON Name of piece: Doin a New Lowdown
    MON Composer: J McHugh, D.Fields Name of! CD: Duk e Ellington
    MON CD Code: HOT N SWEET 151272 Track 2
    MON Reading Author of poem: Thom Gunn
    MON Name of poem: Black Jackets
    MON From collection: Collected Poems by Thom Gunn
    MON Publisher: Faber as good as Faber (1994) Reader: Samuel West
    MON Dur: 01.36
    MON Music Various Artists (Original Film Sound Track)
    MON Name of piece: Gee Officer Krupke!
    MON Music: Leonard Bernstein Lyrics: Stephen Sondheim
    MON Name of CD: West Side Story CD Code: CBS 4676062
    MON Track 8
    MON Reading Written as good as achieved by Alan Ginsberg
    MON Name of piece: Howl Name of CD: Howl as good as Other Poems
    MON CD Code: FANTASY FCD-7713-2 Track 1 Dur: 00.35
    MON Music Charlie Parker Quintet
    MON Name of piece: My Old Flame Composer: Johnston & Coslow
    MON Name of CD: Charlie Parker Dial Masters
    MON CD Code: SPOTLITE SPJCD 1092 CD 2 Track 10
    MON Music Original London Cast Name of piece: Hair
    MON Music: Galt MacDermot
    MON Lyrics: James Rado as good as Gerome Ragni
    MON Name of CD: Hair Original London Cast Recording
    MON CD Code: POLYDOR 583 043 Side A Band 6
    MON Reading Author of poem: William Wordsworth
    MON Name of poem: Lines Composed a Few Miles upon tip of Tintern
    MON Abbey
    MON From collection: William Wordsworth: The Pedlar, Tintern
    MON Abbey, a Two-Part Prelude
    MON Publisher: Cambridge University Press (2008)
    MON Reader: Samuel West Dur: 03.31
    MON Music
    MON Performer Les Troubadours du Roi Baudouin (Congolese
    MON Childrens Choir) (used in Lindsay Andersons movie If)
    MON Name of piece: Sanctus (! Congoles e Tradit)
    MON Name of LP: Missa Luba LP Code: PHILIPS BL 7592
    MON Side 2 Band 4
    MON Music Performer; Balzs Szokolay, piano
    MON Name of piece: Efterklang (Remembrance) Op. 71, No. 7 from
    MON Lyric Pieces Composer: Grieg Name of CD: Grieg
    MON NAXOS 8.550450
    MON Reading Author of poem: Ernest Dowson
    MON Name of poem: Vitae Summa Brevis Spem Nos Vetat Incohare
    MON Longam
    MON From collection: The Poems as good as Prose of Ernest Dowson
    MON Publisher: The Echo Library (2007)
    MON Reader: Hattie Morahan Dur: 00.29
    MON 18:15 New Generation Artists b00pdvdv (Listen)
    MON Studio as good as live unison performances by stream members of
    MON a BBC Radio 3 New Generation Artists scheme, including
    MON British violinist Jennifer Pike in Beethoven's final violin
    MON sonata, Swedish soprano Malin Christensson in songs by
    MON Mozart, a ATOS Trio from Germany in a single of Haydn's
    MON best-known piano trios as good as Georgian pianist Khatia
    MON Buniatishvili in Prokofiev's Seventh Piano Sonata.
    MON Beethoven: Violin Sonata in G, Op 96
    MON Jennifer Pike (violin) Tom Blach (piano)
    MON Mozart: Oiseau, si tous les ans; Dans un bois solitaire;
    MON Als Luise Malin Christensson (soprano)
    MON Simon Lepper (piano)
    MON Haydn: Piano Trio in A, H XV eighteen ATOS Trio
    MON Prokofiev: Piano Sonata No 7
    MON Khatia Buniatishvili (piano).
    MON 19:30 Performance upon 3 b00pdysb (Listen)
    MON Performance upon 3: Proms 2009, 28/12/2009
    MON From a BBC Proms 2009 season, Petroc Trelawny presentsMON John Wilson as good as his hand-picked Orchestra celebrating 75
    MON years of MGM musicals with songs from unforgettable movie
    MON classics, together with The Wizard of Oz, Meet Me in St Louis,
    MON Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, High Society, Gigi and
    MON Singin' in a Rain.
    MON Amazingly, nonetheless a strange orchestral tools were
    MON lost when a college of strain destroyed a strain library to make
    MON approach for a car park, Wilson has succeeded in reconstructing
    MON a scores by painstakingly transcribing any soundtrack
    MON by ear. He is assimilated by starry singers from a classical
    MON as good as low-pitched entertainment worlds as good as by a elite Maida
    MON Vale Singers.
    MON Kim Criswell (singer) Sarah Fox (soprano)
    MON Sir Thomas Allen (baritone) Curtis Stigers (singer)
    MON Seth MacFarlane (singer) Maida Vale Singers
    MON The John Wilson Orchestra John Wilson (conductor).
    MON 21:30 Between a Ears b00c4cbq (Listen)
    MON Hearts, Lungs as good as Minds
    MON An initial documentary by sound artist John Wynne,
    MON who spent a year as artist-in-residence with photographer
    MON Tim Wainwright during Harefield Hospital, a single of a world's
    MON leading centres for heart as good as lung transplants.
    MON Using recordings of patients, a inclination a little of them
    MON were attached to, as good as a hospital itself, a piece
    MON weaves together greatly personal narratives with the
    MON sounds of a hospital environment, exploring the
    MON experiences of medical operation patients as good as a important
    MON issues raised by this invasive, last-option medical
    MON procedure.
    MON ! 22:00 BBC Proms b00pdyww (Listen)

    MON 2009, Prom 37: Philip Glass
    MON From a BBC Proms 2009 season, Petroc Trelawny presents a
    MON unison clinging exclusively to a strain of American
    MON minimalist composer Philip Glass. The BBC Scottish
    MON Symphony Orchestra as good as BBC Symphony Chorus have been assimilated by
    MON violinist Gidon Kremer as good as transmitter Dennis Russell
    MON Davies, both long-term advocates of Glass's music.
    MON Harmonic, pulsing as good as with constant repetition of small
    MON figures or phrases, minimalism blossomed from a small
    MON subterraneous transformation upon a west seashore of a United
    MON States in a 1960s to becoming a single of a most popular
    MON forms of late 20th-century music. Philip Glass, a single of its
    MON early pioneers, is a single of a most prolific, influential
    MON as good as right away identifiable composers of a age.
    MON This Prom showcases dual of his most critical functions for
    MON full orchestra: his initial critical orchestral score - the
    MON Violin Concerto of 1987 - as good as a Toltec Symphony of 2004,
    MON which takes a pretension from a really elderly pre-Columbian
    MON enlightenment which reigned in Mesoamerica prolonged prior to a coming
    MON of a Europeans.
    MON Philip Glass: Violin Concerto; Symphony No 7 (A Toltec
    MON Symphony)
    MON Gidon Kremer (violin) BBC Symphony Chorus
    MON BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra
    MON Dennis Russell Davies (conductor).
    MON 23:15 Jazz upon 3 b00pdwgn (Listen)
    MON Best of Session 2009
    MON Jez Nelson presents a preference of a best studio
    MON sessions available e! xclusive ly for Jazz upon 3 during 2009.
    MON Including empathetic improvisations from dual elder
    MON statesmen of US jazz, Bennie Maupin as good as Buster Williams;
    MON clever melody-driven compositions by UK saxophonist Martin
    MON Speake as good as his quartet featuring pianist Bobo Stenson; New
    MON York producer Steve Dalachinsky's Insomnia Poems set to Pete M
    MON Wyer's time structured composition; as good as vibrant and
    MON creative vibrated big rope jazz by Peter Vermeersch's
    MON Flat Earth Society.
    TUE TUESDAY twenty-nine DECEMBER 2009
    TUE 01:00 Through a Night b00pdwp6 (Listen)
    TUE 1.00am
    TUE Beethoven, Ludwig outpost (1770 -1827): Piano Sonata No eighteen in
    TUE E flat, Op 31 No 3 Ingrid Fliter (piano)
    TUE 1.23am
    TUE Strauss, Richard (1864-1949): 5 lieder: Das Rosenabend, Op
    TUE 36 No 1; Liebeshymnus, Op 32 No 3; Morgen, Op twenty-seven No 4; Ich
    TUE wollt'ein Strausslein binden, Op 68 No 2; Muttertandelei,
    TUE Op 43 No 2 Elizabeth Watts (soprano)
    TUE Gary Matthewman (piano)
    TUE 1.38am
    TUE Schumann, Robert (1810-1856): Quintet in E teenager for piano
    TUE as good as strings, Op 44 Ingrid Fliter (piano)
    TUE Ebene Quartet
    TUE 2.09am
    TUE Bartok, Bela (1881-1945): Piano Concerto No 2, Sz95
    TUE Geza Anda (piano) Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
    TUE Bernard Haitink (conductor)
    TUE 2.36am
    TUE Schmelzer, Johann Heinrich (c1620-1680): Lamento sopra la
    TUE Morte Ferdinandi III Les Elements Amsterdam
    TUE 2.43am
    TUE Szollosy, Andras (b.1921): Miserere (Psalmus L) a! 6 voci< br />TUE King's Singers
    TUE 3.01am
    TUE Saint-Saens, Camille (1835-1921): Piano Concerto No 2 in G
    TUE minor, Op twenty-two Dubravka Tomsic-Srebotnjak (piano)
    TUE Slovenian Radio as good as Television Symphony Orchestra
    TUE Samo Hubad (conductor)
    TUE 3.24am
    TUE Schumann, Robert (1810-1856): Piano Trio No 2 in F, Op 80
    TUE Christopher Krenyak (violin) January Insinger (cello)
    TUE Dido Keuning (piano)
    TUE 3.50am
    TUE Weiss, Silvius Leopold (1686-1750): Prelude, Toccata and
    TUE Allegro in G Hopkinson Smith (baroque lute)
    TUE 3.59am
    TUE Bersa, Blagoje (1873-1934): Dramatska predigra [Dramatic
    TUE Overture], Op 25a (1898)
    TUE Croatian Radio Symphony Orchestra
    TUE Mladen Tarbuk (conductor)
    TUE 4.14am
    TUE Haydn, Joseph (1732-1809): Piano Trio in E flat, H XV 10
    TUE (1785) Niklas Sivelov (piano) Bernt Lysell (violin)
    TUE Mikael Sjogren (cello)
    TUE 4.25am
    TUE Huygens, Constantijn (1596-1687): Proba me Deus for bass
    TUE as good as continuo, Memor fui dierum antiquorum for soprano and
    TUE continuo (Pathodia sacra, 1647) Anne Grimm (soprano)
    TUE Peter Kooij (bass)
    TUE Mieneke outpost der Velden (viola da gamba)
    TUE Mike Fentross (theorbo) Leo outpost Doeselaar (organ)
    TUE 4.31am
    TUE Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750), arr. Samuel Feinberg
    TUE for piano: Largo (Trio Sonata in C, BWV529)
    TUE Sergei Terentjev (piano)
    TUE 4.40am
    TUE Billings, William (1746-1800): 2 Psalm-tunes: Kittery
    TUE (1786); Cobham Gregg Smith Singers
    TUE Gregg Smith (conductor)
    TUE 4.43 am
    TUE Handel, George Frideric (1685-1759): Bramo di trionfar'
    TUE (Alcina, Act 1, Sc 8) Graham Pushee (countertenor)
    TUE Australian Brandenburg Orchestra
    TUE Paul Dyer (artistic director)
    TUE 4.50am
    TUE Sarasate, Pablo de (1844-1908): Zigeunerweisen, Op 20
    TUE (version for violin as good as orchestra)
    TUE Frank Peter Zimmerman (violin)
    TUE Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra
    TUE Guido Ajmone Marsan (conductor)
    TUE 5.01am
    TUE Glinka, Mikhail Ivanovich (1804-1857): Overture (Ruslan
    TUE as good as Lyudmila) Oslo Philharmonic
    TUE Vladimir Jurowsky (conductor)
    TUE 5.06am
    TUE Rubinstein, Anton (1829-1894): On an ethereal ocean, without
    TUE rudder or cruise (The Demon, Act 2, Sc 4)
    TUE Georg Ots (baritone) Moscow Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra
    TUE Kirill Raudsepp (conductor)
    TUE 5.11am
    TUE Purcell, Henry (1659-1695): Sonata No 6 in G teenager for two
    TUE violins as good as continuo, Z807 (1697) Il Tempo
    TUE 5.18am
    TUE Chopin, Fryderyk (1810-1849): Fantaisie-impromptu for
    TUE piano in C pointy minor, Op 66 Dubravka Tomsic (piano)
    TUE 5.24am
    TUE Schubert, Franz (1797-1828): 5 German dances with 7 trios
    TUE as good as coda, D90 - creatively for string quartet
    TUE Zagreb Soloists
    TUE 5.39am
    TUE Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791): Ch'io mi scordi di
    TUE te...? Non temer, amato bene, K505 - unison aria
    TUE Tuva Semmingsen (soprano) Jorn Fosheim (piano)
    TUE Norwegian Radio Orchestra Michel Tabachnik (conductor)
    TUE 5.50am
    TUE Marenzio, Luca (c.1553/4-1599): Giunto! a la to mba (Il
    TUE quarto libro de madrigali a cinque voci, Venice, 1584)
    TUE Consort of Musicke
    TUE 6.01am
    TUE Glazunov, Alexander Konstantinovich (1865-1936): Mazurka
    TUE in F pointy minor, Op twenty-five No 2 Stefan Lindgren (piano)
    TUE 6.08am
    TUE Taneyev, Sergei Ivanovich (1856-1915): Symphony No 4 in C
    TUE minor, Op twelve Mariinsky Orchestra
    TUE Valery Gergiev (conductor)
    TUE 6.48am
    TUE Vivaldi, Antonio (1678-1741): Concerto in C teenager for
    TUE three-way recorder, RV441 Michael Schneider (recorder)
    TUE Camerata Koln.
    TUE 07:00 Breakfast b00pdwp8 (Listen)
    TUE .
    TUE 10:00 Classical Collection b00pdwpb (Listen)
    TUE 10.00am
    TUE Tchaikovsky: Marche Slave London Symphony Orchestra
    TUE Leopold Stokowski (conductor) CALA CACD0536
    TUE 10.11am
    TUE Grainger: Irish Tune from County Derry
    TUE Royal Northern College of Music Wind Orchestra
    TUE Timothy Reynish (conductor) CHANDOS CHAN 9549
    TUE 10.15am
    TUE Ireland: Sea Fever Christopher Maltman (baritone)
    TUE Graham Johnson (piano) HYPERION CDA 67261/2
    TUE 10.18am
    TUE Falla: Miller's Dance; Corregidor's Dance; Final Dance
    TUE (The Three-Cornered Hat) Teresa Berganza (mezzo-soprano)
    TUE Suisse Romande Orchestra Ernest Ansermet (conductor)
    TUE DECCA 417 771
    TUE 10.38am
    TUE Bull: Starre Anthem Red Byrd Rose Consort of Viols
    TUE 10.42am
    TUE Haydn: Symphony 'B' Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra
    TUE Dennis ! Russell Davies (conductor) RCA 88697 443312-07
    TUE 10.59am
    TUE Arnold: Quintet for brass Philip Jones Brass Ensemble
    TUE LONDON 430 369-2
    TUE 11.12am
    TUE Berlioz: Trojan March (The Trojans - Act 1)
    TUE Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Thomas Beecham (conductor)
    TUE EMI CDM 763 412 2
    TUE 11.16am
    TUE Sibelius: Valse triste Boston Symphony Orchestra
    TUE Colin Davis (conductor) PHILIPS 420 490 2
    TUE 11.21am
    TUE Saint-Saens: Bacchanale (Samson et Dalila)
    TUE Montreal Symphony Orchestra Charles Dutoit (conductor)
    TUE DECCA 421 527 2
    TUE 11.30am
    TUE Mozart: Piano Concerto No twenty-one in C, K467
    TUE Alfred Brendel (piano)
    TUE Academy of St Martin in a Fields
    TUE Neville Marriner (conductor) PHILIPS 400 018 2.
    TUE 12:00 Composer of a Week b00pdxkp (Listen)
    TUE Richard Wagner (1813-1883), Episode 2
    TUE Donald Macleod continues his examination of a dark sides
    TUE of Wagner's personality, divulgence his most affairs with
    TUE a wives of his friends as good as congregation as good as divulgence how
    TUE Wagner himself viewed these relationships, through the
    TUE composer's own writing, interwoven with strain from the
    TUE ardent though illicit adore story of Tristan as good as Isolde.
    TUE Richard Wagner Tristan und Isolde
    TUE Isolde: Helga Dernesch Tristan: Jon Vickers
    TUE Brangane: Christa Ludwig Kurwenal: Walter Berry
    TUE King Marke: Karl Ridderbusch Melot: Bernd Weikl
    TUE Sailor as good as Shepherd: Peter Schreier
    TUE Helmsman: Martin Vantin Chor der Deutschen Oper Berlin
    TUE Berl! in Philh armonic Herbert von Karajan (Conductor)
    TUE EMI 0777 7 69319 2 0, CD 1 1; CD 2 2-4 as good as 8-10; CD
    TUE 13:00 Afternoon upon 3 b00pdxkt (Listen)
    TUE Summer Festivals 2009, Episode 2
    TUE John Shea facilities strain from a Stockholm Early Music
    TUE Festival as good as Handel available during Austria's prestigious
    TUE Salzburg Festival.
    TUE Purcell: The Fairy Queen (excerpts)
    TUE Maria Christina Kiehr (soprano)
    TUE Helsinki Baroque Orchestra Aapo Hakkinen (conductor)
    TUE 1.25pm
    TUE Johan Joachim Agrell: Violin Concerto in D
    TUE Sirkka-Liisa Kaakinen-Pilch (violin)
    TUE Helsinki Baroque Orchestra Aapo Hakkinen (conductor)
    TUE Joseph Martin Kraus: Symphony in E flat, VB144
    TUE Helsinki Baroque Orchestra Aapo Hakkinen (conductor)
    TUE Handel: Theodora
    TUE Set in a fourth century AD, Handel's late good dramatic
    TUE oratorio tells a story of Christian oppression and
    TUE triumph of a spirit. It facilities which favourite
    TUE impression sort of Handel's in a pretension role, a strong
    TUE womanlike lead as good as a absolute make use of of a chorus which takes
    TUE a roles both of persecuted Christians as good as their Roman
    TUE persecutors.
    TUE Christine Schafer (soprano) Bejun Mehta (countertenor)
    TUE Johannes Martin Kranzle (bass) Joseph Kaiser (tenor)
    TUE Bernarda Fink (mezzo-soprano) Ryland Davies (tenor)
    TUE James McVinnie (organ) Salzburg Bach Chorus
    TUE Freiburg Baroque Orchestra Ivor Bolton (conductor).
    TUE Related Links
    TUE * Synopsis as good as programme records f! or Theod ora from the
    TUE Handel House Museum (www.handelhouse.org)
    TUE 17:00 Words as good as Music b00gnrfy (Listen)
    TUE Femmes Fatales
    TUE A programme of communication as good as strain upon a thesis of a femme
    TUE fatale, an idea exemplified in a little of a most passionate
    TUE inventive creations, together with Medusa, Delilah, Carmen and
    TUE Lady Macbeth.
    TUE Jeremy Northam as good as Harriet Walter review functions by Keats,
    TUE Spenser, Shakespeare, Wilde, Carol Anne Duffy as good as Angela
    TUE Carter, to a single side strain by Handel, Massenet, Saint-Saens,
    TUE Richard Strauss, Bizet as good as Gershwin.
    TUE Introduction
    TUE I've regularly desired Keats' poem La Belle Dame Sans Merci and
    TUE it was my starting point for a programme. Who is this
    TUE abnormal beauty who drains a hold up of warriors and
    TUE kings as good as where does she come from? She is, of course, a
    TUE femme fatale - an example who figures in parable and
    TUE novel opposite all cultures as good as all ages. we looked up
    TUE a tenure in assorted dictionaries, here is a entry from
    TUE Chambers 21st century dictionary: a woman with an
    TUE overwhelming charm as good as fascination, mostly bringing those
    TUE who adore her (usually men) in to despair as good as disaster.
    TUE She was memorably incarnated by Glenn Close as the
    TUE bunny-boiler in Fatal Attraction as good as a popular
    TUE television array Desperate Housewives facilities a handful
    TUE of femmes fatales. One of my prime brand new examples
    TUE from renouned enlightenment is Xenia Onatopp from a James Bond
    TUE movie Goldeneye who crushes group to genocide in in between! her
    TUE thighs. Eve is a single of a earliest examples of a type,
    TUE as good as a single of a deadliest, as she is not customarily responsible
    TUE for Adam's personal downfall though for a tumble of man.
    TUE The initial femmes fatales.
    TUE In Hebrew mythology she appears as Lilith, Adam's first
    TUE wife who refused to adopt a missionary position during
    TUE sex as good as ended up giving birth to all a demons in the
    TUE world. In Sumerian parable she is Inanna, who attracts men
    TUE as good as afterwards rigourously rejects them. In Ancient Greece she is
    TUE Pandora, who opens a banned box as good as releases all the
    TUE evils of mankind. In Homer's The Odyssey she is embodied
    TUE in a impression of Circe who turns group in to pigs.
    TUE It was formidable to decide which women to include in my
    TUE programme, as good as there have been most important deadly ladies I
    TUE didnt have room for. we hope they wont wreak reprisal on
    TUE me. The programme starts with a Eqyptian Queen Cleopatra
    TUE described by Enobarbus in his famous discuss from
    TUE Shakespeares Anthony as good as Cleopatra. we have used music
    TUE from Samuel Barbers 1965 show of a same name to
    TUE underscore a speech.
    TUE Serpent Women
    TUE Anthony refers to a Egyptian black as my serpent of old
    TUE Nile. Cleopatra has a ideally shaped body, though very
    TUE mostly a femme fatale is in receive of a serpents
    TUE physique or a fishs tail. we have used assorted examples of the
    TUE serpent-woman together with Keatss Lamia, Rusalka - the
    TUE charmer in Dvoraks opera, a Lorelei in an appealing
    TUE strain by Gershwin as good as Duessa, a loathly lady in Book 1
    TUE of Spe! nsers Th e Fairy Queen.
    TUE Manon
    TUE One of a most renouned functions of novella of a 18th
    TUE century was Abb Prvost's Manon Lescaut. His story of the
    TUE beautiful, fragile, though depraved Manon desirous no reduction than
    TUE 4 operas as good as multiform ballets. we have used strain by
    TUE Massenet, not from his show Manon Lascaut, though from the
    TUE proposition to Kenneth Macmillans ballet Manon. The score of
    TUE a ballet is drawn from most opposite functions by Massenet,
    TUE although, oddly enough, not a single of them is taken from his
    TUE show about Manon. we have additionally used a square from
    TUE Massenets show Cloptre.
    TUE The impression of Manon was a inspiration for Prosper
    TUE Merimees Carmen, a single of a most obvious femmes
    TUE fatales. In jubilee of her we have enclosed a version
    TUE of The Habanera organised for a violin as good as played by the
    TUE specialist Anne-Sophie Mutter. The writing of a fin de
    TUE sicle is seething with femmes fatales as good as we have used an
    TUE remove from Oscar Wildes Salome together with a Dance
    TUE of a Seven Veils from Richard Strausss show of the
    TUE same name.
    TUE Vamps
    TUE In a 20th century a femme fatale was re-invented as
    TUE a mermaid by a silent shade star Theda Bara whose
    TUE fabricated name was actually an anagram of Arab Death,
    TUE hinting during an additional necessary evil of a femme
    TUE fatale - her exoticism. The man-eating mermaid became an
    TUE necessary partial of a genre of movie noir in a 1940s and
    TUE 50s as good as was notably portrayed by such actresses as Mary
    TUE Astor, Veronica Lake, Barbara Stanwyck as good as Joan Bennett.
    TUE My! program me concentrates upon a mermaid in novel and
    TUE music, though we have since a nod to movie by together with Jackie
    TUE Kays poem The Life as good as Death of Bette Davis.
    TUE The femme fatale, unsurprisingly, is a male construction
    TUE as good as until a 20th century scarcely all a literary
    TUE depictions of her have been by men. However, we have since her
    TUE a opportunity to answer during a behind of in poems by Carol Ann
    TUE Duffy, Jackie Kay, Linda Pastan as good as Suzanne Lummis.
    TUE In addition to a strain already mentioned we have used
    TUE strain by Handel, Philip Glass, Shostakovich, Saint-Sans
    TUE as good as Dowland.
    TUE Naturally, we have since a femme fatale herself a last
    TUE word in an remove from Angela Carters reduced story about
    TUE a womanlike vampire The Lady of a House of Love.
    TUE Producer: Philippa Ritchie
    TUE Music Spoleto Festival Orchestra, cond. Christian
    TUE Badea Prelude, Antony as good as Cleopatra
    TUE Composer: Samuel Barber
    TUE Name of CD: Antony as good as Cleopatra: Samuel Barber
    TUE CD Code: NW322/323/324-2 CD 2, track twelve Dur: 02.18
    TUE Reading Author: Shakespeare
    TUE Name of poem: Enobarbuss discuss from Antony as good as Cleopatra
    TUE Reader: Jeremy Northam Dur: 01.12
    TUE Reading Author: Carol Ann Duffy Name of poem: Delilah
    TUE From Book: The Worlds Wife Reader: Harriet Walter
    TUE Dur: 01.55
    TUE Music Shirley Verrett as good as a RCA Italiana Opera
    TUE Orchestra cond. Georges Pretre
    TUE Name of piece: Sampson et Dalila, Mon Coeur souvre a ta
    TUE voix Composer: Saint Saens
    TUE Name o! f CD: Sh irley Verrett in Opera
    TUE CD Code: 09026 61457 2 Track eleven Dur: 05.19
    TUE Reading Author: Michael Donaghy from New British Poetry
    TUE Name of poem: The Bacchae From Book: New British Poetry
    TUE Reader: Jeremy Northam Dur: 00.41
    TUE Music Anne-Sophie Mutter as good as Wiener Philharmoniker
    TUE Name of piece: Carmen Composer: Pablo de Sarasate
    TUE Name of CD: Carmen-Fantasie CD Code: 437-544-2
    TUE Track 7 Dur: 02.26
    TUE Readings Author: Jackie Kay
    TUE Name of poem: The Life as good as Death of Bette Davis
    TUE From book: Darling Reader: Harriet Walter Dur: 01.29
    TUE Music Renee Fleming, a Kuhn Mixed Choir, as good as the
    TUE Czech Philharmonic Orchestra cond. Sir Charles Mackerras
    TUE Name of piece: Rusalka Composer: Dvorak
    TUE Name of CD: Rusalka CD Code: 460 568-2 CD1, Track 6
    TUE Dur: 03.12
    TUE Reading Author: John Keats From Lamia
    TUE From Book: Keats: The Complete Poems
    TUE Reader: Jeremy Northam Dur: 02.11
    TUE Music Ella Fitzgerald Name of piece: The Lorelei
    TUE Composer: Gershwin Name of CD: Mack The Knife
    TUE CD Code: 825 670-2 Track 7 Dur: 03.02
    TUE Music Trevor Pinnock as good as a English Consort
    TUE Name of piece: The Arrival of a Queen of Sheba
    TUE Composer: Handel
    TUE Name of CD: Best of Baroque: Trevor Pinnock
    TUE CD Code: 419-410-2 Track twenty-one Dur: 03.11
    TUE Reading Author of poem: Edmund Spencer
    TUE Extract from The Faerie Queen, Book 1
    TUE Reader: Jeremy Northam Dur: 01.43
    TUE Music Philip Langridge as good as Stephe! n Marchi onda
    TUE Name of piece: Come Heavy Sleep Composer: John Dowland
    TUE Name of CD: Songs For Tenor as good as Guitar
    TUE CD Code: CHAN 10305 Track 1 Dur: 02.17
    TUE Reading Author: John Keats
    TUE Name of poem: La Belle Dame sans Merci
    TUE From Book: Keats: The Complete Poems
    TUE Reader: Jeremy Northam Dur: 02.29
    TUE Music Harold Budd
    TUE Name of piece: A Sidelong Glance From My Round Nefertiti
    TUE Composer: Harold Budd Name of CD: Glitters Is Gold
    TUE CD Code: ASCD 31 Track 5 Dur: 03.11
    TUE Reading Author: Linda Pastan Name of poem: Circe
    TUE From Book: Carnival Evening: New And Selected Poems 1968 -
    TUE 1998 Reader: Harriet Walter Dur: 01.33
    TUE Music Nina Simone Name of piece: The Other Woman
    TUE Composer: Nina Simone
    TUE Name of CD: Songs to Sing: a Best of Nina Simone
    TUE CD 2, Track 16 Dur: 03.04
    TUE Music Scottish National Orchestra, cond. Neeme Jarvi
    TUE Name of piece: Salomes Dance, from Salome
    TUE Composer: Richard Strauss
    TUE Name of CD: Strauss: Der Rosenkavelier
    TUE CD Code: CHAN 8758 Track 2 Dur: 10.24
    TUE Reading Author: Oscar Wilde Extract from Salom
    TUE Reader: Harriet Walter Dur: 03.47
    TUE Reading Author: Carol Ann Duffy Name of poem: Salome
    TUE From Book: The Worlds Wife Reader: Harriet Walter
    TUE Dur: 01.52
    TUE Readings Author: John Betjeman
    TUE Name of poem: Olympic Girl
    TUE From Book: Complete John Betjeman Reader: Jeremy Northam
    TUE Dur: 01.40
    TUE Music Russian State Symphony Orchestra, cond. Dmitry
    TU! E Yablonsky
    TUE Name of piece: Little Polka, from Jazz Suite Number 2
    TUE Composer: Shostakovich
    TUE Name of CD: Shostakovich - Jazz Suites Nos 1 as good as 2
    TUE CD Code: B000063TS9 Dur: 02.30
    TUE Reading Author: Suzanne Lumis
    TUE Name of poem: Femme Fatale From Book: In Danger
    TUE Reader: Harriet Walter Dur: 01.32
    TUE Music
    TUE Performers: Janice Pendarvis as good as The Philip Glass Ensemble
    TUE Name of piece: Lightening Composer: Philip Glass
    TUE Name of CD: The Essential Philip Glass CD Code: SK 64133
    TUE Track 1 Dur: 06.45
    TUE Reading Author: Walter Pater Name of poem: Mona Lisa
    TUE Reader: Jeremy Northam Dur: 00.52
    TUE Music Marlene Dietrich
    TUE Name of piece: Falling In Love Again
    TUE Composer: Hollander/ Connelly
    TUE Name of CD: You Must Remember This Great Film Songs
    TUE CD Code: 75605 52283 2 Track 2 Dur: 03.10
    TUE Music Orchestra of a Royal Opera House, Covent
    TUE Garden, cond. Richard Bonynge
    TUE Name of piece: Scene 1, Manon Ballet Composer: Massenet
    TUE Name of CD: Manon - Ballet CD Code: 470 525-2
    TUE CD 1, track 1 Dur: 02.30
    TUE Music Nouvel Orchestre de Saint Etienne, cond.
    TUE Patrick Fournillier
    TUE Name of piece: Cleopatre: Danse Lydiennes
    TUE Composer: Massenet
    TUE Name of CD: Jules Massenet - Cleopatre CD Code: 3-1032-2
    TUE CD2, track 6 Dur: 03.08
    TUE Reading Author: Angela Carter
    TUE Extract from The Lady of a House of Love
    TUE From Book: The Bloody Chamber Reader: Harriet Walter
    TUE Dur: 02.00
    TUE 18:15 Ne! w Genera tion Artists b00pdyz6 (Listen)
    TUE Studio as good as live unison performances by stream members of
    TUE a BBC Radio 3 New Generation Artists scheme, including
    TUE Iranian harpsichordist Mahan Esfahani in strain by
    TUE Sweelinck, Dutch baritone Henk Neven in Ibert's Chansons
    TUE de Quichotte, Swiss pianist Francesco Piemontesi in a
    TUE preference of Debussy Preludes as good as Finnish string quartet
    TUE Meta4 in Bartok's First String Quartet.
    TUE Sweelinck: Fantasia Chromatica
    TUE Mahan Esfahani (harpsichord)
    TUE Ibert: Chanson de Don Quichotte Henk Neven (piano)
    TUE Hans Eijsackers (piano)
    TUE Debussy: Les sons et les parfums tournent dans l'air du
    TUE soir; Les collines d'Anacapri; Bruyeres; La terrasse des
    TUE audiences du clair de lune; Ce qu'a vu le vent d'Ouest
    TUE (Preludes) Francesco Piemontesi (piano)
    TUE Bartok: String Quartet No 1 Meta4.
    TUE 19:30 Performance upon 3 b00pdwdd (Listen)
    TUE Performance upon 3: Proms 2009, Prom 35: Gilbert and
    TUE Sullivan's Patience
    TUE From a BBC Proms 2009 season, Petroc Trelawny presents
    TUE Charles Mackerras conducting a semi-staged opening of
    TUE Gilbert as good as Sullivan's exuberant operetta Patience, which
    TUE opened a famous Savoy Theatre in London in 1881.
    TUE The operetta satirises a breakthrough of a 1870s as good as 1880s
    TUE good known as a cultured craze, when poets, painters and
    TUE composers were prolific but, a little argued, dull and
    TUE self-indulgent. And Patience, a elementary encampment milkmaid,
    TUE cares nothing for poetry.
    TUE Gilbert as good as Sull! ivan: Pa tience (semi-staged)
    TUE Patience ...... Rebecca Bottone (soprano)
    TUE Lady Jane ...... Felicity Palmer (mezzo-soprano)
    TUE Lady Angela ...... Pamela Helen Stephen (mezzo-soprano)
    TUE Lady Ella ...... Elena Xanthoudakis (soprano)
    TUE Lady Saphir ...... Sophie-Louise Dann (mezzo-soprano)
    TUE Reginald Bunthorne ...... Simon Butteriss (baritone)
    TUE Archibald Grosvenor ...... Toby Stafford-Allen (baritone)
    TUE Colonel Calverley ...... Donald Maxwell (baritone)
    TUE Major Murgatroyd ...... Graeme Danby (bass)
    TUE Lt. Duke of Dunstable ...... Bonaventura Bottone (tenor)
    TUE Solicitor ...... Robert Tear (tenor)
    TUE Chorus of English National Opera BBC Concert Orchestra
    TUE Charles Mackerras (conductor) Martin Duncan (director).
    TUE 21:45 Between a Ears b008lprj (Listen)
    TUE Dream Astronomy
    TUE In a early years of a 20th century, letters arrived at
    TUE a Mount Wilson Observatory in California created by
    TUE people from all over a universe who longed for to tell the
    TUE astronomers information about a universe which they had
    TUE acquired though regulating a observatory's hulk telescope.
    TUE The letters contained total of experiments, observations
    TUE as good as intuitions, as good as review similar to an alternative story of
    TUE space.
    TUE With John Moraitis, Kerry Shale, Barbara Barnes and
    TUE Jennifer Lee Jellicorse, as good as a strain of Olivier
    TUE Messiaen as good as Urmas Sisask.
    TUE 22:15 BBC Proms b00pdwdg (Listen)
    TUE 2009, Prom 27: Harrison Birtwistle 75th Birthday Prom
    TUE From a BBC Proms 2009 season, Petroc Trelawny presents a
    TUE ! lat e-night Prom marking a 75th birthday of composer Sir
    TUE Harrison Birtwistle since during a Royal Albert Hall in
    TUE August.
    TUE The London Sinfonietta as good as Birtwistle have shaped a close
    TUE bond over a past 4 decades, as good as underneath a baton of
    TUE their co-founder David Atherton, they revisit 3 of the
    TUE composer's early functions - all of which a ensemble
    TUE creatively premiered.
    TUE Verses for Ensemble showcases a virtuosity of the
    TUE garb with brass, wind as good as percussion all vying for the
    TUE listener's attention. In Silbury Air as good as Carmen arcadiae
    TUE mechanicae perpetuum, Birtwistle explores a mysterious
    TUE as good as a automatic with hypothetical landscapes as good as colliding
    TUE low-pitched ideas.
    TUE Harrison Birtwistle: Carmen arcadiae mechanicae perpetuum;
    TUE Silbury Air; Verses for Ensembles
    TUE London Sinfonietta David Atherton (conductor).
    TUE 23:15 Late Junction b00pdywy (Listen)
    TUE Verity Sharp presents an eclectic worldwide low-pitched mix,
    TUE together with As One Who Has Slept by Sir John Tavener
    TUE achieved by Anonymous 4 as good as a Chilingirian Quartet, the
    TUE absolute sound of Iceland's Sigur Ros, a strain from Ralph
    TUE Stanley as good as John Lill personification Brahms. Plus a preference of
    TUE a strain David Fanshawe available in Melanesia in a late
    TUE 1970s, together with a square for Gilo stones as good as a suggestion song
    TUE from a Solomon Islands.
    WED 01:00 Through a Night b00pdyxs (Listen)
    WED 1.00amWED Schumann, Robert (1810-1856): Overture (Genoveva, Op 81)
    WED Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra
    WED Daniel Harding (conductor)
    WED 1.10am
    WED Berlioz, Hector (1803-1869): Symphonie Fantastique, Op 14
    WED Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra
    WED Daniel Harding (conductor)
    WED 2.05am
    WED Rachmaninov, Sergei (1873-1943): Suite No 2 for two
    WED pianos, Op seventeen Ouellet-Murray Duo
    WED 2.30am
    WED Waissel, Matthaus (c.1535/40-1602): Two Polish Dances for
    WED steel guitar Jacob Heringman (lute)
    WED 2.33am
    WED Lindblad, Adolf Fredik (1801-1878): String Quartet No 6 in
    WED E prosaic Orebro String Quartet
    WED 3.01am
    WED Schubert, Franz (1797-1828): Rondo in A for violin and
    WED strings, D438 National Arts Centre Orchestra of Canada
    WED Pinchas Zuckerman (violin/director)
    WED 3.16am
    WED Dohnanyi, Erno (1877-1960): Symphonic Minutes, Op 36
    WED West Australian Symphony Orchestra
    WED Jorge Mester (conductor)
    WED 3.29am
    WED Kraus, Joseph Martin (1756-1792): Symphony in C minor
    WED (Symphonie funebre) Concerto Koln
    WED 3.50am
    WED Schutz, Heinrich (1585-1672): Ich bin eine rufende
    WED Stimme', SWV 383; O lieber Herre Gott, wecke uns auf,
    WED SWV381 Danish National Radio Chorus
    WED Stefan Parkman (conductor)
    WED 3.59am
    WED Krek, Uros (1922-2008): Sonatina for Strings
    WED Slovenian Philharmonic String Chamber Orchestra
    WED Andrej Petrac (artistic leader)
    WED 4.14am
    WED Roussel, Albert (1869-1937): 3 pieces for piano, Op 49
    WED ! Mats Jansson (piano)
    WED 4.23am
    WED Stojowski, Zygmunt (1870-1946): Cello Sonata in A, Op 18
    WED Tomasz Strahl (cello) Edward Wolanin (piano)
    WED 4.49am
    WED Stenhammar, Wilhelm (1871-1927): Ithaka, Op twenty-one (1904)
    WED Peter Mattei (baritone) Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra
    WED Manfred Honeck (conductor)
    WED 5.01am
    WED Pintaric, Fortunat (1798-1867): Fantasia in B flat;
    WED Pastorella in B prosaic Vladimir Krpan (piano)
    WED 5.07am
    WED Nielsen, Carl (1865-1931): Pan as good as Syrinx, Op 49 -
    WED symphonic poem Danish National Radio Symphony Orchestra
    WED Michael Schnwandt (conductor)
    WED 5.16am
    WED Debussy, Claude (1862-1918): Syrinx for square for a single person flute
    WED Boris Campa (flute)
    WED 5.19am
    WED Ravel, Maurice (1875-1937): Daphnis as good as Chloe Suite No 2
    WED Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra
    WED Valery Gergiev (conductor)
    WED 5.37am
    WED Strozzi, Barbara (1619-1677): Hor che Apollo e a Theti in
    WED seno' [Now which Thetis rests opposite Apollo's Breast]
    WED Musica Fiorita
    WED 5.50am
    WED Locatelli, Pietro Antonio (1695-1764) arr. Geert Bierling:
    WED Introduttione Teatrale in F, Op 2 No 4
    WED Geert Bierling (organ - Christian Gottlieb Friedrich Witte
    WED 1858, employing box as good as pipework by Matthijis Verhofstad
    WED 1721)
    WED 5.57am
    WED Melartin, Erkki (1875-1937): Lohdutus (Consolation)
    WED Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra Osmo Vanska (conductor)
    WED 6.03am
    WED Scriabin, Alexander (1872-1915): 5 Preludes: in E flatWED minor, Op 16 No 4; in B prosaic minor, Op seventeen No 4; in G
    WED minor, Op twenty-seven No 1; in B, Op twenty-seven No 2; in E flat, Op 31 No 3
    WED Sergei Terentjev (piano)
    WED 6.18am
    WED Durufle, Maurice (1902-1986): Requiem, Op 9 BBC Singers
    WED David Goode (organ) Stephen Cleobury (conductor).
    WED 07:00 Breakfast b00pdyxv (Listen)
    WED 10:00 Classical Collection b00pdyxx (Listen)
    WED 10.00am
    WED Faure: Pelleas et Melisande - unison suite
    WED Academy of St Martin in a Fields
    WED Neville Marriner (conductor) ARGO 410 552 2
    WED 10.17am
    WED Rachmaninov: Prelude in C pointy minor, Op 3 No 2
    WED John Ogdon (piano) PHILIPS 456 916 2
    WED 10.22am
    WED Vivaldi: Concerto in F minor, RV297 (Winter - The Four
    WED Seasons) Tafelmusik Jeanne Lamon (violin/director)
    WED 10.32am
    WED Bliss: Things to Come (excerpts) BBC Philharmonic
    WED Rumon Gamba (conductor) CHANDOS CHAN9896
    WED 10.45am
    WED Schubert: Die Forelle Fritz Wunderlich (tenor)
    WED Hubert Giesen (piano) DG 447 452 2
    WED 10.48am
    WED Granados, transcr. Bream: Danza Espanola, Op 37 No 5
    WED (Andaluza) Julian Bream (guitar) RCA RCD14378
    WED 10.52am
    WED Brahms: Variations upon a Theme of Haydn, Op 56a (St Anthony
    WED Chorale) Vienna Symphony Orchestra
    WED Wolfgang Sawallisch (conductor) PHILIPS 438 760 2
    WED 11.10am
    WED Telemann: In dulci jubilo, TWV 1:939
    WED Helen Groves (soprano) Caroline Trevor (cont! ralto)WED James Oxley (tenor) Simon Birchall (bass)
    WED Collegium Musicum 90 Simon Standage (violin/director)
    WED 11.24am
    WED Schumann: Romance, Op twenty-eight No 2 Artur Rubinstein (piano)
    WED RCA RD 85667
    WED 11.28am
    WED Haydn: Symphony in D, H we 104
    WED Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Colin Davis (conductor)
    WED PHILIPS 442 611 2.
    WED 12:00 Composer of a Week b00pdyxz (Listen)
    WED Richard Wagner (1813-1883), Episode 3
    WED Donald Macleod concludes his examination of a dark sides
    WED of Wagner, as good as explores his intolerable views about race,
    WED looking during what a composer himself wrote about this
    WED subject, together with a essay Judaism in Music. Many
    WED commentators have argued which his injustice is additionally revealed
    WED in his operas, especially The Mastersingers of Nuremberg.
    WED Donald examines a issues to a single side strain from a opera.
    WED Die Meistersinger von Nurnburg
    WED Hans Sachs, Cobbler ...... Bernd Weikl (baritone)
    WED Veit Pogner, Goldsmith ...... Kurt Moll (bass)
    WED Kunz Vogelgesang, Furrier ...... Michael Schade (tenor)
    WED Konrad Nachtigall, Tinsmith ...... Hans Wilbrink (baritone)
    WED Sixtus Beckmesser, Town Clerk ...... Siegfried Lorenz
    WED (baritone)
    WED Fritz Kothner, Baker ...... Hans-Joachim Ketelsen
    WED (baritone)
    WED Balthasar Zorn, Pewterer ...... Ulrich Ress (tenor)
    WED Ulrich Eisslinger, Grocer ...... Hermann Sapell (baritone)
    WED Augustin Moser, Tailor ...... Roland Wagenfuhrer (tenor)
    WED Hermann Ortel, Soap Boiler ...... Rainer Buese (bass)
    WED Hans Schwarz, Stocking We! aver ... ... Guido Gotzen (bass)
    WED Hans Foltz, Coppersmith ...... Friedemann Kunder (bass)
    WED Walther von Stolzing, Knight ...... Ben Heppner (tenor)
    WED David, Sach's Apprentice ...... Deon outpost der Walt (tenor)
    WED Eva, Pogner's Daughter ...... Cheryl Studer (soprano)
    WED Magdalene, Eva's Nurse ...... Cornelia Kallisch
    WED (mezzo-soprano) Night Watchman ...... Rene Pape (bass)
    WED Chor der Bayerischen Staatsoper
    WED Bayerisches Staatsorchester
    WED Wolfgang Sawallisch (conductor)
    WED EMI 7243 5 55142 2 6, CD 1 Trs 1-2; CD 2 Trs 1-4; CD 4 Trs
    WED 8-13.
    WED 13:00 Afternoon upon 3 b00pdz05 (Listen)
    WED Summer Festivals 2009, Episode 3
    WED John Shea introduces strain available in Germany, Hungary
    WED as good as Romania.
    WED Mendelssohn: Piano Quartet No 3 in B minor, Op 3
    WED Dirk Mommertz (piano) Faure Quartet
    WED 1.35pm
    WED Haydn: Symphony No 6 in D (Le matin) Orfeo Orchestra
    WED Gyorgy Vashegyi (conductor)
    WED William Hayes: Ode to a Memory of Mr Handel
    WED Colin Ainsworth (tenor) Norddeutscher Figuralchor
    WED Gottingen Festival Orchestra
    WED Nicholas McGegan (conductor)
    WED 2.20pm
    WED Haydn: Symphony No 7 in C (Le midi) Orfeo Orchestra
    WED Gyorgy Vashegyi (conductor)
    WED Palestrina: Vulnerasti cor meum; Surge, amica mea; Vox
    WED dilecti mei; Nigra total Die Himlische Cantorey
    WED 3.05pm
    WED Haydn: Symphony No 8 in G (Le soir) Orfeo Orchestra
    WED Gyorgy Vashegyi (conductor)
    WED Faure: Piano Quartet No 1 in C minor, Op 15WED Dirk Mommertz (piano) Faure Quartet.
    WED 16:00 Choral Evensong b00pdz07 (Listen)
    WED Live from Eton College Chapel, with a Rodolfus Choir.
    WED Introit: Et incarnatus est (Mass in B minor) (Bach)
    WED Responses: Reading
    WED Psalms: 147, 148, 149, 150 (Stanford, Walmisley, Hanforth,
    WED Goodenough) First Lesson: Isaiah 59 vv1-15a
    WED Magnificat: Buxtehude Second Lesson: John 1 vv19-28
    WED Nunc Dimittis: Michael Praetorius
    WED Anthem: Sanctus (Mass in B minor) (Bach)
    WED Hymn: A good as good as strong consternation (Es ist ein' Ros'
    WED entsprungen)
    WED Organ Voluntary: Chorale Prelude upon Vater unser im
    WED Himmelreich, BWV682 (Bach)
    WED Director of music: Ralph Allwood Organist: David Goode.
    WED 17:00 Words as good as Music b00kl0fq (Listen)
    WED Do Not Go Gentle
    WED Barbara Jefford as good as Neville Jason explore a journey of
    WED entering a 'third age', as good as a hurdles and
    WED consolations of elderly age. With readings from Shakespeare,
    WED Yeats, Browning, Dylan Thomas, Roger McGough as good as Dannie
    WED Abse, as good as strain together with Mozart, Schubert, Chopin,
    WED Scarlatti, Villa-Lobos, John Taverner, Leiber & Stoller,
    WED Jerome Kern, as good as The Beatles.
    WED When we approached Barbara Jefford as good as Neville Jason to do
    WED a readings for my programme upon a thesis of elderly age I
    WED detected which a final time they worked together was
    WED half a century ago when they played a twins Sebastian
    WED as good as Viola in Twelfth Night during a Old Vic as good as were only!
    WE D usually starting out upon their careers. At a start of
    WED Shakespeares fool around a twins have been distant by a terrible
    WED charge as good as any thinks a alternative drowned. It takes a two
    WED as good as a half hours of Shakespeares drama to re-unite the
    WED span as good as move about a happy ending. It seemed a happy
    WED coincidence which this programme upon age should reunite the
    WED span in genuine life, fifty years upon as good as both during a tip of
    WED their game.
    WED In choosing elderly age as a thesis of this programme we did
    WED not want to concentrate upon a cruelties of ageing, but
    WED instead to celebrate it as a time when musicians and
    WED writers have been during a rise of their talents. The programme
    WED starts with Mieczyslaw Horszowski personification Mozart during the
    WED Wigmore Hall 3 weeks prior to his 99th birthday,
    WED available live. During a programme we will hear
    WED Rostropovich personification for a Queens Jubilee in a Prom
    WED during a Palace in 2002 when he was 75, a 78 year old
    WED Vladimir Horowitz personification Chopin, as good as a legendary jazz
    WED bassist Milt Hinton, elderly 85. There is additionally strain from
    WED Elliott Carters Boston Concerto, created when he was 94,
    WED as good as from John Taveners Requiem, composed final year when
    WED he was 64 a mere stripling compared to Horszowksi.
    WED we took a pretension for a programme from Dylan Thomas
    WED ferocious villanelle Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good
    WED Night. we have enclosed multiform comic poems, together with one
    WED of my prime of Robert Brownings thespian monologues,
    WED The Bishop Orders His Tomb during St Praxeds Church. Barbara
    WED Jefford additionally performs ! an remov e from Congreves The Way
    WED of a World in which Lady Wishfort attempts to cover up
    WED a cracks in her face sufficiently good to charm a
    WED lady caller. There have been additionally darker-toned poems from
    WED authors such as Sylvia Plath, W.B. Yeats as good as Thomas Hardy,
    WED though we have selected to end upon an remove from East Coker in
    WED which we consider T.S. Eliot has managed to combine an
    WED bargain of a detriment as good as sadness of elderly age with the
    WED clarity which it competence additionally be an adventure.
    WED Times have been from a start of a programme
    WED 00:00:00
    WED MOZART Piano Sonata in B prosaic critical K.570 - allegro
    WED Mieczyslaw Horszowski piano WIGMORE HALL WHLIVE0023
    WED 00:02:22
    WED CHRISTINA ROSETTI Uphill Barbara Jefford - reader
    WED 00:03:25
    WED MOZART Piano Sonata in B prosaic critical K.570 - allegro
    WED Mieczyslaw Horszowski piano WIGMORE HALL WHLIVE0023
    WED 00:04:50
    WED MCGOUGH Science Where Are You? Neville Jason - reader
    WED 00:07:00
    WED b 1908, right away 101. Composed in 2002 when he was 94
    WED Boston Concerto Tempo Primo BRIDGE 9184
    WED 00:07:45
    WED Cracks Barbara Jefford - reader
    WED 00:09:07
    WED 00:11:45
    WED ALEXANDER GRAY On a Cat Ageing
    WED Barbara Jefford - reader
    WED 00:12:35
    WED CHOPIN Waltz, Op. 69, No.1 Ladieu
    W! ED Vladimir Horowitz piano RCA 09026614162
    WED 00:16:10
    WED Recorded for Naxos Audio Books in 2001 when Scofield was
    WED in his 80th year Paul Scofield - reader
    WED John Tydeman - executive NAXOS NA324412
    WED 00:18:10
    WED MARY OLIVER Self-Portrait Barbara Jefford - reader
    WED 00:18:57
    WED DANNIE ABSE Prufrock during a Seaside
    WED Neville Jason - reader
    WED 00:21:28
    WED SCARLATTI Sonata 224 Vladimir Horowitz piano
    WED RCA 09026614162
    WED 00:23:27
    WED Gregorian Chant - Veni, Creator Spiritus
    WED Mary Berry executive HERALD HAVPCD161
    WED 00:23:50
    WED The Bishop Orders His Tomb during Saint Praxids Church
    WED Neville Jason - reader
    WED 00:28:15
    WED VILLA-LOBOS Bachianas Brasilieras, No. 1 Preludio
    WED Mstislav Rostropovich cello
    WED London Symphony Orchestra - celli VIRGIN VTCDX462
    WED 00:33:30
    WED SYLVIA PLATH Mirror Barbara Jefford - reader
    WED 00:34:00
    WED VILLA-LOBOS Bachianas Brasilieras, No. 1 Preludio
    WED Mstislav Rostropovich cello
    WED London Symphony Orchestra - celli VIRGIN VTCDX462
    WED 00:36:25
    WED THOMAS HARDY Afterwards Neville Jason - reader
    WED 00:38:13
    WED CONGREVE A Lady Wishfort - from The Way of a World
    WED Barbara Jefford - reader
    WED 00:40:08
    WED 00:43:09WED BILLY COLLINS Forgetfulness Barbara Jefford - reader
    WED 00:44:55
    WED JEROME KERN Try to Forget Elizabeth Welch singer
    WED Jerome Kern composer THATS ETNERTAINMENT CDVIR8310
    WED 00:47:33
    WED DYLAN THOMAS Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
    WED Neville Jason - reader
    WED 00:48:55
    WED RACHMANINOV Prelude, Op. 23, No. 5
    WED Vladimir Horowitz piano RCA 09026614162
    WED 00:52:41
    WED DOROTHY PARKER Afternoon Barbara Jefford - reader
    WED 00:53:25
    WED EDITH PIAF Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien
    WED CAPITOL CDP7466572
    WED 00:55:46
    WED Byzantium Neville Jason - reader
    WED 00:57:44
    WED SCHUBERT Notturno in E prosaic major
    WED Yehudi Menuhin violin EMI CZS7627422
    WED 01:01:58
    WED SHAKESPEARE Fear No More from Cymbeline
    WED Barbara Jefford - reader Neville Jason - reader
    WED 01:03:23
    WED SCHUBERT Notturno in E prosaic major
    WED Yehudi Menuhin violin EMI CZS7627422
    WED 01:05:07
    WED PEGGY LEE Is That All There Is? CAPITOL CDP7905522
    WED 01:08:55
    WED Extract from East Coker (The Four Quartets)
    WED Neville Jason - reader
    WED 01:10:20
    WED JOHN TAVENER Requiem Kyrie eleison
    WED Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra as good as Choir
    WED Vasily Petrenko - transmitter EMI 2351342
    WED 18:15 New Generation Artists b00pdz0c (Listen)
    WED Studio as good a! s live u nison performances by stream members of
    WED a BBC Radio 3 New Generation Artists scheme, including
    WED Austrian mezzo-soprano Daniela Lehner in songs by
    WED Schumann, trumpeters Tom Arthurs as good as Giuliano Sommerhalder
    WED in Arthurs's brand new square And Distant Shore, Israeli pianist
    WED Shai Wosner in Brahms's Handel Variations as good as effort Allan
    WED Clayton as good as a Elias String Quartet in David Matthews's
    WED cantata One Foot in Eden.
    WED Schumann: Lust der Sturmnacht; Abends am Strand;
    WED Fruhlingsnacht; Des Sennen Abschied
    WED Daniela Lehner (mezzo-soprano) Jose Luis Gayo (piano)
    WED Tom Arthurs: And Distant Shore
    WED Tom Arthurs, Giuliano Sommerhalder (trumpets)
    WED Richard Fairhurst (piano)
    WED Brahms: Variations upon a Theme by Handel
    WED Shai Wosner (piano)
    WED David Matthews: One Foot in Eden Allan Clayton (tenor)
    WED James Baillieu (piano) Elias String Quartet.
    WED 19:30 Performance upon 3 b00pdz0f (Listen)
    WED Performance upon 3: Proms 2009, Prom 56: Lang Lang
    WED From a BBC Proms 2009 season, Petroc Trelawny presents a
    WED unison since by a Staatskapelle Dresden underneath a chief
    WED transmitter Fabio Luisi, in his Proms debut. And ever a
    WED prime with Proms audiences, Chinese pianist Lang Lang
    WED performs Chopin's brilliantly virtuosic as good as romantically
    WED poetic Second Piano Concerto.
    WED The unison opens with a revised, expanded chronicle of a
    WED 2006 work by British-born, Berlin-based composer Rebecca
    WED Saunders as good as ends with Struss's harmony desirous by an
    WED eventful mountain stand which he dedicated! to this
    WED orchestra.
    WED Rebecca Saunders: traces
    WED Chopin: Piano Concerto No 2 in F minor
    WED Strauss: An Alpine Symphony
    WED Lang Lang (piano) Staatskapelle Dresden
    WED Fabio Luisi (conductor).
    WED 21:30 Between a Ears b00fnm39 (Listen)
    WED When Silence Sings
    WED A sonic thoughtfulness upon a city of Venice, which is
    WED portrayed through a ears of a little of a residents,
    WED together with Tonie, a Norwegian psychologist who has been
    WED deaf from birth. She leads us down alleyways as good as into
    WED dark little pockets of a city, all a while
    WED meditating upon what role not being means to listen to has played
    WED in her hold up and, in turn, inviting us to simulate upon how we
    WED listen to a everyday lives.
    WED 22:00 BBC Proms b00pdz2f (Listen)
    WED 2009, Prom 45: Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain
    WED From a BBC Proms 2009 season, Petroc Trelawny presents
    WED a Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain in a specially
    WED devised programme together with a Last Night favourite
    WED Jerusalem, Wagner's Ride of a Valkyries, renouned songs
    WED as good as a Dambusters March. Plus a massed delivery of
    WED Beethoven's Ode to Joy since by a band as good as around
    WED 1,000 audience members in a Royal Albert Hall.
    WED 23:15 Late Junction b00pdz2h (Listen)
    WED Verity Sharp presents a nightly low-pitched journey with
    WED polskas from Sweden to a single side marks from Stephan Micus's
    WED manuscript Snow, blues from CW Stoneking as good as tarantellas from
    WED Italy. Plus New York's Flexible Music personification Hout by
    WED ! Louis Andriessen.
    THU 01:00 Through a Night b00pdz49 (Listen)
    THU 1.00am
    THU Potter, Archibald James (1918-1980): Overture to a Kitchen
    THU Comedy Ulster Orchestra Celso Antunes (conductor)
    THU 1.12am
    THU MacKenzie, Alexander Campbell (1847-1935): Scottish
    THU Concerto for piano as good as orchestra, Op 55
    THU David Owen Norris (piano) Ulster Orchestra
    THU Nicholas Braithwaite (conductor)
    THU 1.40am
    THU Stanford, Charles Villiers (1852-1924): Irish Rhapsody No
    THU 4 in A teenager (The Fisherman of Loch Neagh as good as What He Saw)
    THU Ulster Orchestra Celso Antunes (conductor)
    THU 1.59am
    THU Schumann, Robert (1810-1856): Dichterliebe, Op 48 -
    THU song-cycle for voice as good as piano Ian Bostridge (tenor)
    THU Leif Ove Andsnes (piano)
    THU 2.28am
    THU Mattheson, Johann (1681-1764): Sonata No 7 for three
    THU flutes, Op 1 No 4
    THU Vladislav Brunner, Juraj Brunner, Milan Brunner (flutes)
    THU 2.34am
    THU Huber, Hans (1852-1921): Cello Sonata No 4 in B flat, Op
    THU 130 Esther Nyffenegger (cello) Desmond Wright (piano)
    THU 3.01am
    THU Grieg, Edvard Hagerup (1843-1907): Holberg Suite, Op 40
    THU Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra Andrew Litton (conductor)
    THU 3.21am
    THU Rodrigo, Joaquin (1901-1999): Concierto Serenata for harp
    THU as good as band (1952) Nicanor Zabaleta (harp)
    THU Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra
    THU Gennady Rozhdestvensky (conductor)
    THU 3.43am
    THU ! Rachman inov, Sergei (1873-1943): Variations upon a Theme of
    THU Corelli, Op 42 Duncan Gifford (piano)
    THU 4.04am
    THU Corelli, Arcangelo (1653-1713): Sonata da chiesa in E
    THU minor, Op 3 No 5 Camerata Tallin
    THU 4.12am
    THU Anon.: 3 Sephardic Romances
    THU Montserrat Figueras (soprano) Hesperion XX
    THU Jordi Savall (director)
    THU 4.21am
    THU Debussy, Claude (1862-1916): Sonata in D teenager for cello
    THU as good as piano Zara Nelsova (cello)
    THU Grant Johannesen (piano)
    THU 4.32am
    THU Buxtehude, Dietrich (1637-1707): Missa brevis, BuxWV 114
    THU Marieke Steenhoek (soprano) Miriam Meyer (soprano)
    THU Bogna Bartosz (contralto) Marco outpost de Klundert (tenor)
    THU Klaus Mertens (bass) Ton Koopman (conductor)
    THU 4.42am
    THU Escosa, John B (1928-1991): Three Dances for dual harps
    THU Julia Shaw, Nora Bumanis (harps)
    THU 4.49am
    THU Francaix, Jean (1912-1997): (Le) Gai Paris for wind
    THU garb Wind Ensemble of a Hungarian Radio Orchestra
    THU 5.01am
    THU Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791): Overture (Don
    THU Giovanni, K527) Netherlands Radio Symphony Orchestra
    THU Stephen Barlow (conductor)
    THU 5.07am
    THU Lauber, Joseph (1864-1952): Trois morceaux
    THU caracteristiques for square for a single person flute, Op 47
    THU Marianne Keller Stucki (flute)
    THU 5.14am
    THU Power, Leonel (d.1445): Salve regina Hilliard Ensemble
    THU 5.21am
    THU Schubert, Franz (1797-1828), orch. Webern, Anton
    THU (1883-1945): 6 German Dances, D820
    THU Luxembou! rg Philh armonic Orchestra
    THU Justin Brown (conductor)
    THU 5.30am
    THU Martinu, Bohuslav (1890-1959): Sonatina for clarinet and
    THU piano (1956) Timothy Lines (clarinet)
    THU Philippe Cassard (piano)
    THU 5.42am
    THU Moniuszko, Stanislaw (1819-1872): String Quartet No 2 in F
    THU (1837-40) Camerata Quartet
    THU 5.59am
    THU Haydn, (Franz) Jozef (1732-1809): Symphony No 95 in C minor
    THU Oslo Philharmonic Marek Janowski (conductor)
    THU 6.19am
    THU Handel, George Frideric (1685-1759), arr. Steele-Perkins
    THU for wail as good as orchestra: 3 Airs from Vauxhall Gardens
    THU Crispian Steele-Perkins (trumpet) The King's Consort
    THU Robert King (director)
    THU 6.30am
    THU Suk, Josef (1874-1935): Serenade in E prosaic for string
    THU orchestra, Op 6 BBC National Orchestra of Wales
    THU James Clark (conductor).
    THU 07:00 Composers of a Year b00pdz4c (Listen)
    THU Episode 1
    THU Rob Cowan introduces strain by BBC Radio 3's Composers of
    THU a Year: Purcell, Handel, Haydn as good as Mendelssohn.
    THU Including a Haydn Symphony especially for a morning,
    THU Mendelssohn's Hear my Prayer together with a renouned O for
    THU a Wings of a Dove, Purcell's Bell Anthem in a Radio 3
    THU recording with Clare College, Cambridge, as good as a winner of
    THU Breakfast's Handelbars, where listeners requested their
    THU prime Handel aria.
    THU Throughout a day there have been a thoughts of a huge
    THU accumulation of people who adore a strain of these four
    THU composers - together with Sting as good as Roy Strong upon Purcell, ! Jon
    THU Snow as good as Julia Neuberger upon Handel, David Attenborough and
    THU Armando Iannucci upon Haydn, as good as Henry Goodman and
    THU Sue McGregor upon Mendelssohn.
    THU 10:00 Composers of a Year b00pdz4f (Listen)
    THU Episode 2
    THU Sarah Walker presents highlights from BBC Radio 3
    THU 14:00 Composers of a Year b00pdz4m (Listen)
    THU Episode 3
    THU Andrew McGregor introduces strain by BBC Radio 3's four
    THU Composers of a Year in 2009, commencement with a single of the
    THU good masterpieces of English show in a rarely acclaimed
    THU production by a Royal Opera House.
    THU Purcell: Dido as good as Aeneas
    THU Dido ...... Sarah Connolly (mezzo-soprano)
    THU Belinda ...... Lucy Crowe (soprano)
    THU Aeneas ...... Lucas Meacham (baritone)
    THU Second Woman ...... Anita Watson (soprano)
    THU Sorceress ...... Sara Fulgoni (mezzo-soprano)
    THU First Witch ...... Eri Nakamura
    THU Second Witch ...... Pumeza Matshikiza (soprano)
    THU Spirit ...... Iestyn Davies (countertenor)
    THU Sailor ...... Ji-Min Park (tenor)
    THU Royal Opera Extra Chorus
    THU Orchestra of a Age of Enlightenment
    THU Christopher Hogwood (conductor)
    THU 3.15pm
    THU Mendelssohn during Buckingham Palace
    THU Sean Rafferty as good as Jonathan Marsden of a Royal Collection
    THU follow a route of Queen Victoria as good as Prince Albert's
    THU prime composer.
    THU 3.40pm
    THU Andrew McGregor introduces a single of Handel's charming
    THU Italian cantatas, a cautionary tale of a dendrological
    THU formula of attempted seduction. H! andel: A pollo e Dafne
    THU Nuria Rial (soprano) Fulvio Bettini (bass)
    THU English Concert Alfredo Bernardini (director)
    THU Recorded during a Foundling Museum
    THU 4.40pm
    THU Farewell Symphony
    THU Richard Briers plays Haydn in a reduced fool around about a last
    THU days of a composer's life. In May 1809, as French troops
    THU take Vienna, Napoleon arranges for a single of his officers to
    THU revisit Joseph Haydn.
    THU Joseph Haydn ...... Richard Briers
    THU Johann Elssler ...... Ben Askew
    THU Nannerl ...... Annabelle Dowler
    THU French Officer ...... Matt Addis
    THU Written by Stephen Wyatt.
    THU Directed by Jeremy Mortimer.
    THU 5.00pm
    THU Last Chance to Hear...
    THU Andrew McGregor introduces a little of a best strain BBC
    THU Radio 3's 4 Composers of a Year have to offer.
    THU Handel: Music for a Royal Fireworks
    THU Le Concert Spirituel Herve Niquet (director)
    THU 5.20pm
    THU Haydn: Cello Concerto No 1 in C Truls Mork (cello)
    THU Norwegian Chamber Orchestra Iona Brown (director)
    THU 5.45pm
    THU Purcell: Arise, my muse, Z320
    THU Michael Chance, James Bowman (countertenors)
    THU Charles Daniels (high tenor) King's Consort
    THU Robert King (director)
    THU 6.05pm
    THU Mendelssohn: A Midsummer Night's Dream: Overture and
    THU preference of immaterial music
    THU Orchestra of a 18th Century Frans Bruggen (conductor).
    THU 18:30 Composers of a Year b00pgmkh (Listen)
    THU Episode 4THU
    THU Petroc Trelawny chairs a live college of strain no-holds-barred
    THU discuss to find a Composer of a Year.
    THU Each of a 4 composers is represented by a passionate
    THU as good as narrow-minded disciple who wants to persuade listeners to
    THU opinion for a single sold composer.
    THU The advocates are: editor of The Guardian Alan Rusbridger
    THU for Handel; producer Jo Shapcott for Purcell; bard and
    THU reflective thinker Roger Scruton for Haydn; as good as actress and
    THU comedian John Sessions for Mendelssohn.
    THU Louise Fryer reports upon who's up as good as who's down as good as what
    THU listeners consider about it all.
    THU 7.30pm
    THU While a votes have been counted, Louise Fryer looks during a behind of at
    THU a little of a Radio 3 highlights of a past year: the
    THU 19:45 Composers of a Year b00pg525 (Listen)
    THU Episode 5
    THU Petroc Trelawny as good as Louise Fryer reveal who - out of
    THU Purcell, Handel, Haydn as good as Mendelssohn - BBC Radio 3
    THU listeners have voted Composer of a Year. After the
    THU result, strain by a winning composer.
    THU 21:15 BBC Proms b00pdz67 (Listen)
    THU 2009, Last Night of a Proms 2009
    THU From a BBC Proms 2009 season, Petroc Trelawny presents
    THU a festivities of a Last Night of a Proms. In charge
    THU of record in September was American principal guest
    THU transmitter of a BBC Symphony Orchestra David Robertson.
    THU The programme includes strain by 3 of BBC Radio 3's
    THU Composers of a Year 2009: a concerto by Haydn, played by
    THU former New Generation Artist! Alison Balsom, a famous
    THU lamentation by Purcell, sung by Sarah Connolly, as good as orchestral
    THU fireworks by Handel.
    THU Oliver Knussen's opening Flourish with Fireworks is
    THU complemented by fanfares specifically created by 6 young
    THU Proms Inspire composers. And there's fun as good as games in
    THU mental recall of Gerard Hoffnung with Malcom Arnold's uproarious
    THU square which includes opening cleaners, building polishers and
    THU rifles all played by guest celebrities.
    THU Oliver Knussen: Flourish with Fireworks
    THU Purcell, arr. Henry Wood: New Suite
    THU Purcell: Thy hand, Belinda... When we am laid in earth
    THU (Dido's Lament); With swinging wings ye cupids come (Dido
    THU as good as Aeneas) Haydn: Trumpet Concerto in E flat
    THU Mahler: Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen
    THU Villa-Lobos: Choros No 10 (Rasga o Coracao)
    THU Arnold: A Grand, Grand Overture
    THU Ketelbey: In a Monastery Garden Piazzolla: Libertango
    THU Gershwin, arr. Barry Forgie: They can't take which away
    THU from me (Shall We Dance)
    THU BBC Proms Inspire composers: Fireworks Fanfares
    THU Handel: Music for a Royal Fireworks (excerpts)
    THU Arne, arr. Sargent: Rule, Britannia! Parry: Jerusalem
    THU Elgar: Pomp as good as Circumstance March No 1
    THU The National Anthem
    THU Sarah Connolly (mezzo-soprano) Alison Balsom (trumpet)
    THU BBC Singers BBC Symphony Chorus
    THU BBC Symphony Orchestra David Robertson (conductor).
    FRI 00:00 Late Junction b00pdz6h (Listen)
    FRI Verity Sharp presents a low-pitched jubilee of a New
    FRI Year with a assistance of Lightnin'! Hopkins , Bessie Jones and
    FRI a Sea Island Singers, Sun Ra as good as singers from villages
    FRI in Togo, Fiji as good as from Chencha in Ethiopia. Plus a
    FRI medieval strain for New Year's Day by Baude Cordier sung by
    FRI Gothic Voices.
    FRI 01:00 Through a Night b00pdzd9 (Listen)
    FRI Including:
    FRI 1.00am
    FRI Mendelssohn, Felix (1809-1847): The Hebrides, Op 26
    FRI Oslo Philharmonic Arvid Engegard (conductor)
    FRI 1.12am
    FRI Schubert, Franz (1797-1828), arr. Mottl, Felix
    FRI (1856-1911): Fantasia in F minor, D940 - creatively for
    FRI 4 hands Oslo Philharmonic
    FRI Gennady Rozhdestvensky (conductor)
    FRI 1.32am
    FRI Mendelssohn, Felix (1809-1847): Symphony No 4 in A
    FRI (Italian) Oslo Philharmonic Nello Santi (conductor)
    FRI 2.02am
    FRI Cambini, Giuseppe Maria (1746-1825): Trio for flute, oboe
    FRI as good as bassoon, Op 45 No 1 Vladislav Brunner (flute)
    FRI Jozef Hanusovsky (oboe) Jozef Martinkovic (bassoon)
    FRI 2.15am
    FRI Bruch, Max (1838-1920): Fantasy for violin as good as orchestra
    FRI with harp, Freely Using Scottish Folk Melodies, Op 46
    FRI James Ehnes (violin) Orchestre Symphonique de Montreal
    FRI Mario Bernardi (conductor)
    FRI 2.46am
    FRI Krupowicz, Stanislaw (b.1952): Miserere Camerata Silesia
    FRI Anna Szostak (conductor)
    FRI 3.01am
    FRI Schumann, Robert (1810-1856): Gesange der Fruhe (Chants de
    FRI l'aube, Op 133) - 5 pieces for piano dedicated to the
    FRI producer Bettina Brentano Sylviane Deferne (piano)
    FRI 3.15am
    FRI Handel, George Fried! rich (16 85-1759): Gentle Morpheus, son
    FRI of night (Alceste) Emma Kirkby (soprano)
    FRI Academy of Ancient Music Andrew Manze (director)
    FRI 3.25am
    FRI Prokofiev, Sergei (1891-1953): Russian Overture, Op 72
    FRI BBC Philharmonic Vassily Sinaisky (conductor)
    FRI 3.38am
    FRI Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750): Komm, susser Tod,
    FRI komm, sel'ge Ruh!, BWV478; Liebster Mr. Jesu, wo bleibst
    FRI du so lange? BWV484; O finstre Nacht, wann wirst du doch
    FRI vergehen, BWV492; So wunsch' ich mir zu guter Letzt ein
    FRI selig Stundlein, BWV502 (Schemelli Chorales)
    FRI Bernarda Fink (mezzo-soprano) Marco Fink (bass-baritone)
    FRI Domen Marincic (gamba) Dalibor Miklavcic (organ)
    FRI 3.49am
    FRI Weir, Judith (b.1954): String Quartet Silesian Quartet
    FRI 4.01am
    FRI Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791): Piano Concerto No 24
    FRI in C minor, K491 Alfred Brendel (piano)
    FRI Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
    FRI Bernard Haitink (conductor)
    FRI 4.32am
    FRI Franck, Cesar (1822-1890): Sonata in A, M8
    FRI Janine Jansen (violin) Kathryn Stott (piano)
    FRI 5.01am
    FRI Folquet de Marseille (c.1155-1231): Flores sur Tant
    FRI m'abellis l'amoros pessamens Ensemble Lucidarium
    FRI 5.05am
    FRI Zemzaris, Imants (b.1951): The Melancolic Valse (Marvel
    FRI Pieces for violin as good as piano) Janis Bulavs (violin)
    FRI Aldis Liepins (piano)
    FRI 5.12am
    FRI Fesch, Willem de (1687-c.1757): Concerto in C teenager for
    FRI violin as good as orchestra, Op 5 No 5 Manfred Kraemer (violin)
    FRI Musica ad Rhenum
    FRI 5.21am
    FRI Ravel, Maurice (1875-1937): Valses nobles et sentimentales
    FRI Maurice Ravel (piano)
    FRI 5.34am
    FRI Byrd, William (c.1543-1623): O Lord, how vain - for voice
    FRI as good as 4 viols Emma Kirkby (soprano)
    FRI Rose Consort of Viols
    FRI 5.41am
    FRI Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791): Piano Sonata in C,
    FRI K545 Vanda Albota (piano)
    FRI 5.52am
    FRI Calame, Genevieve (1946-1993): Sur la margelle du monde
    FRI Bienne Symphony Orchestra Franco Trinca (conductor)
    FRI 6.03am
    FRI Kabalevsky, Dimitri (1904-1987): Comedians - suite
    FRI Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra in Bratislava
    FRI Oliver Dohnanyi (conductor)
    FRI 6.21am
    FRI Haydn, Joseph (1732-1809): Symphony No 94 in G (Surprise)
    FRI Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra
    FRI Philippe Entremont (conductor)
    FRI 6.44am
    FRI Bach, Johann Sebastian (1685-1750): Oboe d'amore Concerto
    FRI in A, BWV1055 Uldis Urbans (cor anglais)
    FRI Latvian Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra.
    FRI 07:00 Breakfast b00pdzdc (Listen)
    FRI 10:15 New Year's Day Concert 2010 b00pdzdf (Listen)
    FRI Part 1
    FRI BBC Radio 3 presents live coverage of a normal New
    FRI Year's Concert from a Musikverein Large Hall, Vienna.
    FRI Georges Pretre conducts a Vienna Philharmonic.
    FRI 11:00 Twenty Minutes b00pf3r9 (Listen)
    FRI Live from Vienna
    FRI Behind a scenes during a normal New Year's Day
    FRI Concert, presented from Vienna by Brian Kay. Includes
    FRI Georges Pretre talking about his! prepara tions for a 2010
    FRI concert, following his sensational entrance in 2008, and
    FRI Roderick Swanston exploring a origins of the
    FRI world-famous concert.
    FRI 11:20 New Year's Day Concert 2010 b00pf3rc (Listen)
    FRI Part 2
    FRI The end of a normal New Year's Concert, live
    FRI from a Musikverein Large Hall, Vienna. Georges Pretre
    FRI conducts a Vienna Philharmonic.
    FRI 13:00 Afternoon upon 3 b00pf3rh (Listen)
    FRI Summer Festivals 2009, Episode 4
    FRI John Shea facilities strain from Finland, Germany, Romania
    FRI as good as Holland.
    FRI Brahms: Sextet No 2 in G, Op 36
    FRI Alina Pogostkina, Alexander Sitkovetsky (violins)
    FRI Peter Langgartner, Razvan Popovic (violas)
    FRI Radu Nagy, Bernhard Naoki Hedenborg (cellos)
    FRI 1.40pm
    FRI Schoenberg: Verklarte Nacht Virtuosi di Kuhmo
    FRI John Storgards (director)
    FRI Mahler, arr. Uri Caine: Adagietto (Symphony No 5 in C
    FRI pointy minor) Ralph Alessi (trumpet)
    FRI Chris Speed (clarinet) Joyce Hammann (violin)
    FRI Tim Lefebvre (double bass) Uri Caine (piano)
    FRI Zach Danziger (drums)
    FRI 2.25am
    FRI Mozart: Mass in C minor, K427 (Great)
    FRI Dorothee Mields, Siri Karoline Thornhill (sopranos)
    FRI Robert Buckland (tenor) Manfred Bittner (bass)
    FRI Regensburg Domspatzen L'Orfeo Baroque Orchestra
    FRI Michi Gaigg (conductor)
    FRI Patrick outpost Deurzen: If we Were God Karin Dolman (viola)
    FRI Hans Woudenberg (cello) Latvian Radio Choir
    FRI Kaspars Putnins (conductor)
    F! RI 3.35pm
    FRI Sibelius: Symphony No 1 in E minor
    FRI Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Mariss Jansons (conductor)
    FRI Duparc: L'invitation au voyage; Extase; Le manoir de
    FRI Rosemonde; Chanson triste; Phidyle
    FRI Magdalena Kozena (mezzo-soprano)
    FRI Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Mariss Jansons (conductor)
    FRI 4.40pm
    FRI Ravel: Daphnis et Chloe Suite No 2
    FRI Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
    FRI Mariss Jansons (conductor).
    FRI 17:00 Words as good as Music b00fr76s (Listen)
    FRI Winter
    FRI This weeks Words as good as Music is clinging to a deteriorate Emily
    FRI Dickinson described as a time when a sky is low and
    FRI a clouds have been mean: winter. Winter in a countryside is
    FRI distinguished in Wordsworths The Prelude when, as a child,
    FRI he as good as his friends skated along a ice, drifting through
    FRI a cold in a darkness. With this youll listen to Peter
    FRI Maxwell Davies At a lochan from his Seven Songs
    FRI Home, a array of songs which tell a story of
    FRI immature kids in a Orkneys making their approach home from school
    FRI upon a winters afternoon. Mark Dotys travel with his dogs as
    FRI a sun sets is listened to a single side a Finnish composer
    FRI Rautavaaras concerto for birds as good as orchestra, Cantus
    FRI Arcticus. The mental recall of winter past is listened in David
    FRI Hartnetts Two winters in which a man, right away a parent
    FRI himself, remembers his father shovelling sleet outward his
    FRI childhood home, a time in which he dreamed which a snow
    FRI fell for years as good as a ray of stars similar to birds feet
    FRI dappled a white. Winters in California a! s good a s Tangiers are
    FRI evoked by a poets Karl Shapiro as good as Sarah Maguire in
    FRI a single a pink camellias line a paths, in a other
    FRI hibiscus blooms burn, scarlet, cerise, tangerine. The
    FRI programme ends with Robert Frosts Stopping by woods upon a
    FRI snow white evening as good as Wayne Barlows rhapsody for oboe and
    FRI strings desirous by Appalachian folk songs, Winters
    FRI Passed.
    FRI Fiona McLean - Producer.
    FRI Playlist. ALEKSANDER GLAZUNOV The Seasons Winter
    FRI Yevgeny Svetlanov transmitter Philharmonia Orchestra
    FRI EMI CDC7478472
    FRI Cheryl Campbell (reader)
    FRI EINAR ENGLUND The Reindeer Race Northern Pictures
    FRI Kuopio Symphony Orchestra Shuntaro Sato conductor
    FRI FINLANDIA 8573855732
    FRI Struan Rodger (reader)
    FRI CLAUDE DEBUSSY Childrens Corner - The Snow is Dancing
    FRI Childrens Weekend Pascal Roge piano DECCA 4216262
    FRI PETER MAXWELL DAVIES Seven Songs Home At a Lochan
    FRI The Choir of St Marys Music School
    FRI Sir Peter Maxwell Davies transmitter UNICORN DKPCD9070
    FRI MARK DOTY In a Same Space Cheryl Campbell (reader)
    FRI Richard Stoltzman clarinet
    FRI Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra
    FRI Leif Segerstam transmitter ONDINE ODE10412
    FRI ALICE OSWALD Sonnet Cheryl Campbell (reader)
    FRI TCHAIKOVSKY Symphony no 1 - Winter Dreams
    FRI Berliner Philharmoniker Herbert von Karajan conductor
    FRI Cheryl Campbell (reader)
    FRI Winter Words At Close of Day in November Song Cycles
    FRI Robert Tear effort Sir Philip Ledger piano
    FRI EMI CZS5739952
    FRI KARL SHAPIRO Winter in California
    FRI Struan Rodger (reader)
    FRI MAMAS AND THE PAPAS California Dreamin
    FRI Complete Anthology MCA 982 168 0
    FRI SARAH MAGUIRE Wintering in Tangier
    FRI Cheryl Campbell (reader)
    FRI OLIVER MESSIAEN Catalogue doiseaux - Robin
    FRI Hakan Austbo piano NAXOS 855353234
    FRI THOMAS CAMPION Now winter nights enlarge
    FRI Struan Rodger (reader)
    FRI ANTONIO VIVALDI The Seasons Winter in F Minor
    FRI Nigel Kennedy violin Berliner Philharmoniker
    FRI EMI 5576660
    FRI PERCY BYSSHE SHELLEY The Cold Earth Slept Below
    FRI Chery Campbell (reader)
    FRI JEAN SIBELIUS Arioso Soile Isokoski soprano
    FRI Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra
    FRI Leif Segerstam transmitter ONDINE ODE10805
    FRI JEAN REDPATH Snow Goose Leaving a Land
    FRI DAVID HARTNETT Two Winters Struan Rodger (reader)
    FRI North Country Sketches Winter Landscape
    FRI Works for Piano Four Hands
    FRI Noriko Ogawa as good as Kathryn Stott piano BIS BISCD 1347
    FRI EMILY DICKINSON Winter is Good
    FRI Cheryl Campbell (reader)
    FRI FRANK BRIDGE Yuletide Dance Sir Roger de Coverley
    FRI ! En glish Seasons Academy of St Martin in a Fields
    FRI Sir Neville Marriner transmitter PHILIPS 454442
    FRI WALLACE STEVENS The Snow Man Struan Rodger (reader)
    FRI FRANCIS POULENC Un soir de neige
    FRI Figure Humaine as good as alternative Secular Choral Music
    FRI New London Chamber Choir James Wood conductor
    FRI EMILY BRONTE The night is darker
    FRI Cheryl Campbell (reader)
    FRI ROBERT FROST Stopping by woods
    FRI WAYNE BARLOW The Winters Past
    FRI Music for Quiet Listening Eastman Philharmonia
    FRI Howard Hanson transmitter MERCURY 4343472
    FRI 18:15 New Generation Artists b00pf3wh (Listen)
    FRI Studio as good as live unison performances by stream members of
    FRI a BBC Radio 3 New Generation Artists scheme, including
    FRI American violinist as good as Israeli pianist Shai Wosner in a
    FRI Mozart sonata, Iranian harpsichordist Mahan Esfahani in a
    FRI impression square by Duphly, Dutch baritone Henk Neven in
    FRI songs by Schubert and, from a Czech Republic, a Pavel
    FRI Haas Quartet in Dvorak's G critical Quartet, Op 106.
    FRI Mozart: Violin Sonata in C, K303 Tai Murray (violin)
    FRI Shai Wosner (piano)
    FRI Duphly: La Forqueray Mahan Esfahani (harpsichord)
    FRI Schubert: Die Forelle; Der Schiffer; An basement Mond
    FRI Henk Neven (baritone) Hans Eijsackers (piano)
    FRI Dvorak: String Quartet in G, Op 106 Pavel Haas Quartet.
    FRI 19:30 Performance upon 3 b00pf3wk (Listen)
    FRI Performance upon 3: Proms 2009, Prom 50: Beethoven's FidelioFRI
    FRI From a BBC Proms 2009 season, Petroc Trelawny presents
    FRI Daniel Barenboim conducting a unison opening of
    FRI Beethoven's Fidelio - a composer's customarily opera, which is
    FRI an ardent defence of freedom as good as justice.
    FRI With a star-studded cast, a work is sung in German but
    FRI with an English exegesis devised by a scholar and
    FRI historian Edward Said. The opera's themes have been since a
    FRI sold poignancy by a participation of the
    FRI West-Eastern Divan Orchestra - a ground-breaking group
    FRI founded 10 years ago by Barenboim as good as Said which brings
    FRI together immature Israeli as good as Arab musicians as good as continues to
    FRI serve as a beacon of trust, bargain as good as dialogue
    FRI in in between nations in conflict.
    FRI Beethoven: Fidelio (concert performance; sung in German,
    FRI Leonore/narrator ...... Waltraud Meier (mezzo-soprano)
    FRI Florestan ...... Simon O'Neill (tenor)
    FRI Don Pizarro ...... Gerd Grochowski (bass-baritone)
    FRI Rocco ...... Sir John Tomlinson (bass)
    FRI Marzelline ...... Adriana Kucerova (soprano)
    FRI Jacquino ...... Stephen Rugamer (tenor)
    FRI Don Fernando ...... Viktor Rud (baritone) BBC Singers
    FRI Geoffrey Mitchell Choir West-Eastern Divan Orchestra
    FRI Daniel Barenboim (conductor).
    FRI 22:00 Not a Messiah b00pf3wm (Listen)
    FRI A comic oratorio desirous by Life of Brian, celebrating 40
    FRI years of Monty Python's Flying Circus. Eric Idle, Michael
    FRI Palin as good as associate Pythons stick on a BBC Symphony Chorus and
    FRI Orchestra. Every low-pitched character as good as genre is included, from
    FRI Handel to Gilbert as good as Sullivan to M! ariachi band.
    FRI Eric Idle as good as John de Prez: Not a Messiah (He's a Very
    FRI Naughty Boy)
    FRI Eric Idle (bariton-ish)
    FRI Judith ...... Shannon Mercer (soprano)
    FRI Mandy ...... Rosalind Plowright (mezzo)
    FRI Brian ...... William Ferguson (tenor)
    FRI Reg ...... Christopher Purvis (bass) BBC Symphony Chorus
    FRI BBC Symphony Orchestra John Du Prez (conductor)
    FRI With guest appearances by associate Pythons Michael Palin,
    FRI Terry Jones as good as Terry Gilliam.
    FRI 23:30 World upon 3 b00pf3wp (Listen)
    FRI WOMAD Revisited
    FRI Lopa Kothari presents highlights from 2009's WOMAD
    FRI festival, hold in Jul in Charlton Park in Wiltshire, and
    FRI together with a little sets broadcast for a initial time. With
    FRI strain from English folk music's immature in advance Jim Moray,
    FRI Algerian chaabi thespian Kamel El Harrachi as good as Guinea's kora
    FRI maestro Ba Cissoko.

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